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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My swapping story first time in Pakistani sex stories

I am posting my swapping story first time in Pakistani sex stories. We are a married couple from Karachi .I an Engineer, 30 years, working in a reputed company and my wife is a housewife, aged 27. We have been married for 5 years and our life is going smooth. We are living in an apartment near my work place. Our flat has two bed rooms, a hall and a kitchen and the two bed rooms are bath attached. Let us describe our body features. I am 6 feet, well built having a good look and attractive physique. My wife is 5’6”, slim, but with enhanced breasts and a lot of meat on hips. She has long hair up to her buttocks which touches her ass while she walks. In simple words, she is ideally an auto insurance of erection for men and for Pakistani sex stories!

We are broad minded couple and my wife supports me in every desire of sex mortgages. We chat daily in yahoo messenger at night with a lot of other couples. One of our couple friends is very well mannered and attractive. We often see on webcam while we chat. Their name I can’t share here in Pakistani sex stories and they are almost of our ages and features. So we like each other. They are both on job. Once he called in my cell and asked me to meet him at park to talk face to face. I reached there and I was happy to see that he is also an energetic, handsome man like me for swapping our hot Pakistani women.

How are you? I asked him. What about your wife? She is fine. From his gestures I realized that he was very keen in Pakistani sex stories of swapping . I asked him what’s to tell me. He started telling me, your wife is very sexy and beautiful. I am addicted to her.I wish I could touch her hands at least. I was not surprised by his feelings as anybody could go mad after watching my hot Pakistani women on cam. That was the thing I wanted to tell him about his wife also. I was also thinking about this to tell you because your wife is beautiful and sexy. I would like to enjoy her if you allow me…Can we swap our wives? Did you ask your wife anything about this? No was the reply from both of us…I will discuss this matter with her today. I don’t know she will agree or not… We were not sure that our hot Pakistani wives will agree in swapping reality. Anyway, we decided to discuss this idea of Pakistani sex with our wives at bed time.

We said good bye each other and returned. At about 10 O’clock at night, my friend called me and told…My wife is interested in some soft fun, but she is very shy to proceed. Its ok, here also a liking for soft fun but she is also shy like your wife. Anyway as they are 50% agreed, we can lead them to 100% willingness. We can plan accordingly. Goodnight. Please meet me in the morning. Next day I went to his office. He was waiting for me. We both planned for a tea at tourist place. We both like to see our hot Pakistani wives in saree. He told me that we will meet at 6 pm at hotel for our sex mortgages. my swapping story first time in Pakistani sex stories is continue.

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