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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

wife swapping real Pakistani sex stories with my childhood friend

I’M First time on air in Pakistani sex stories with my real life stories.After the birth of the first child, sex life takes a turn sometimes for the worse for a young couple in Pakistan. Me - 30 years old, married for three years,Wife - 26.I got married in an arranged set up as mostly in our Pakistani societies we do. Originally from a village, I'd moved to the love city after graduation for job. I tried to have romantic relationships with girls in the Lahore city, but found that I was too rustic to be successful. Frankly, I had no clue about hot Pakistani girls. My idea of girls was too influenced by what I saw in movies and shows, and were totally unrealistic. I can say all this now, looking back. In my early 20s and late teens, however, I really had no clue for girls to have Pakistani sex.

Besides, growing up in a conservative town near Lahore, with hardly any opportunity to interact properly with hot Pakistani women,meant I was bound to be inexperienced in wooing girls.I found city women and girls too bold, or too money-minded, and needless to say, my romantic life was a total disaster. At age 25, I was still a virgin, though, to some extent, it was also a choice since I was adamant that I would only have sex with someone I love, and not just any one amongst hot Pakistani women who was available.

Pakistani sex stories

There were opportunities, once or twice, with hot Pakistani aunties, but I couldn't bring myself to do it for Pakistani sex stories.Though I would later regret my meekness for that.Anyway, I got married.I Had an OK sex-life for the first 1 year. My Wife got pregnant and we had a kid about a year ago.By now, I was in Lahore. The kid was about 4-5 months old. Suddenly, one of my old friends from my Schools -- who was with me from kindergarten to college classes relocated to Lahore with his hot Pakistani wife. 

Me and wife went to see them, since anyway we didn't have much to do on weekends. His wife was smart,outgoing,confident and a 'broad-minded,Elite class type sexy Pakistani woman.She was a complete opposite of my wife.My wife was traditional, conservative and sort of shy. Of course all these qualities are for outsiders.For me,she was just normal.My friend and his hot Pakistani wife too had a child recently since both of us were almost of the same age group and had married around the same time.

We tried to stay close to each other, about 1 km away as we both have rent a house.Nearly every weekend we'd visit them or they'd come over. We even went on a combined holiday to Shopping malls once, spending whole day there.As days passed on,our friendship went closer.Technically,it would be right to say the relationships between our wives became closer--because both of us have always been pretty close, right from college days.We never had any secrets between us and he knew everything about me and I knew everything about him. I know about his sexual escapades and he knew about mine (fewer.) I knew that he too was a virgin when he got married, though he had had skirmishes.But like me, he too was pretty conservative, perhaps because of our village upbringing, and the fact that we were focused on studies as youngsters. But both of us had strong sexual desires, though we had few outlets.

The problem of Pakistani sex started after my wife got pregnant. When a Pakistani woman gets pregnant and nurses a baby, it sort of turns off your sexual feelings for her. You start looking at her the mother of your child -- primarily as a mother and not as a woman or hot Pakistani wife. Initially, I think she also liked the fact that I was not disturbing her with my sexual advances.The rest of the swapping fun is here in next post It was clear that she had not forgotten about sex, but to be frank, I felt no interest in her for Pakistani sex stories. 

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