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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hidden secret of Pakistani sex

Hidden secret of Pakistani sex is an eye opening story of Sexual culture in Pakistan.In recent times, much of the Western media has picked up on this disconnect General insurance.Perhaps fueled by a desire to counter assaults on Western values, or the perceived lack thereof, the focus has generally been on ‘decadent Muslim East’ stories, aimed at deflating the myth of Muslim propriety. Almost inevitably, the primary focus has been on Pakistani women who are seen to defy conventional norms by adopting so-called Western lifestyles. This usually pertains to highlighting the prevalence of drinking and smoking, as well as of pre-marital sexual affairs, among the country’s urban, educated elite. Likewise, a follow-on trend has been the emergence of ‘exposes’ on alternative sexualities in Pakistan also strange for Austin Texas dwi lawyers.Yet coverage of both issues has been severely limited in both scope insurance and understanding of Pakistani sex.

When talking of Adverse credit remortgages of certain segments of society breaking sexual taboos in conservative Pakistan, it must first be understood that the idea of an all-encompassing, homogeneous Pakistani conservatism is itself something of a misnomer. Indeed, there are some in Pakistan who support the imposition of a strict interpretation of Sharia law along the lines of that espoused by the Taliban, as well as enforced gender segregation in the public sphere. Nevertheless, to understand conservatism in Pakistan is to first recognize the socio-economic dynamics at play within the country.And this pertains as much to the notion or prevalence of alternative sexuality as to gender segregation.

For one reason or another in Pakistani sex stories, it has been widely accepted that Pakistan’s elite class is the most amenable to ‘Western’ mores. Here, the notion of gender segregation is non-existent, with both young adult men and women being quite open about their lifestyles. Linked to this – or, perhaps, the fallout from this – is the rise of the Pakistan fashion industry, itself an elitist domain. This has promoted women, both on catwalks and in the pages of glossy fashion magazines, often displaying more flesh than fabric. The fashion industry is also home to many gay professionals, both men and women. This is widely accepted, while it seems that some men even allude to their homosexuality in order to render their female clientele more comfortable.

The urban elite in Pakistan has thus clearly come to a point where it is comfortable in the company of gay men and women. Some even wear their association with homosexuals as a badge of honour, to advertise ‘enlightened’ or progressive credentials. In this way, a gay friend or acquaintance often becomes the most fashionable accessory around. This may explain why, for instance, while many Western observers have been surprised at the rise and popularity of Begum Nawazish Ali – the small-screen alter ego of the television host Ali Saleem, who has openly acknowledged his bisexuality and his love of dressing up as a woman – his onscreen antics have failed to shock the elite classes in Pakistan.

Yet such attitudes towards alternative sexualities, or the apparent blurring of gender lines, are by no means uniform across the board, including within the gay community itself. Last year in Lahore, for example, news spread of a gay party being held in the city centre. Among the massive queues outside the venue, there were only two women to be seen, indicating a stark distinction between the gay and lesbian scenes, even in urbane Lahore. The more intriguing factor, however, was the very pronounced class divide between the men who were hoping to gain admission, the overwhelming majority being decidedly upper class. They were fashionably dressed in the latest Western trends, not to mention clearly comfortable in their own skins. On the sidelines, however, was also a small group of young men, dressed in simple cotton salwaar kameez and sporting make-up. Towards this group, many of the posh gay boys did not bother to hide their scorn. They ridiculed the appearance of the ‘downtown boys’, questioning their audacity at thinking they would be allowed into a party that was clearly out of their social league.

Since marginalization of Pakistani sex stories on the basis of sexual orientation is also determined along class lines, it is inevitable that people of non-mainstream sexual orientation do not automatically share a sense of solidarity with one another. And, if they themselves feel free to ridicule or ostracize those from a lower social class, then it should come as no surprise that mainstream society feels at liberty to do the same. This is why Begum Nawazish Ali boasts a considerable fan base, while men dressed as women on the city streets, hoping for a few rupees here and there, are routinely met with verbal abuse, if not worse.We are waiting for comments for cheap insurance of quality of hidden secrets of Pakistani sex.

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