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Monday, November 12, 2012

Elite Class Pakistani wife sex story

This Pakistani sex story belongs to Elite class wife who shared everything to get her husband's file.Let's describe this story in his own words.My name is Irfan and I'm working in American embassy.I was detailed to deal all affairs related to officer courses and deputations in the embassy.I was 29 years old at that time.There was a foreign visit of some officials to America and I have received the whole documents from the related offices which included defense personnel and some other higher ranks.I have to manage the clearance files for those individuals and prepare the recommendations after getting the entire data.A total of 10 files were received in which I have to select/recommend the clearance of 5 officials.There was a defense officer (I will not share the name,rank and department) whose file seemed to be No.8 in selection by his credentials but then he moved to No.1 due to his hot Pakistani wife.She became the main character of my Pakistani sex stories later on.


I was residing in Murree(A place near Islamabad) those days.One day I got a call on my cell phone at around 4 pm.It was a lady who introduced her in a good manner.She was confident,polite and educated.Later she introduced herself as a wife of that defense officer.She asked me about the foreign visit of officials and then about her husband's position in the merit list.I told her the entire situation and the position of her husband.She asked me my address and told me that she wants to meet me personally.I hesitated a bit by telling her about my location.She was in Islamabad so I told her that its evening and how you can travel at night on this tough road.She humbly told that she can make a night stay at my home.I was hesitating a lot but due to her insisting,I finally told her my address.

I was thinking about her and expected reasons of her coming.I have got some idea about her visit and her intentions but I was not sure about that.She arrived at my place at around 7PM at night.It was very cold in Murree that day.Soon she came in my house and my servant offered her coffee.When I got to drawing room I was really amazed to see her.She was beautiful,gorgeous and looking much younger when I thought about her husband's age and rank.After formal chit chat,She told me that she wants her husband at the top of merit list.I made formal excuses but she had made the entire study about my influence on such visits and deputations.When I was talking to her,My eyes could not stop looking at her huge breasts.She was wearing a tight pull over(Jersy)but her huge breasts were just coming out of that.She seemed to be a hot wife and believe me,I couldn't control myself from being attracted to her.

At around 9PM,finally I smiled and asked her in a joking mood,What would be a benefit for me if i make your husband at No.1.She looked into my eyes and said;Anything,which you desire.I was still quite and looking at her with lusty eyes when she added;I have came for a full night stay with you and she got up from sofa and came near me.I was feeling some waves inside my baggy trousers which I usually wear at night.I asked her;Really?She replied in Yes.I asked her to follow me into my bedroom and soon she was on my bed.Believe me,I have never seen such a hot Pakistani wife in a perfect tight figure after marriage.She must have been banged by her husband for many times but she had managed her figure.

I locked the door and asked my servant to avoid any disturbance.He was habitual to that so he agreed without any hesitation.I held her in my arms and slightly pressed her breasts.She was as soft as cotton.I pressed my erect tool into her belly and started kissing her violently.She was responding nicely like an experienced hot wife in french kissing.She was clean and her body scents made me too much horny.I thrown her on bed again and removed her pull over and then her dress.She was wearing black bra and black panty which looked awesome on her white body.We were not talking at all so I started admiring her figure and she smiled and responded like an educated woman.I admired her figure by saying that her officer husband must be screwing her daily.She smiled on this and started kissing my lips.Soon she removed my clothes.I have a heater already turned on in the room so the hot room made the atmosphere more hot.

After kissing my entire chest she moved down slowly and reached my underwear.I moaned loudly when she grabbed my tool and started removing my underwear.She kissed my tool tip and soon my pre-cum drops were on her tongue.To my surprise,she didn't spit that after licking my drops.She swallowed it and then sucked me like a lolly-pop.Her sucking skills were unforgettable for me till now.She rolled on tongue on my entire shaft and then my balls to add more sensation in my Pakistani sex stories.Then she rimmed my ass hole.I had shaved yesterday so my clean balls and clean pubic area was nicely sucked and licked by her.

After that we went into 69 position and i licked her for at least half an hour.She was not hesitating like the majority of Pakistani women do.She was violent in sex and dominant as well.I licked her till her first orgasm and I too exploded all my load on her lips with her orgasm.She laughed and pressed her legs around my face.I didn't leave her and continued to do that 69 session.She also sucked my cum-lubricated tool and I was ready again for the next session.I made her to sit on my tool and start jump on that.She done it like an experienced wife and i grabbed her breast from front when she was jumping on my tool.I asked her the exact size of her breast which was 38D according to her.They were looking nice when bouncing on my tool.Then I made her doggy and went deep inside her hitting her all inner walls and g-spot.

Finally at the end of first session of Pakistani sex stories,I banged her by keeping her legs on my shoulders and then deposited all my hot loads deep in her ovaries.This session lasted for almost 2 hours.It was around 11.30pm so I called my servant on phone to prepare some food for me and madam.We took a bath together and then took our dinner.At half night,we had finished our dinner and tea as well.It was a nice meeting with her as she was more than just a sex piece.She was mannered and educated so I enjoyed her company too much.I agreed to help her husband and then joked about her sacrifice.She smiled and laughed again.I appreciated her sex skills and the luck of her husband.We went onto bed again at 1am and I banged her again for one more session.It was my third shift of sex that night and then we slept nude covering each other in one blanket.In the morning,after finishing our breakfast,we left together for Islamabad and she was more than happy when I agreed to recommend her husband.I have enjoyed the best Pakistani wife sex of my life.I was happy and i hope you are happy after reading my Pakistani sex story

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