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Sunday, February 5, 2012

I am sharing my Pakistani sex stories

I am sharing my Pakistani sex stories first time on this blog. Besides my home in Karachi, one girl used to live with her parents .Her name was Ayesha {name changed} .She has no brothers or sisters. She often visited our house to meet my mom and sometimes for some work. She was one of hot Pakistani women beauties. If anyone sees her, he will 1st think to have a sex with her then to go for any other Clinical trial. Her age was 17 at that time when I got in touch with her. She always used to see and laugh at me by throwing secured loans of sexy smiles. I have many thoughts running in my mind about her. One day I got a chance to Screw her in my house and start my Pakistani sex stories for Clinical trial of sex.

My parents went to attend a marriage and they were coming after 2 days. That day, she came and asked for my mom. I said that she went to marriage .she smiled and said OK. I asked her to take a seat. She denied in formality but sat on sofa at last. I sat in front of her. She was looking so sexy. She asked me are you alone in home .I said yes. Then I slowly made my internal health brave and asked her about her smiles at me. She smiled and said; No, I don’t smile. she smiled and kept her head down by shying. Then I got a signal that she is interested in me for Clinical trial of her body. I got up and in front of her and sat beside her .she said nothing, pleural effusion was evident in her eyes. My tool inside was getting hard to start Pakistani sex stories with her.

She was looking down. I slowly kept my hand on her shoulder .she said nothing and closed her eyes. I got a first chance in my life to have a sex with hot Pakistani women .I slowly rubbed my hand. She closed her eyes .I took my other hand and put it on the Breasts .she remained quite .Her breasts were almost 32.I didn’t move my hand from the boobs and started pressing it. She slowly said; someone can come, don’t do this. I was not willing to leave her .She finally made some courage to start my clinical trial of sex. When she hugged me I felt my every corner shivered .that was my 1st hug with a girl. I felt that I was in heaven when she hugged me tightly.

Then I kissed her cheeks which were very soft and cute. I came to lips and kissed her in French style .we fell in kissing for 10 minutes after that I slowly removed her Dress. And I to remove my shirt.I kissed her breasts all around. While I was kissing and sucking that, she was moaning. Then I slowly moved my hand near her love valley. And I rubbed it she was again moaning. She kissed me all my chest and neck. She was saying I can’t. I said her and pleased her. According to my sex perceptions about hot Pakistani women, she was not virgin at all. I started removing her clothes and she responded in all my moves of Pakistani sex stories nicely. I was enjoying these sex loans very much. I started screwing her with her panties on side. She was having a hot valley. I banged her in all best positions on our sofa before I got fired. She smiled and asked to leave my home.I screwed her for many times after that till now. Hope you like my Pakistani sex stories and sex pleural effusion.

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