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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hot Pakistani callgirls and sex

Nowadays, hot Pakistani callgirls and sex have put a great impact on Pakistani society. Selling sex for money has increased enormously inside Pakistani society. One can see plenty of call girls roaming on the roads of big cities like Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore especially in the evenings. Many hot Pakistani women are waiting for customers on bus stops in the evenings. These call girls mostly belong to middle class families. A very few belong to lower class of Pakistan. Elite class women are also found in this business, but we cannot find them on roads. VIP call girls are mostly hidden and only available in Luxury hotel rooms and may be in big bungalows. Aunties have links with all types of call girls; Elite class, middle class or lower class call girls, all are in the hands of aunties.
Usually this business produces large amount of money for hot Pakistani women in small time. Hot women have links with aunties so that men can easily get hot girls for sex. Many of Pakistani married women are also having sex for money, however Pakistani married women sex may be on the lower side if we discuss from call girl’s point of view. Pakistani call girls like to start the business in those areas where there are plenty of single men on job or in the areas where there is a majority of rich men. In big cities like Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore, I have seen luxury hotel rooms where girls are supplied to their customers. All girls have different rates as per their class and figure.  Businessmen, Elite class men visiting these luxury hotels make their nights pleasurable and erotic by these hot Pakistani girls.

Why these sex trading is on rise in Pakistan? We must discuss the facts to analyze the Hot Pakistani call girls and their sex life. The most prominent factor is the escalation of commodities prices. Paki people are suffering everywhere to get their life going whether its Elite class, Middle class or lower class, everybody is striving in his life to maintain a life cycle. The second thing which has made call girls life easy to get customers is the mobile phone. Mobile phones have provided great ease to hot women to remain in touch with their customers or other men for sex. Another thing which is contributing to produce call girls and adding to the rise in sex trading is, the evening classes’ trend for student girls.  Mostly during the evenings the girls are out of their home for study but who knows where she has gone after academy.

A plenty of videos of such girls are now available on internet that came out of house for study in Burqa and hijaab and found dating with men. Some girls are just selling sex to continue their studies as student home loans are not provided by governments to all in Pakistan. If Consolidating Students Loan would be granted to students this trend may be minimized. Women traffic to the areas containing majority of on job people is increasing day by day as men are out for job from their cities and they mostly search for call girls in the evenings.
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Internet and free dating sites have also made the business of call girls easy and fast. One can easily get sexy girl, hot girls and hot Pakistani women from internet. Dating Pakistani women is not a difficult task now. Videos are also available on internet to select a girl for sex in Pakistan.  Plenty of websites offering services of girl escorts in Pakistan and making money.The answer to the question “ is this allowed in religion ISLAM”?. May be pending if we see the Hot Pakistani callgirls and sex in Pakistan.

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