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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Survey Results for Pakistani sex stories

Our real Pakistani sex stories are very popular now.A lot of sex stories based upon real experience of Pakistani women who had sex with men other than their husband have been liked by public.This Pakistani sex blog is providing the best outcome for those who love sex stories of Pakistani women.We always try to include the opinion of our blog readers as it provides the best platform to public who like to share their opinion about Hot Pakistani women and Pakistani sex.For this purpose,We usually conduct blog surveys and blog polls about Pakistani sex.The public cast their vote according to their experience with Pakistani women,Pakistani wife,Pakistani aunties and hot Pakistani girls.The latest sex survey results are here for public.Please do cast your vote in these sex polls and surveys so that the Pakistani sex story readers can get a help from these sex polls/surveys.Enjoy with Pakistani sex stories and Hot Pakistani women.

There were two Pakistani sex surveys/polls running on this blog from a couple of months.A plenty of visitors shared their vote and emails to us about these Pakistani sex polls.The first sex Survey was interesting enough.We asked a great question "Who is usually involved in sex with hot Pakistani wives?"This Question was ultimately a replica of public experience.We managed to run this sex poll for almost 2 months or so.Almost 4400 votes through poll and emails were received by us.

Pakistani sex

As it is evident from the picture of Pakistani sex,The majority of Pakistani sex stories are between Hot Pakistani wife and her Husband's brother i:e DEWAR.The 30% of Pakistani women who like to have extra-marital sex affairs are involved in incest Pakistani sex.This option has taken 1325 votes and found to be on top of Pakistani sex stories.The second option is cousin.Pakistani women remain involved in sex affairs with cousins after marriage.Some are involved with brother-in-law and some with neighbor.You can see the details in the above picture of Pakistani sex poll.

The second sex survey for Pakistani sex stories was regarding the public liking for stories.We asked that "What type of Pakistani sex stories are liked by people?This sex survey was also run over two months and Following results were found after the poll and public emails.

Pakistani sex stories

The best popular of Pakistani sex stories are Pakistani incest stories.Almost 41% of sex story readers like Incest sex stories and these are very popular on this sex blog.The second popular stories are Pakistani married women sex stories.People also like to read real sex stories of hot Pakistani women who are married.Other results can be seen from the above picture.A couple of different polls are running now on this blog.Our readers are requested to poll their vote so that we can bring the best results about Pakistani sex stories.

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