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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hot Pakistani women surveys of this week

Our surveys intend to bring the information and facts relating to hot Pakistani women and their affairs. Every week three surveys are setup at blog below posts and visitors are free to vote about hot women affairs and hot girl affairs. A lot of questions related to Pakistani wife were sent to us by our blog readers to be included in surveys. Some of those questions and affairs have been setup in this week; rest will be included as per availability and importance. Readers can include their question of interest in comments below post. It will be included in the survey next week if considered appropriate.

Before going to the survey results of this week, I would like to tell you that many people especially European men are interested in sex stories of hot Pakistani women, Elite class women, hot girls, aunties and dating Pakistani women. Some like Pakistani married women more than Pakistani hot girls. I don’t know the secret behind that, but I think Married women are hotter that’s why men like them.

The first survey question was “Married Pakistani women like to do sex and affairs with what age group of men? Majority of the voters voted for the men in the age range 25-30 years. People proved by comments that often married women like younger guys for sex and affairs because they are missing something in their life. Husband is aged or elder than them so they are looking for young guys. 60% votes were favoring 25-30y age group.20% voted for 20-25y age group while 10% voted for 30-40y age group.

The second survey question was about the hot women life. We asked “at what age women are at top sexual desire? 55% of the voters think that women are at extreme hotness during 30-35y of age. 30% voted for 25-30y age and 15% voted for 15-25y of age. A few people shown intermittent votes like age 25y or 30 years.People think that the sex and desire for sex or dating thoughts are at top when the women are in 25-35y age group.

The last question of this week was quite good and may be helpful for most of the married women or men. The question was “which habit of husband is likely to cause his wife attracted towards other men”? 75% of voters voted for the option” carelessness about wife. People think that if someone doesn’t care his wife, she will think of other men. 10% voters think that it may be lack of sexual power. 5% voted for the option “interest in other women and 10% voted for lack of money.

Blog readers are requested to vote in blog surveys, so that we can bring the true, helpful and accurate answers for the survey questions which are related to daily affairs of society. The questions are mostly about community, styles,affairs,sex and dating matters.If you want to enlist any question for the survey please ad it via comments below post. We will soon update it in the blog survey. Question must be about Hot women affairs ,Married women or girls.

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