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Friday, October 14, 2011

Real Scandals of Hot Pakistani women

Today’s topic “Real scandals of hot Pakistani women” is entirely based upon true incidents of Pakistani society. my web.These sex stories of hot women are all around Pakistani society but most of the times these remain hidden. Considering the effects of Mobile phone, Internet and cable, one can easily judge why these sex scandals are on rise in Pakistani society. A few years back paki people were not so much involved in sex affairs. After President Musharaf’s Era, sex in Pakistan became much popular and almost every third Pakistani married women was involved in extramarital sex affairs with men other than her husband. He was so liberal that he tried to declare “Murree”, a famous vocational city of Pakistani, a sex free zone. His relaxations violated the Islamic rules and Pakistan produced plenty of sexy girls, hot girls and women doing sex with men even in their cars.[Purchase Structured Settlements]

Dating was on the edge of its popularity during his tenure. Aunties were selling sex widely in the major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. He recommended sex for his society which is totally against country’s religion “The Islam”. His 8 years Rule left such an impact that nowadays women of Pakistan, who were considered to be noble, are now taking sex relations as a part of life. Muslims are not allowed to have extramarital sex affairs, but now sex is on its top popularity in Pakistan.

The first Scandal which I am going to tell you is about a woman from Sialkot. Her name was nasreen. She was 36y old. She was habitual of going out to the markets and taking her children from their schools. Her youngest child was 3 years old. She made daily visit to the Montessori of her child. The Montessori Principal, Rehan, a 30y old person, made a chit chat with her in his office when she came to discuss about her child. In a few meetings, Rehan judged that nasreen can be dating with him if he tries a bit hard. So he worked on her and within six months he was able to start kissing with nasreen in his office. Nasreen only visited his office once a week so that school teachers should not keep an eye on her activities. Nasreen was habitual of wearing burqa and hijaab. Nobody can guess about her secrets if he just looks at her visible modesty.

The second, amongst Real Scandals of Hot Pakistani women were told by one of my friends. He was working as a seller of cosmetics and running a cosmetics shop. Plenty of women visited his shop during the entire days. A Pakistani married woman, named Bushra, visited his shop quite regularly. Within a few visits she got much frank to the shop keeper while bargaining about cosmetics and other products. One day she asked for Bra of 34 size. After getting Bra she asked him about the test room. He was amazed by the question because most of the Pakistani women demand for Bra’s from the shop by writing on some paper and then they test it at home. Bushra was different. During Bra testing she called him in to see either it fits or not. This was the start of their affair.[Secured Loan Calculator] my web.

The third Real story of sex is about Lubna. Lubna was almost 40y old women. No one can guess that this aunty can be so hot. She visited a doctor’s clinic for almost 10 weeks regularly. She was having four children. All of them were school going, so she has enough time to visit the doctor or somebody else during school timing as husband is also on job. During her checkups, one day doctor accidently touched her breasts while examining her teeth. She smiled and given no response. The doctor made much courage in the next visits and touched her breasts intentionally. Their relation turned to be a sex relation soon and Doctor made sex with her many times inside the web

There are plenty of sex stories of Elite class women which are hidden. Pakistani women are becoming hot Pakistani women due to the effects of cable tv, Internet and mobile. Now a days time fixing is not difficult with someone if the women want dating. Sex is on top nowadays in Pakistan and mostly married women are involved in these sex stories. Pakistani wife sex is not allowed with other men, But Mushraf gave this to Paki people as a gift. We will bring you more Real scandals of hot Pakistani women in future.
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