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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hot Pakistani sex session with My student girl,The real Sex stories

My name is Naveed. I am sharing my true Pakistani sex stories here. I am 21 years old strong Guy and I am from Karachi, Pakistan. I am regular visitor of Pakistani sex stories here and really enjoyed the true experience of people on this blog. You know here in Pakistan, these types of activities are very rare or if any, they are hidden, and nobody wants to share it. Most of the Pakistani women/girls are afraid to tell because of their name and prestige. Anyway I am here to tell you the best of mine. It was a time when I was studying in university. I must tell you here that I am very good at speech and I was the president of my student class speeches team. I was good at study that's why my teachers always love me and care a lot.I would give you a brief look about my life before going to my real Pakistani sex stories.

Ok now I come to the point, I mean the Pakistani sex story. Well I am very good at physics so girls easily attract towards me for getting some guidelines and problems solving. I was busy in the arrangement of annual function of the university then suddenly I met a girl named Farah...... (Off course not real name) you know when I saw her I am totally shocked because she has very big breasts in the age of 17 may be.

Pakistani sex stories

She asked me for some help in the evenings regarding Physics. She asked; can you teach me at your home because I am week in this subject and your subjects are same as mine (she was junior to me).She was living just 400 meters away from our flat.So I agreed to her (in fact I also wanted to get closer to her).I told her to visit my home between 6PM to 7PM (My mom is usually out for evening walk and father also not back from work during this time. I have one younger brother whom I can send easily to market during that time if I could find some further in Pakistani sex with her.

I will teach you whatever you want; I replied with courtesy. Next day, I told my Mom about her so that my Mom should not ask me any further questions. My Mom was not much interested as she knew that students often get help regarding studies from me. She came right on 6PM in evening when my mother has just gone out for walk. I and my brother were at home. I was eagerly waiting for her. I turned on the PC and made my younger brother to play games on PC. He was not that much intelligent who can understand my intentions. I took her to the drawing room and asked her to take a seat. I didn’t want to show her my intentions about her.

My brother was busy in games. After a little time and conversation I observed that she did not wear a bra because her big boobs were very freely moving inside her kamiz/shirt. She was wearing a thin dress which could show her dark nipples inside. She seemed to be one of real hot Pakistani women ready for Pakistani sex. A few times she even touched her chest with my elbow when getting close to me to see what I was writing to teach her. My tool started to rise as I felt her hot touches of Pakistani sex.

She told me that her mother is going to attend her relative’s marriage ceremony and she will not come tomorrow for tuition. She had to stay at home as her father would also be out for job and she would be alone. In fact it was an illusion for me from her that I should understand her intentions. She intentionally wanted to tell me that she would be alone entire day at house. I told her that if she needed me to come to her home I have no problem I will do my level best. So another next half-hour I teach her the real subjects then I felt she is starting some activities like rubbing her waist and then intentionally lowering her naval so that I can have a view of her breast line. 

I couldn’t express my feelings because it was my first time. She left my home after one hour. Her all activities were enough for me to understand what she wants. The next day, I waited for her miscall because I was expecting that due to her yesterday’s illusions. I decided not to go University so that I can reach instantly to her if she calls. She called me at almost 11AM.I went right to her house within five minutes when she miscalled me. I slightly knocked the door as I didn’t want to ring the bell to avoid neighbors. She asked from inside in a low voice and then opened the door. She locked the door and I went straight to her bedroom.

After formal chat about studies, I looked at her figure quite deeply again. She was intentionally wearing a low neck Qameez which show off her boobs nicely. I could see her naval and her tight waist. She was wearing a Shalwar(Pants) which was belt style. Her area around the hips can be slightly seen due to short Qameez/shirt. These scenes raised my tool inside my pants. I asked her for glass of water and she went to bring a glass of water .Suddenly she struck with the floor and she was fallen over. I got up immediately and held her on floor to raise her up. I grabbed her from waist while intentionally touching my hand to her right bob. I touched my fingers to her breast and moved it twice so that she can guess me. I asked if she is safe and she nodded her head in yes. My mind was starting new Pakistani sex stories inside. 

What a body she had great and she was not trying to snatch myself from her. Then I thought she is ready for doing something special so I held her in same style and lifted her up. She smiled and said nothing. These signs are an agreement from hot Pakistani women that they need Pakistani sex now. So I took her to bed and laid her and held her legs to see if any injury has been there. She was lying closing her eyes. I admired her legs and her beauty. Admiration is the weakness of most of hot Pakistani women and this trick works great. She smiled and said nothing. I raised her Shalwar till knees. She was having opened type shalwar.

When I rubbed my hands on her legs she shivered and slight moan was out of her lips. I laid myself on her facing right above to her. She kissed me on my lips and in reply I kissed her on his neck. Now we started to kiss each other on every part of the body. Then I said her; why you are not undressing your shirt because I want to see your beautiful assets. She slowly undressed her shirt/Qameez and I saw the most beautifully bobs of the world. They were in ideal shape for Pakistani sex. 

I kissed her breasts frequently and my tongue was working so good at her nipples that they were tight and going hard and hard. What a feeling! After that I undressed my shirt and she started kissing my chest. Then she and I undressed respectively. When I saw her naked my head turned into circles. I saw lot of girls naked in movies but really it was amazing to see in practical. My tool in her mouth and she was enjoying as a professional. She licked my entire shaft and then inserted it into her throat entirely. Her sucking told that she must have done it many times before. I went into 69 positions and stared to lick her love hole. 

She was not virgin which I guessed and my guess was true as her hymen was ruptured already. But she was tight enough which told me that she should have done full sex for just 1-2 times before. I immediately wanted to penetrate her in Pakistani sex but she asked me if I have any condom. I was already having one condom as I expected this encounter to happen. That’s why I brought it for my protection because I want full enjoyment of life. Her laughing was so cute and beautiful. Then I gave a lubricant condom and asked her to put it on my shaft. She opened the pack and a strange idea came into my mind.

I asked her to hold the condom in her lips and put it via lips on my shaft. She obeyed and when she rolled the lips on my tool, I felt myself in heaven. I was almost 6-7 inches in length and the entire condom was fitted on my shaft.  Then I entered his fantastic vagina. She cried a little because it was also painful due to my fat tool. But suddenly she managed and was enjoying herself. Then she told me to do it harder and I bang her very hard as she was getting hot with my strokes .It was so much good and she enjoyed it very much. After 10 min she had her first orgasm and she was in heaven and after a minute I also came right in her deep valley.

We are both in heaven after that Pakistani sex session. Our Pakistani sex stories had been started. What a time I spent with her I never ever forget it. Well after some time we were both at bathroom to clean ourselves and fresh up. After that I took permission to leave her home as it has already passed 2 hours since I came in. I banged her many times after that and still enjoying her. Now she is engaged with her cousin and soon will become a hot Pakistani wife but still giving me satisfaction regularly. This was all about my Pakistani sex stories.      

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