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Friday, January 4, 2013

Sex Story Of Pakistani Tutor

This Sex Story of Pakistani tutor is a Real story. Only Names are changed for secrecy and privacy. This is my first Pakistani sex story here.I  am a regular reader of this blog but this time I thought to post and share some of my hot sexual encounters with Pakistani Women. My name is Babar, I am having 5.10 feet height,34 w,Wheatish look and 6.5 inches tool. I am from Attock.I am not very smart man who does have many Pakistani sex stories but I'm a normal looking man. This is true story that happened when I was in college and as a part time I used to provide home tuition for kids. I used to teach a student at their place. There was one family where I used to go to give tuition to their two children, both boys. I used to go to their home in the evening as the boys were free after their school time. I used to call their mother bhabhi Gee.she was not an extra-ordinary Hottest Female but very attractive with well-built breasts and curvy body. I was teaching her children for last 3 months but never thought of having sex with her. There was no existence of any sex stories around.
They were a middle class family. AS for as I knew the details, her husband was a Clerk and hardly got a salary of 10K those days but whenever I saw Bhabhi gee,She was wearing expensive clothes all the time. It was a strange thing for me.Normally,I could not meet her husband during the tuition timings and his late sitting on job. The routine was to go to drawing room and teach the babies for 1 hour and get back.Sometimes Bhabhi Gee would come to ask about kids and studies and she seemed to be a frank woman by nature. One month, they didn't manage to pay my fees and when it got 10 days late, I asked Bhabhi Gee for Fees. She told me that they had some urgency of money so they will pay me two months fee together next month. The next month also went like same. Two months crossed and one day I told her that it will not be possible for me to give tuitions any more as teaching without fees is not possible and as I told her so many times.

Now and I will take tough decision to stop teaching, then she told me to come next day at morning and I will pay you the fees. I was in some strange thoughts right from the time when she asked me to come at morning. I intentionally asked her the exact time to come and she told me to come at 11 am.Next day I went to her place to collect my fees. She opened the door and told me to sit there was no one in the house as her children went to school at 8am and husband went to office. She came sat in front of me and started talking to me.She told me that they were in some financial problems so she was not able to pay my fees, I told its OK but if she is still not able to pay from tomorrow I will not come to teach her sons. She told me to wait and went to her bed room. She came back and suddenly asked me If I could wait for one month more without stopping tuition?Even she further asked me if I need something else, Its possible. I was stunned and watching her at that meaning-full sentence. I told her bhabhi jee what? Can you please tell me a little detail? She Said; what else I can help you being a woman?I smiled and all my devil senses were awake now.

I got aroused and got up to move behind her.She was sitting and waiting for my next move.I slowly pushed my hands from behind her back to her neck and rubbed my fingers along her neck to hairs.She moaned slightly.Then I realized that the main door was not locked.I told her get up as the door was open and somebody may come,she stood and went to close the door.She came back after looking around in the street as well and sat beside me.She said,now door is closed and nobody will come.It was the right time to Have some fun oriented Pakistani sex session there so I started without wasting my time.That was the green signal and I put one hand on her shoulders and other one on her thighs and started moving my hands she got aroused and then I brought my lips near her lips and started kissing her she hugged me and I started to kiss her lips And inserted my tongue in her mouth and took her tongue and started sucking it.She was in mood now.

she started kissing me badly I licked her face then went to her ears licked her ears then came down licking her neck to her cleavage.She was moaning like anything oohhh baby ohhhhh after 15 minutes of hard kissing I took off her Dress and found that she was not wearing her panty and bra.I started kissing her boos pressing them hard and she moaned ooohhhh,uffffffff;then started to suck her one nipple and started rubbing slowly the other one with my fingers.She started moaning heavily ooohhhh aaooowa aaaooooommmm.I repeated this alternately sucking and rubbing each nipple after 15 min and I started licking her cleavage and coming down while licking.I came down to her Love hole and started rubbing her upper part of that hole,she was moaning aaaahhhhhhhoooowoooo then I started finger inside her,she was enjoying and crying,then  she told me to open my clothes I did it and she took my 6.5 inch tool in her hand.I told her to come in 69 position she came I started licking her between her legs and with one finger just started finger fuking her and she was sucking my tool.She was moaning and saying ahhhhh ufffffffffff.Her hole was wet and liquid was flowing all over my face she was so hot in sex.

She was so moaning that she stopped licking my tool and was just moaning,fffff ahhhhh owwwwaaaaaaoooo just eat my chut.After licking her for 15 min she told me she can’t hold more,she wanted me to screw her now.then she lay down like a typical Pakistani wife.I smiled and said;I will start in new fashion.She smiled,I lifted her left leg up and made her in scissor style,started screwing her slowly.Then I took both her legs on my shoulder and started rubbing my tool on her pubic area.she screamed in sex oooohhh please and then I started penetrating my tool deep in her Fleshy hole. All wet very wet I penetrated the front part of my Tool then gave one big push she screamed slowly,She told me that i was much Fat in girth than her husband.then I started pushing slowly then she also started enjoying slowly.

I increased my speed and she was moaning.Soon I felt that she was shivering with her first orgasm when she grabbed my back forcefully,I started to bang her hard and in few seconds she released her body and hugged me hard moaning oohhhhaooo aaaaaooo and I asked did she got orgasm she said yes and I was yet to ejaculate.I gave her push for few min more and I felt that I will ejaculate so I asked her where should I ejaculate?she told inside;as she was having sex after a long time and wanted her valley to be filled and to taste my juices.

And I ejaculated deep in her valley and hugged and remained on her for few min.then we went to the bathroom together and washed ourselves,she kissed me and said this is the best sex she had in her life and she told me that she got orgasm two times during the sex and she told that I can have sex whenever I feel like and I screwed her for many months and she even convinced her friend later on for me and I had sex with them also.I will share my sex stories in next posts.I think My Pakistani sex Stories are full of enjoyment.

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