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Monday, January 14, 2013

Pakistani Sex Story:Pakistani Aunty With Boyfriends Part two

This is the remaining part of Pakistani Sex Story "Pakistani Aunty With Boyfriend".I have to manage time to enjoy Pakistani Sex Stories with my neighbor Aunty so when It was 9PM,I told my mother that I am going to my friend's home and I will be back in two hour.I got out of my home,thinking of sex with such a Hot Pakistani Wife and making my plans on how to move things along,looked around on upstairs.There was no body around so I checked her door,Slightly opened it and entered her house.To my surprise,she was standing right in-front of the door.She greeted me with a smile and quickly pulled me into kitchen.
Her First Question was "If anybody saw me coming?"I told her;Don't worry,there was no one outside.She was relaxed now.She came out and bolted the main door after switching of the light.I asked her about her kids and she told that they are in bedroom,sleeping tight.I was getting out of control now.I gave a deep look through her Large Saggy Breasts and she was quick enough to understand my thirst.She smiled and said;What are you looking for?I pulled her and hugged her tightly in my arms.She forbade me in start like the majority of Pakistani women do before Extra-Marital Sex but I didn't left her and started fondling her breasts.She again said, Stop;Some one can come(Koi Aa Jaye Ga,Tum Jao).

I was not willing to leave her and my Tool inside my trousers was wet with pre-come drops.I kissed her all over her face but she was also a passive Pakistani Woman in sex.She didn't tried to get dominant so i placed her hand on my Tool and asked her to stroke.She started stroking my Tool,remarking about its hardness and I was enjoying all.Meanwhile,her cell phone ranged.She picked up the phone from oven placed inside kitchen and started taking the call.Surprisingly,it was her hubby on the call,was kissing her neck when she was talking to her husband.She asked him to take care and my Tool got more hardened when I thought about screwing a Husband's property.

It was the peak point of My Sex Stories when i grabbed her head and placed it near my Tool.I was looking for a nice mouth-job.She hesitated a bit but then she started sucking my tool like a lollypop.When,she was performing a mouth-job,her main door was knocked by someone.Believe me,it was me who was most angry.Some bastard has disturbed us but I asked her to continue without checking who is on the door.She continued to lick my shaft and balls with sliva flowing out of her mouth.Then,I felt I was about to release.I stopped her mouth-job and aske her to place one leg on kitchen cabinets.She placed her left leg on kitchen cabinet and i sat between her legs.

She was moaning with pleasure when I was licking her love hole from below.Then after licking for a few minutes,I got up and placed my tool tip on her dripping hole.She was dam hot.I grabbed her one boob in my left hand and then pushed my tool inside.Almost half of the 6.5 inches were inside in a second.She moaned with pleasure and I pushed more inside.I was fully inside her from behind,grabbing her breasts I started screwing her fast.Her breasts were jumping to and fro and making me crazy.Screwing her for a few minutes in that style,I asked her to sit on cabinets,so that I can screw her while standing.

I lifted her legs up and started hitting her deep in standing position.She was biting her lips with pleasure.I couldn't control myself more so I fired all my hot load inside her.She was very hot inside.She smiled after getting a nice Pakistani sex session.I was also very happy after enjoying my great sex with Pakistani Aunty.She hugged me tightly and then I left her house and came back to my home.I hope,My Pakistani sex stories are hot for Readers as well.

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