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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pakistani housewife fucks her own son's friend

My name is Tahmina, and I am a 39-year-old housewife with my Pakistani sex stories here. Despite being a mother of three teenagers, I could still turn heads. I am tall, very fair, with oily smooth unblemished skin, beautiful oval face, high cheekbones, and full lips. My beautiful big breasts are still firm, conical, extending out of my small frame with narrow waist and wide, big bums. My long hair is thick, oily, curly, soft, jet-black, and shiny. It reaches my thunderous smooth thighs.I have been married almost twenty years to a loving man. I was nineteen and a virgin on my wedding day. Our marriage had been great at the beginning. The sex has been very good; we fucked two, three times a week. In those twenty years I had never had but one man, my husband. My husband is fifteen years older than I am. I knew my husband hadn't been faithful to me in his youth and had already fucked few of his friend's wives.He was having his own Pakistani sex stories of housewives.

My sexual life was not so satisfactory since my husband lost interest in sex in his mid life and now he was too old for this and he also keeps himself busy in business. I was sexually frustrated while working at home. My husband used to ejaculate fast and go to sleep leaving me thirsty and looking for live streaming action of sex. I resolved my frustrations by masturbating in the mornings as my husband have nothing for Home and business of sex. I have made my decision that I would fuck other men. I think about the milkman, the newspaper deliveryman, and the telephone man that have been coming to our home. I wanted them but never got enough courage and the wish was remaining a wish.

There had been a dozen or so men, most of them my husband's friends, who have shown me intentions to fuck, but I had always told them to please not talk to me that way as I don't do that. My elder son Majeed has a best friend named Mehboob. He was eighteen years old, tall, about 6 feet, with beautiful black hair. He was the captain of the cricket team of his college and is a very confident young man amongst educators. Mehboob would spend all the day after the school at our house. He was very close to our family and especially to me, as he used to spend a lot of time with my son and me at our home.

I have a lot of love for him. I regard him as my own son and told that many times to his mother. I often have given Mehbob a hug and told him that I liked him as surely as Majeed.I often came and sat with Majeed and Mehbob and shared a lot of jokes with them. I showed a lot of interest in their activities. Mehbob and I would talk for hours at the kitchen table about school, music and movies. We always got along and I talked to him like an adult.I would always wear a shilwar qameez which were often thin cotton that shows the cleavages of my wide bum and curvy breasts.

Once my son Majeed had gone nearby super market to buy some groceries and Mehbob was waiting for him in our home. I had been in the bathroom taking a bath. When I finished I came out from the bathroom with a towel around myself. I went to the dressing table to take something from there. The towel was too short and when I bent over I saw in the full length mirror that Mehbob was staring at me through the half-closed door. I felt that my entire ass was in his view. I looked back to the door and when our eyes meet he became embarrassed and I became ashamed.

He'd gotten an erection that was visible to me. I was sure that I had never seen anything that long in my thirty-nine years. It seemed huge.I kept my Android phones aside and again looked at him.He did not know that I had just seen his member. I could feel the wetness between my legs. What was I to do? When I came out from my bedroom he was too nervous and was trying to avoid me. He also pretended nothing has happened. I also didn't show my feelings to him, but went to the kitchen.He might be the perfect guy for fuck job vacancies.

Now I was thinking about Mehbob from another point of view. He was young, tall, muscular and smart. I began to fantasize about Mehbob. I was thinking about Mehbob and I reached up and I cupped one breast in my hand squeezing hard, feeling my vagina contract in response to the stimulation. I pinched my nipple through my clothing. I had my finger in my pussy and I started to rub it. I closed my eyes and shivered. I was now fully aroused and I could feel slippery wetness escaping from between my pussy lips and no matter how hard I forced my thighs together I knew that my panties were soaked with my juices as my pussy continued to open and close slightly. I wished that I could take that gorgeous penis and insert it inside my pussy.

I wanted to be near this handsome young boy and found that talking and being with him was making my pussy wet. I was trying to give him the chance to ask me, but I've no courage and was afraid of him not knowing how badly I wanted him. He especially loved to come to the house when I wore shilwar qameez. He would always try to see if he could get a glimpse of my tits through my neck, or staring at my buttocks through the side of my shilwar. I started to wear the cloth a little more provocatively; something to showed little more of my breasts. Before that I had never dressed like this at home or away. I noticed that he was looking at my breasts that peeked through my qameez. I moved my paloo a bit away from my breasts so that he could see more of my tits. Sometimes I didn't wear bra and put on the revealing top. I looked hot without bra. But I keep care to show not too much.

