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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hot Pakistani women survey result 3

This week contains most interesting hot Pakistani women survey results. As you all know that our blog surveys are related to hot Pakistani women issues and sometimes about Pakistani married women, hot girls, Elite class women, men, aunties and dating Pakistani women. Before going to this week’s surveys, I would also like to explain the fact that these social surveys about Pakistani society and hidden affairs of hot Pakistani women are started every week in this blog. Everybody who is interested in dating Pakistani women, hot women, Pakistani wife and married women secrets can participate in these surveys. Your vote is important for us to bring out the best results and help dating people to know more about hot Pakistani women.

Now I am announcing the results of hot Pakistani women survey no.1 which was regarding a hot issue i:e “which profession contains most hot Pakistani women who are involved in sex”. Plenty of people from different walks of life participated in the said hot survey. A total of 310 votes were cast for the hot survey. 41% people think that “Nurses” are mostly involved in sex. This option got a total of 130 votes via blog and via email. 25% voters think that “Hotel receptionists” are involved mostly in hot affairs like sex. 80 people voted for this option and explained that this profession contains most of the hot Pakistani women. 22% however voted for “school teachers”. 70 people think that Pakistani school teachers are the real hot Pakistani women who are involved in sex mostly. 12% voted for the fourth option of hot Pakistani women survey i:e “Ladies hostel wardens”. 30 voted for this option. Hence, at the end of the survey week, we concluded that “Nurses” are the most probably hot Pakistani women who are involved in sex and dating affairs.

The survey no.2 related to hot Pakistani women was about Pakistani married women. The survey question was “How many Pakistani married women are making fool to husbands and dating other men”. We have got 280 votes for the survey. The option one was 3 out 0f 10. It got 120 votes securing a percentage of 42% at top. The participants think that hot Pakistani women are making fool to husband are only 3 out of 10 with majority opinion. The second option was 5 out of 10. It got almost 21% votes. The third option was 7 out of 10 which also got 21% votes. And only 16% people think that there is no Pakistani married women who makes fool to husband. They are loyal enough after marriage which seems to be quite an amazing thinking.

The survey no.3 was about hot girls. The survey question was “How a girl can easily be seduced and agreed for dating with you”. It was an interesting question for people opinion and helpful as well for other men who want to date a hot Pakistani girl or hot Pakistani women. This survey got 250 votes. The top option was “by talking to her straight way” which got 90 votes and percentage of 36%. Equal percentage was opted by the other option which was “by sending her text messages on her mobile regularly”. The third option was interesting a bit with “by making friendship with her brother”. This option got 50 votes with a percentage of 20%. The fourth option was “by following her regularly” and it got only 8% votes.

Our blog contains mostly the surveys about hot Pakistani women. So readers are requested to share the knowledge about dating and hot women so that we can produce helpful results for the people who want dating. You can also vote according to your own experience either with hot Pakistani women or other women so that we can share it. This was all about hot Pakistani women survey results 3 for this week.thanks.

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