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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pakistani Hot Sex Story

My name is Daniyal,44 year old and my wife is Bushra is 38 year old.This Pakistani Hot Sex Story Belongs to my Hot Pakistani wife.We have two children.I am going to narrate how my wife fulfilled my desire of watching her having sex with another man last year.In fact,in a period of one year,I enjoyed watching her getting banged by different men on different occasions.I must tell you that how I was urged into this desire of Wife sharing? There was a strong reason behind that.Once,my wife cheated me by having sex with someone else.She was not aware that I watched it.Initially,I was in a total angry mood but then thinking of my children and my home,I changed my mind and rather enjoyed those Pakistani Sex scenes.
Certain developments took place subsequently and I made her to accept her cheating act.She behaved like a typical Pakistani wife but I agreed to forgive her if she can do it in my presence.After a lot of hesitation,the second occasion was right in front of me in the same room with a young friend Aamir.That helped me to get contacts in my business which would result in lot of profit and also got a pleasure trip for me and my wife.Aamir was a young guy,almost 26Y old and the son of a great businessman from Karachi.My wife was also very happy in aamir’s company. My wife Bushra,even after having two children at the age of 38,looks very attractive and any man would like to have sex with her.In addition my wife is a hot and horny Pakistani woman who enjoys sex. even now she likes watching blue movies.
Once we went for a function at Aamir’s Farm house in Islamabad,leaving our children with my sister.During the party,A few other couples from business class were there.Wives having chit chat with each other and guys were also busy with each other.Aamir was more interested in talking to me and I saw him looking at my wife with a craze and lust.My mind was thinking to get something in business from Aamir so I decided to kill two birds with one stone, getting my business benefits and also my fantasy to watch my wife getting banged.I developed a so called headache and told Aamir about that.He asked me to take rest in bedroom of farmhouse.

Meanwhile,it was evening time and the party was finished when Aamir came to the bedroom.He was a gentle guy.My wife was waiting for me in the party lounge.He told me that my wife is waiting.I told Aamir that I have a severe headache and if possible,I would like to spend a rest night at farm house.His eyes were sprinkled with joy and lust and he quickly agreed to me.He also praised my wife's beauty and un-likely to a Pakistani husband,I smiled and said;Gentleman if you like her you can enjoy spending time with her while i take rest.He was quite surprised to my offer.He went and told my wife about the stay at farm house.She was also happy to spend time with him so she called my sister and asked her to keep our children at wife was just going to enjoy the Hot Pakistani Sex stories here at farm house.

She came to my room and asked me about the strange stay at farm house.I clearly told her that she has to spend time with Aamir so that we can get business benefits from him(Aamir was in kitchen at that time).I cleared her mind that she must allow Aamir to get frank and closer to her and seduce him even for a sex session.She was a bit nervous but after my words and insisting she agreed.The other thing which I told her was that she has to do it in this bedroom so that I can watch it.This was a bit difficult for her but she agreed to do that.Aamir came back with three cups of Coffee and we had a good Coffee session.I told Aamir to enjoy with Bhabhi as much he can.He could understand my words so he smiled and nodded his head.

I reacted to go sleep and they started to chat.I was reacting a sleep but i could hear their talks.Aamir praised my wife looks,dress and assets and she liked his appreciation.Soon Aamir was getting closer to my wife while sitting on sofa.I was just watching it from a peep through my blanket.He touched my wife's hand and grabbed it in his hands.My wife looked towards me and Aamir said;don't worry,he is sleeping now.I smiled after listening his comments.He got up and kissed my wife.She was hesitant in start but then responded him with a nice french kissing.During the french kiss,he grabbed my wife's big breasts.My tool started to rise as well but i have to keep it secret.

Aamir asked my wife If she is UN-easy in this room,we can go to the lounge.My wife thought for a while but then she asked him to carry on here.Both of them knew that I was agreed for this but they were having a formal talk only.Aamir quickly removed my wife's dress and soon she was in Bra and Panty.Believe me,It was the first time after my child's birth that my wife's sexy body impressed me.Her large breasts made Aamir crazy.He unhooked her 38D Bra and started sucking them.I was fully hard inside blanket and it was much difficult for me to control.He sucked her breasts for a long time and then placed his hand on my wife's wet panty.He rubbed it for a while and then removed her Panty.My wife has freshly shaved her pubic hairs.Her juices were flowing so Aamir inserted his finger inside.He was smooching her lips,fondling her breast with one hand and fingering her nicely.

I was enjoying more than Aamir.This must have been a 30 minute session of Pakistani sex with my wife.Then Aamir got up and removed his jeans and then underwear.He was slightly smaller in size to me but more in width of tool.He must be around 6.5 inches and as fat as wrist.My Hot Pakistani Wife grabbed his tool and started stroking it.He asked her to suck it.She was used to sucking as she has done it many times on my tool but aamir's fat tool was a bit difficult to take in mouth due to fatness.She managed to do that by opening her mouth fully and then doing it nicely.Soon she has 3-4 inches inside her mouth.She was working over his fat shaft nicely.It must be touching her throat.Suddenly,Aamir grabbed her head and held her when his shaft was 3 inches inside.He pushed it with a jerk and his fat shaft entered my wife throat.I could see water from her eyes.He held her head along his testis and her tongue was touching his balls.When Aamir felt that she might vomit he took it out.He slapped gently on my wife cheeks and again done the same.This time her was fully inside her throat and he held her like a whore over his pubic area.He started screwing her throat by holding her hairs with right hand and fondling her breast with left hand.

I was enjoying the all Pakistani sex Scenes of My Hot Pakistani Wife.My pre-come Drops were flowing inside my pants.After screwing her throat for a while,he made her doggy by placing her hands on my bed near to my legs.I could see my wife's sagging breast.He placed his fat tool on my wife's shaved hole and pushed his tip inside.My wife's breast bounced like football along his jerk.Then he pushed it more inside.Almost half of his fat tool would be inside.Then he made the final bang and fleshed it deep inside my wife.She screamed slightly due to his fatness of tool.He started banging her from behind and her bouncing breasts were visible to me.He banged her for 5 minutes in the same style while holding her left breast.

Then he sat on sofa right on my front side.He asked her to sit over his fat tool.She was wet in juices now.She sat on his tool and started jumping over him.I could see her big ass shaking in-front of me.He placed his hands on my wife's butts and slapped her for a few gentle slaps.It was the craziest scene of my life.I was going out of control and soon I exploded all my load insides my under-wear.My wife was enjoying women on top position and then he changed to missionary position.He lifted her legs to her chest and then banged his tool deep inside my wife.He placed his hand on my wife's breast and started screwing her deep.Soon,Aamir was about to come.He told my wife that he is coming.She asked him to pull out.He took it out and fired all his loads on my wife's pubic area.It was the craziest evening of my life.My wife's moaning voices and Aamir's young tool made my fantasies true.

I have enjoyed more than aamir and my Wife.My wife has taken a nice shower after that and Aamir went to drawing room for sleeping.When my wife returned after a shower,I smiled and kissed her.She asked;Have you seen everything?I told ;Yes,and enjoyed it.She was a bit nervous and quite as well later.The next morning Aamir thanked me for giving him a nice night.I smiled and welcomed him.The laters days Aamir helped me in establishing my busniess network to most famous merchants in Islamabad.I Don't know that my story is really a Pakistani Hot sex story or not but your comments will tell that.I would be sharing a few other Pakistani sex stories of my wife as well later.

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