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Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Hot Pakistani wife uzma in extra-marital sex

This sex story is narrated by Pakistani husband and its one of the great Real Pakistani sex stories.My name is Farhat and I belong to the business community of Pakistan.after marriage,Me and My wife Uzma were very frank to each other and we had done some awesome sex session including the fun of making our own Pakistani sex clips on cam and watching them together.For as long as we’ve been together, eleven years, I had been asking my wife to find a boyfriend,Preferably a young twink in early 20’s. It wasn’t a difficult thing to ask for because I’ve always shared that fantasy with her. At first she seemed OK with the idea and it played out a lot in our sex life. But when I brought it up to discuss seriously there was most always a gentle change of the subject but it was clear to me that she wasn’t as interested as I was. She was a kind of Hot Pakistani wife who gets enough by talking only.

She just didn’t want to talk about it. But as much as she didn’t want to talk about it I did. This was one thing that I couldn’t table. As much as I tried, and I seriously did, I could not lock down my desire to have a Muslim hotwife whom I can see getting banged by some young guy. I’d suggest it, joke about it and try to keep my hope alive.I travel for work frequently. Sometimes it feels like I stay on the road. We talk a lot on the phone and much to my surprise, and delight, during a call in September she asked me how serious I was about her getting on a young boy. I never thought it would be so hard to speak at that moment . My Hot Pakistani wife had made up her mind to get a nice session of extra-marital sex.

My mouth moved but no words came out. I cleared my throat and told her I was very serious. When I asked further,she told me that she got the guy from facebook and he is very cute.He was only 18 according to her.Needless to say they became Facebook friends and got acquainted over email.His name was Kashaan. When she went out to to see ,he drove down to see her on his bike. We were both a little nervous and hoping for the best. As usual I was miles away on that day. I got a text from her saying that Kashaan was there at my home next day.We agreed she’d call me and leave the phone so that I can hear her voices during the Pakistani sex session.

These things were told to me by my wife later when i came back home.The incident happen in this way after Kashaan’s arrival.After an hour or two she got up to go to the restroom and sat on the bed while he went to washroom. When he returned he sat next to her. Both of them didn’t know where to start so finally she kissed him. My wife turned on a call for me and kept the phone aside.I could here them.After that they couldn’t get into each other’s clothes fast enough. After assisting each other with a complicated bra and set of trousers he went for her chest while she stroked his tool. After getting to know each other’s bodies some she slid down his body, and licked the pre-cum from his tool. His head laid back while she sucked his tool until he was ready to change positions.

She moved up his body and kissed him then lowered herself onto his tool. Kashaan’s tool was pink and fat and she was thoroughly enjoyed his company, how he felt inside her, his scent, and his taste. She rode his tool while he played with her breasts and nipples which she really loves. After riding his tool for a-while longer she felt her orgasm building. She says she could feel the wetness on the inside of her thighs as she rode his thick tool. After a few more strokes she had her first orgasm of the day.I heard a loud moan of my Pakistani wife.

He asked her to lie on her back while he laid next to her on his side. He rested her leg across his body and begin to bang her. He alternated his depth and rhythm showing her who was in control. All along he hung off the bed bracing himself with his arm. He continued to screw her until she had another orgasm.

After she came he told her he wanted to bang her from behind. Before she got on her hands and knees she sat on the bed and took his tool in her mouth again. She gave him head for a few minutes and then presented her love valley for him. When he slid his tool in her she wasn’t sure she could take it all so she didn’t push back into him. But after a few minutes of him screwing her while holding her shoulders she said she found herself pushing back into him. His hands were on her shoulders pulling her into him the whole time. After screwing my Hot Pakistani wife from behind for a-while he told her he was about to come and wanted to be on top when he did.She laid on her back. He put her legs over his forearms while she whimpered (her words) for his nice pink tool. He wasted no time and once again was screwing her as hard as he could. Soon she could feel his meat swell up and they both came together.

She says they cuddled with her head on his chest and talked some more until he had to leave. He showered and she walked him to his bike and kissed him goodbye. The whole time he was there I couldn’t think of anything but her and him together in that room. My tool was never that hard before or for that long. A part of me worried about how she would feel afterwards but the worry disappeared when I heard her voice because she had a great time.I hope my writing style for Pakistani sex stories is good enough for readers.

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