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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pakistani wife swapping sex stories part two

This is the remaining part of wife swapping Pakistani sex stories.It may have also had to do with the fact that she was now more robust. Anyway, our sex life went from once in two or three days to once in a fortnight and even once a month.At the same time, I was as sexually motivated as I have ever been. Just because I was not interested in her did not mean that I was not interested in sex. As  a result, I started getting more frustrated. On the one hand, I did not find my shy Pakistani wife attractive any more, and on the other hand, my sexual frustration was going up because I was not having enough Pakistani sex.

It was in this situation that my friend and his wife came into our life.Over time, the four of us grew very comfortable with each other. My friend was attractive (whereas I hardly was), my wife was sort of attractive while his hot Pakistani wife was also sort of very attractive. When four of us would sit around to watch TV or to chat, I found myself getting more and more attracted to my friend's hot Pakistani wife.My wife also seemed to believe that I was getting attracted to her and constantly criticized me saying I was paying too much attention to her.

But I could also see that she and my friend was also getting slightly attracted to each other. This was natural, as she was not getting much attention, love or sex from me, and my friend was attractive too.At the same time, she was a conservative Pakistani housewife, though she and I did talk about sex and stuff openly. One day, she said 'look at Salman and sara (names changed), they are so loving. why don't you learn something from Salman?'.I was quite amazed to see her liking for Salman and it punched me like a pure Pakistani husband who never shares his wife.I said, to shut her up.

Pakistani sex stories

Anyway, a few more days passed and I started fantasizing about his wife. I felt that sara too understood my attraction towards her, but she too was playing the good Pakistani wife. She'd look at me sometimes, but I was too nervous and shy to look at her in the eye. I felt she might understand how I felt about her.One day,My friend started to talk about his sexual life.He discussed his wife with me,her hot habits and style of Pakistani sex.I was quite surprised to listen him talking too much open about his hot Pakistani wife.He told me that she likes to watch group-sex movies during sex and loves watching a women getting two men at a time.I was still too much amazed to listen about his wife’s likings.

It was a point for me to discuss more about our Pakistani sex style with wives.So I dam cared about any shyness and frankly told him about my situation.He was quite sure when he given a strange idea.He suggested that we should start watching sex movies together as couples.I was reluctant as I was not sure about my wife.She may or may not like doing this but I accepted to try that idea.One night as per plans,Me and my friend discussed all the proceedings and made them final.Me and my shy Pakistani wife went to their home at night,leaving our baby with MAID servant.We took dinner together and then after some chit chat decided to watch a sex movies.Both wives were not aware of our plans. 

The two Pakistani wives were in kitchen to wind up the pots and we two were in bedroom.As per plans me and my friend played a sex movie and started to watch.After finishing their kitchen work.First my wife came to our room.She was blushed with shame when she saw the screen and ran away.My friend and me smiled and after a few seconds his wife came into the room.My wife must have told her what we were doing.She was quite bold and hot Pakistani wife so she didn’t reacted like my wife but she smiled and said.What you two are doing?We looked at each other and before I speak my friend said.We are watching a hot movie.You go and bring BHABHI too in the room and lets watch it together.She looked at me and went away.

We both started waiting for them and finally after 10-15 minutes,both wives entered the room.I don’t know what my friend’s hot Pakistani wife had said to my wife to motivate her for the movie.Both sat on sofa and we were on bed.In start both were quite silent and watching the bang sessions on the screen.Then my friend started to have a chit chat with his wife about the movie.I felt my wife heating up as well with their talks.So I hit my friends elbow to guide him to talk about movie with my wife.He asked some questions by calling him BHABHI.My wife looked at me and then realized my agreement to answer.She commented freely about the movie.

Our Pakistani sex session was just about to start new Pakistani sex stories.Then there was a 4some session in the movie.My friend suggested all of us to try it practically.My wife resisted initially but finally agreed when I asked her to try.She was hungry for sex for days and her valley could not resist more of getting a fresh bone of meat inside.First we started with own partner as per plans on the same bed.I screwed my wife nicely while my friend screwed his hot Pakistani wife nicely.After the first 10-15 minutes,as per movie the wives were swapped.So my friend held my hand and put it on his wife’s breasts.She was extremely soft boobed woman. 

She was more enjoyable beauty for Pakistani sex stories.I held her boobs and started to rub them along screwing my wife.My friend grabbed my wife’s breasts and she felt it annoying but I asked her to enjoy.So she dam resisted again and started to participate.Then we changed our wives and now my friend was screwing my wife and i was banging his wife.This was an awesome session of Pakistani sex for me.Finally ,I was about to release.I took my tool out and blasted my load on his wife’s big bums.He was released too when he felt our release.Both wives have felt climax.And all of us were relaxed then after a good session of sex.After that day we had session every weekend.This swapping of wives given a new direction to our married life.We have more Pakistani sex stories for you which i would share in next session of Pakistani sex stories.   


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