He used to look at my figure with penetrating eyes and I got the signal that this bloody fellow wanted to fuck me and he is looking for free live action of sex. I started to smile at him and our talking changed into long chats.One day, when I was alone at home and was thinking about Mehbob, he came to see us. When he arrived I stepped outside from the kitchen and received him warmly and hugged him tightly. My firm, soft breasts were pressing against him very hard and I prolonged the hug little than before. I asked him, to sit with me in the kitchen, as I was busy doing my house chores.I told him that Majeed has gone to meet his grandmother in the nearby city as she was ill. I also told him that my husband has out of station and that I was feeling very lonely.He seemed quite amazed to see me dressed in a quite different manner. I was wearing a low cut qameez and my flap was not covering my breasts. Rather, it was worn out; the sight at that time was so pretty that his eyes were starring at my breasts, which were trying to pop out from my bulky chest. My shilwar with qameez was also positioned to reveal my ass cleavage.
He told me, "I am not feeling well, I have headache."I became very attentive to show him that I care for him, while I knew the actual problem he was facing. I went to my room and brought some tablets. I gave him a tablet and asked him take it. I also gave him a cup of tea.He was still looking upset and I thought that he was in trouble, so I went near him and took his head in my Voip to massage it. When I was massaging his head.I was pressing him with my breasts, so I became horny. When I looked down,I noted his bulge.

Then I hugged him just for consoling. While I was hugging him, my fatty breasts were touching his chest that made him more excited, which resulted in his getting a huge erection and naturally his cock was touching my flat belly. I moved my tongue over my lips, teasing him and making him hot.I looked at him amused, but I didn't leave him and that made him more encouraged, and he immediately put his lips on mine and literally crushed my mouth. I tried to push him away, not expecting this at all from him. He caught my breasts. Ohhh god! Mehbob was holding my breasts.

During our Pakistani sex stories,I didn't stop him, but let him fondle and massage my breasts, continued to hug him even more tightly. It felt good having his hands on my breasts. I was getting wet and very hot. I knew it wouldn't be long before I had Mehbob's cock in me.I told him to stop it by saying, "You've become a naughty boy. This is not good, I am mother of your friend and you are the same age as my son.""No! Aunty!" he replied. "You really teased me a lot! I love you Tahmina Aunty. I loved you Tahmina Aunty from the very first day."His calling me Tahmina Aunty felt so nice.

The aureole surrounding the nipples swelled, as I was much aroused at that time. The silver coin sized area actually protruded slightly from my breast, like plump strawberries, and was extremely sensitive. He cradled the globe in his hand like someone weighing a melon at the market, and the side of his thumb grazed roughly over my swelling nipple. He pulled away for a moment to look at the tit, then with a throaty moan, his mouth clamped onto my breast. He began to suck it. He went from one nipple to the next giving each one a good sucking and using his hands to massage my tits. My heart was racing as he was sucking my nipples one by one. I was still playing with his rock hard, long and thick cock.

He looked and examined my cunt by kneeling and continued to do his VoIP calling. I have very fleshy but short pussy. He reached out to me and pulled me to him by placing his hands on my ass. He began to shower my cunt with kisses. He placed his mouth down onto my pussy and pushed inside to feel my wetness. I moaned in excitement and anticipation as he continued to lick me.I was starting to squirm my ass and pussy against his head. His tongue began to trace its way along my slit. At the top of the slit the tip of his tongue encountered my engorged clitoris. He alternated between flicking it with his tongue and sucking on it. He would then abandon my clit and slowly run his tongue from as near my ass hole as he could to the top of my slit. Then he gave my pussy a French kiss and again began sucking on my vagina lips.I was getting good Revenues of sex.

I parted my legs and he sat between them to find jobs there. I spread my legs further and I reached down and got one hand on his massive cock and placed it at the entrance of my vagina. I asked him to push towards me and he pushed himself up a bit and easily slid inside me. I let out a moan as he began a steady rhythm of slow thrusts. His dick felt very big and hard in my tight pussy. Mehbob's cock was larger than my husband's. It was longer and thicker and I had difficulty in taking in the whole thing in my cunt. I knew I could take the length, but his cock was real thick I let out a moan with every stroke when he would put a little more cock into me.

About a few minutes later, he shoved his cock into me for one last time and held it there. I felt that he was loosing his control. He gripped me tight and let out a deep moan and deposited his thick cum inside my pussy. We came together and I could feel his cum. It was a big load and it took a few seconds for him to put all of his cum in me. He didn't stop his trusts when he came and a minute later I stiffened under him and let out a cry of pleasure as I also came again.This is all about a housewife's Pakistani sex stories.

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