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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Real wife sharing her Pakistani sex stories here

I am Mehwish with my Pakistani sex stories here.Before I narrate my sex incident,I would like to give a small background of my sex stories and family.I belonged to the Metropolitan city Karachi where my parents are residing.Karachi has an open atmosphere for dating and sex and hence I had also every right to enjoy my life freely.When I was 20Y old My affair started unexpectedly with a guy who was basically from Kashmir.Being a hot Pakistani woman I impressed him a lot and he used to follow me whenever I went to my classes.He was living in a rental flat near to our house.I must say that my revealing dresses has impressed him more than anything in my personality.He was doing his own business in Karachi.Soon after a plenty of meetings he proposed me for marriage.The guy was 10Y elder than me but he impressed me so I straightway told my mother about my liking and affair.Initially my mother forbidden me like a traditional Pakistani Mom but soon I convinced her for marriage.My Pakistani sex stories started after marriage.

Pakistani sex stories

My marriage was so simple and only two or three friends gathered along-with my parents and hence our married life started right away.My husband's parents were not alive and all other his family was busy in Kashmir.After spending one or two weeks in Karachi,My husband wanted to travel back to Kashmir for a few days.My husband was sexually fit but not extra-ordinary with his average tool.He was having an average tool,average timings and style of sex.I have enjoyed his tool but not very much.I was rather the kind of hot Pakistani women who would like to enjoy variations in sex but my husband was casual and have traditional style of Pakistani sex with his average tool.He would come back from work and then just kiss me in bed for one time and straightway start pulling my legs to his shoulders and bang his tool inside.He screws for 5-10 minutes and that's it.I never felt wild orgasms during his Pakistani sex session.

You must understand the feelings of a hot Pakistani wife like me who doesn't get her sexual requirements fulfilled.In regard to his respect,I never complaint my husband and just remained satisfied on what he has.He took me with him and we traveled to Kashmir for one month.When we reached there,It was a surprise for me that my husband took me to a place where his nephew was the only guy in the home.My husband told me that the guy is his nephew and we have to stay at this house for the entire tour.The fact which my husband told me later that the house was a property of my husband and he has allotted that to his nephew for living and care taking.

The name of his Nephew (Off-course my nephew now) was Zeeshan and he was a well built,young stud with a nice sexy smile and figure.I liked him right on my first meeting.He started to call me CHACHI (Aunty) as normal in Pakistani society we call.He was almost in his early twenties may be 21.I started to spend my days while playing Cards or watching TV with him as my husband was normally busy in going for meetings from place to place.Zeeshan shown me some public places in Kashmir which I liked a lot.Soon Zeeshan and me were too frank with each other while we joked sometimes quite vulgar.My husband didn't ever mind that so I kept on with my nice affair with Nephew.

Zeeshan was such a guy that I could trust him and fulfill my sexual deprivation for at least one month stay.A lot of thoughts went into my mind and finally I decided to give it a try for my Pakistani sex stories.I intentionally started to show my cleavage,breasts and other body parts without letting him know that I was doing it intentionally.A guy of 21 years can't resist when a lady have such acts in-front of him.Same was the case with Zeeshan.He had started to see my breast line whenever I bent to give him something or moving around inside home.

One day My husband told us that he has to visit Islamabad and he will stay over-night.I thanked God that this night could be a life changing night of Pakistani sex for me.When my husband went and me and Zeeshan were alone in house,I called Zeeshan in my bedroom and asked him to watch a movie together.I played an action movie as I knew that action movies keep him interested.There was a movie scene on which Me and Zeeshan made a bet.We decided that bet looser will pay the penalty.Zeeshan won the bet during the movie and he started laughing.I saw him happy and thought to make my plans a reality.I asked him what penalty now I have to pay.Zeeshan thought a lot and then smiled like a devil.I knew that what penalty he was thinking.He must be in a mindset of Pakistani sex stories.

I asked him and he replied;CHACHI(Aunty) you will pay really?I said :Yes i will as I have committed.He again asked;Would you mind anything if I say any rubbish? I said ;NO,why I should mind,I am looser.Then he thought for a while and said;CHACHI(Aunty) you have to............Remove your............Qameez(Shirt).I kept my hand on my mouth and started to stare him like a pure shy Pakistani women.He looked into my eyes and said nothing.I could understand his feelings and it was a nice way for me to fulfill my sexual deprives.So I again confirmed from him;Do you really want this.He said;YES,looser has to fulfill otherwise not to bet.I thought for a few seconds and then suddenly removed my Qameez.You must know that I was not wearing any bra that night.My booobs jumped like a football out and then I spread my hands and said;BUS?He smiled and said;CHACHI....CHACHU(Uncle) is very lucky and then grabbed one of my breasts.

I forbidden him like a traditional Pakistani wife but he was out of control.I tried to show him anger but he knew that If a Hot Pakistani wife removes her clothes in-front of her nephew,What does this mean.He was not willing to leave me so I let him to enjoy.I should say that I let myself enjoy a young blood than my husband.He sucked my nipples and they went hard.He was sucking my breasts like a wild beast and I started moaning with pleasure.Meanwhile I couldn't stop myself from grabbing his tool and soon I grabbed it inside his pants.He seemed to be fully hard and it felt in a width twice to my husband.He was definitely two-three inches longer and at least one inch fat than my husband.

I started to give him a nice hand-job in Pakistani sex stories.He was young a hard enough to bang me now.Then we went into 69 and done it for at least 15 minutes.Now he was out of control and my vagina was begging for tool.I couldn't bear more so I asked him to bang deep.He made me in doggy and kept his tip on my vaginal lips.You can not imagine how deep he pushed it in with a single jerk.I felt as some fat iron has went inside my flesh.Soon my walls gripped his shaft and he started to stroke my inner points.He banged all my corners inside and then deposited his hot juices deep inside my vagina.When his hot juices fell on my point,I had a wild orgasm.It was immense feeling of pleasure for me.He banged me again after 10 minutes break.This session went longer for 45 minutes of screwing.I enjoyed a lot that night.Zeeshan overcome all my sexual requirements.We stayed there for at least 20 more days and I asked my husband to spend two more weeks there so that I could enjoy more at Kashmir(Although my husband never knew that what enjoyment I was getting).I will share the rest of my Pakistani sex stories later.

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