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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pakistani Aunty With Boyfriend,Hot Sex Stories update

I have been Reading This Sex Stories Blog for quite a long time.A lot of Pakistani Sex Stories impressed me really and i was forced to share my own sex Story here.My name is Jibran and I belong to a middle class Pakistani Family.I'm almost 21Y old and doing my MBA these days.This Story of Sex with Pakistani Aunt is not a fiction story.I will narrate all the incidents as they happened in real but the name is changed.I am living in a flat with my parents and one sister.Our neighbor family has very good relations with us and my mother often sends the food items to that family whenever we have something special in the menu.They are also very good in that sense.Sorry, I forgot to tell that they are husband (Almost in Mid Thirties)and Wife (Early Thirties) with two kids.
There is an age difference between me and her,of almost 12 years.In initial days,I had not thought of any sex session with her but as the time passed on,My mind started to think otherwise.She became very frank to our family due to her frank nature and smiling face.A few times she used to visit market along my mother but she tried to manage a distance from me.She never tried to give me chance of any frankness when my mother was there but A certain dual standard was there.A couple of times,When she came my mother was not at home and she tried to give me a smile and a deep look into eyes while asking about my mother.I usually called her aunty.
I got her intentions that she wanted to enjoy but didn't want to spoil her prestige and her relations.I too cared for her respect and tried to talk to her when there was nobody around us.The mutual commitment changed into a good friendship soon.I knew that she was just enjoying a fun relation and she never wanted to disturb her married life.I had also developed my mind to just screw her and enjoy the Aunt Sex in Pakistan.After going along the fun relation for three-four months,I told her that I want to see her beauty.She laughed at me but I was too serious.I told her that I couldn't control more,please at least once.She denied several times for that meeting but I knew that it was just a formal denial.I knew that A Pakistani Aunty With Boyfriend can only be a sex relation and nothing else than that.

I really loved to sacrifice my virginity to her and no one else.One day she came to our house and told my Mom in louder voice that her husband is going to the other city for some business matter and he will not be here tonight.I was sitting in my drawing room and i knew that she was trying to tell this to me.It was almost 7 pm in the evening,I was on the stairs,enjoying the fresh air just then she walked out of house with her babies.We spoke for a while and then her babies asked her to go inside again.She confessed them to go inside and then We were staring at each other’s eyes.There was nobody outside,suddenly I walked towards her and touched her face to which she shivered a bit and then I placed my hand near her mouth and tried to smooch her.She forbid me in a low voice and then said;This is not a place for such things.Come after 9pm,the door will be opened.I will update the remaining part of My Pakistani sex Stories tomorrow.

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