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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cheating wife for Pakistani sex stories part II

The second part of cheating wife for Pakistani sex stories is here.I called him and after gathering my fears about meeting a stranger for Pakistani sex,I told him what i wanted.He quickly agreed and told me that he is residing in a rental room and its safe enough to meet.he seemed to be nice,gentle and educated,confident and eager to meet me.I took rickshaw and went to the place,Where he asked me to come.He was already waiting there and soon he recognized me as i told him earlier about my dress.He was very attractive with a muscular body in his mid twenties.He came to me and after a formal greetings he asked me to follow him.In the street,there was no Rush so I felt safe to follow him. I was scared as it was my first incident of meeting a stranger for Pakistani sex after marriage.But I went over in the excitement and decided to enjoy my life without hurting our family relations for Pakistani sex stories.

Pakistani sex

He opened the door and I walked into the room of Pakistani sex.He closed the door.He asked me to sit and relax and went to bring a cold drink from refrigerator.I looked at the apartment.It was nicely furnished which could show how gentle and soft he was.I really liked his life style.He came back and after finishing my cold drinks,He did not need an engraved invitation to start things.He was out of his clothes in a jiffy and was on his knees behind me.He was just in underwear now and I could understand his big size inside his underwear.He fondled, pinched and slapped my tight round tits for a while. I was getting wet in seconds when I thought about his juicy tool for a while.After experiencing how my husband’s small circumcised tool feels, I was now having natural big penis for my thirsty vagina.But there was much more to Sunny’s juicy tool than just being longer.He thrown his underwear aside and I have first time seen such a big tool.There was girth, the sort that I had never experienced before.He was at least 7 to 8 inches, compared to my husband’s small one which was only 4-5 inches hard.

I asked him to do it fast as I had less time for Pakistani sex.He licked my vagina for a few minutes.My husband had never even thought about it.He started to drilled me hard and fast. His hand kept moving from around my waist, up my back, playing with my breasts, back to my waist, grabbing my butt flesh and so on. He got on his knees, grabbed my hair and asked me to suck after pulling it out from my vagina.I was experiencing a never-before bliss. A real big young tool of a stranger with real girth satisfying all my inner lust.He has hit my all spot inside.I was enjoying like the all hot Pakistani women do.It was the best experience for a Hot Pakistani wife like me.

I yelled as the first orgasm hit me during Pakistani sex stories.I had never got this after marriage.I had an extremely intense orgasm. I yelled and shuddered as it lasted longer than usual.He was able to keep going at the same pace, even with the friction that his thickness and my relative tightness must have generated. Amazing.He again pulled it out of my mouth and drilled it again in my vagina.He made me in Doggy style and held my hairs in his hand from behind.Believe me he banged me like a horse.In a couple of minutes, his grip on my hair tightened even more and I realized what was about to come. Within seconds, my vagina was flooded with a big load of his juices.He didn’t try to pull out as he knew that I was married.After that I left his place.We met many times after that which I would share in my next Pakistani sex stories.

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