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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pakistani sex stories of working women(Part II)

Pakistani sex stories of working women(Part II)

This is the second part of Pakistani sex stories of working women.To read part one click here.Saima was also introduced to the men sitting right besides hot aunt. Aunty told that man about Saima as her friend. The man was wearing a high class three piece suit and looking gorgeous in this dress. Saima guessed his age about 30 y. She also sat on the sofa with aunt. Soon after formal introduction, Aunt took Saima to her luxury bedroom. There in the luxury bedroom, aunt told her about the man that he is a nice guy and he likes Saima very much. Saima was amazed to hear the words. Aunt convinced her by her sharp tricks that the man has seen her at beauty parlor and he wants to spend some time with her alone. Saima got the point of aunty  because she has filled money in Saima's bank accounts.soon but she was not familiar with these backlinks
Aunt convinced her by showing the luxuries of wealth. After a short time,Saima was sitting with the man in his car. They left for an unknown destiny. After a few minutes’ drive in the latest model car, Saima and the man (whose name was Jibran, told by the aunty) was present in a lonely area which seemed to be a farm house. The farm house was having excellent atmosphere which pleased Saima as she has not seen such Farm house in her life. She was taken to the Drawing room. A well organized, furnished drawing room with a nice bed was waiting for backlinks

Saima was clear in her mind that she is going to lose her virginity but she was not mentally ready for that instantly. She was afraid of few fears in mind but wealth put curtains on her mind. Saima sat on the luxury bed where the man served her with cold drinks already present in the farm house freezer. The large size freezer was also astonishing Saima because all these luxuries were new to Saima. She was from lower middle class family who can only dream for such life luxuries.backlinks free
After the cold drinks and formal talks the man played a XXX movie on the large TV screen placed in the corner of the bedroom. Saima has seen these movies a couple of times before. But this was the first incident when she was watching with a male, and a male who is only with her to take her virginity. The rich man started playing with her breasts. Soon she pulled off her clothes after formal talks. Saima could not resist as she has been paid a lot of money by the aunt.Pakistani singles

Men started his business, and soon she was in pain by the first entrance of a male tool into her hot body. Her sexy under garments were placed on the side of the bed on table. The man was screwing her nicely and it created a lot of pain in the start but Saima managed to control that, as man seemed to be an experienced person. He screwed her for at least 15-20 minutes and then came to climax. Saima was enjoying that encounter now. She was admired by the man as she was one of the beauties of hot Pakistani women. The beautiful girl has been made women now.

They took a rest of 10 minutes in between and the man was ready again for the second session. But Saima’s was not ready now as it was painful for her now. Pain was feeling in between her legs. She requested the man to keep it to the next meeting. The man behaved like educated person and he accepted her excuse due to her pain. They left the luxury farm house and Saima was dropped at hot women house where she was 2 hours before. Aunt paid her 10000 rupees that day.

Saima is working as a high class hot girl now.  The money has changed her life and her family status in the society. Now she has her own car and she runs a saloon of her own. Hope you would like this Pakistani sex story as you liked our all Pakistani sex stories. We will be waiting for feedback about hot Pakistani women sex stories.

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