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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Elite Married women sex story From lahore

Pakistani sex stories

Pakistani sex stories are the most popular part of our blog. This Pakistani sex story is sent to us our blog reader who shared her own experience with us. Names are changed as per secrecy and our blog policy. Our sex story blog is based upon true experiences and no fiction story or fake stories are included here. Let’s start the story in hot Pakistani women own word.
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I’m a well-educated Pakistani married woman. At 35 years of age, I’m happily married and mother of 2 kids. By profession, I’m running my own business. I belong to a suburb town of Lahore. My parents found a match for me in the shape of a businessman. Very loving person, my husband Shahid is running his business very well and we can consider ourselves in the Elite class of Pakistan. I was a complete housewife in the early months of my marriage but Shahid insisted me to run a business. So finally I made my decision and started a business of ladies garments after watching the popularity of the business from internet and calculator
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Shahid helped me to open a couple of boutiques in the main city and I started my business. As you all know, business community ultimately have an impact on their family life due to business commitments. I have less time to spend with my family and my husband which also disturbed my sexual life. I rarely made sex with my husband during last two years or so. Children were taken care of by maid. I could remember that, I have made sex with my husband two months ago. Sometimes he is on business visits and sometimes I can’t find time for him. So my sex requirements were not fulfilling at my home and sex with other men is not considered wrong in Elite class women. I have to find someone at my work place who can be with my in all my business hours.

I got plenty of opportunities to meet hot men in my business, but having known my limitations I never opted for a full sexual intercourse. Although there were couple of hot men who fingered me or sucked my breasts as well as got a blow-job/hand job from me, but mostly I was content with a boutique owner Jawad, a guy of 28y with handsome looks and body. The elite class sex is liked in Pakistan; sex and dating with Elite class women is considered luck. The elite women sex is considered amazing in elite class. Wife sex is enjoyed by majority of men of young ages.
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Jawad was in touch with me to get garments collectively for his boutique and mine. So I got enough time to spend with him. Sometimes we booked luxury hotel rooms together to spend hours during our business trips. This relation soon turned into sex relation as Jawad was having a good sense of humor and an attractive personality. Soon I was attracted towards him, But only for sexual relations, not more than that. First time we watched a XX movie together at a luxury hotel room during our visit to Islamabad for a contract. During the movie we discussed the scenes and ultimately as I told you that Elite class women are broad minded so I could discuss all without any hesitation.

After that day we watched XXX movies together and you can imagine that after watching a movie hot women like me could not avoid sex if they are with such an attractive guy. So Jawad fucked me in a hotel room first time. Our relation started which can fulfill my sex needs quite well. Jawad was having a nice tool and good way to sex. I enjoyed a lot during those sex sessions. My husband was unaware of that as I have opted this relation just for fun with Jawad. I was not going to end up my marriage and never Jawad insisted me to leave my husband. Our relation is still going well and I make sex with Jawad almost every week as we have enough time at boutiques as well. He visits often to my office where I have a room also for such encounters. I could not use slang words in this story because I just tried to share my own experience. Hope you have like this Pakistani sex story.Pakistani sex stories are available at free website.

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