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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My wife at Pakistani sex stories

I have been reading these Pakistani sex stories for quite a long now. Hence, I decided to share my wife at Pakistani sex stories. This is my life's real experience of trying new things in Pakistani sex. I am 42 Years old while my hot Pakistani wife is almost in her mid thirties.We have been married for at least 10 years. She is quite attractive still and looks much younger to me. With aging, my sexual health started to decline in the past two to three years and hence I was not been able to fulfill my younger wife's sexual requirements. We have one child and except this sad part of our married life, we were leading a happy life before these two years. To save my marriage and control my impotence,I tried Cake decorating.I visited some Erectile dysfunction clinics but failed to get enough erection to satisfy my wife during our Pakistani sex stories.

She was quite in this matter till last year but I can imagine her feelings when she gets aroused and I deprive her from sexual pleasure.My personal injury lawyers were not helping my tummy tuck. I used many viagra energy drinks to get a good session but these things didn't prove to be good enough.Finally, I decided to fulfill her sexual needs by some alternative way to save our home and our child. If I had been in Bangkok, I could have arranged a massage therapy class for her and provided her a young guy for Thai massage and sex.I talked to her on this matter but she denied like a pure Pakistani wife. When , I regularly started to make up her mind for sex with another man, she finally started thinking about it. I shown her group-sex movies where a women feels two tools inside her face lifts and enjoys her life of Pakistani sex.

I forgot to tell you that we are living in Karachi.Karachi is a big city and quite modern now for sexual affairs and callgirls and callboys. However, I was not willing to call any body to my home which can also ruin our privacy and life. I waited for a few days and searched some gay websites and dating sites for the subject. One day, I was going through the ads when a saw a sex party ad in Karachi.I called on the number given there and asked the person about the details. He told me that only couple are allowed and matter is safe and secret. Finally me and my wife decided to join the party with a risk factor involved but I have to take that. We reached the location in time and joined the party of Pakistani sex.

After the liposuction, the dance changed into erotic wife dance and then the younger guys came in the center for fun one by one. It was drinking session as well so me and my Pakistani wife took one glass each and went into romantic atmosphere.The atmosphere was low key in these Accommodations.Everyone was dressed smartly but casually.The conversation was about the problems this one couple was having with their sexuality.I was kind of surprised by the conversation and a little turned on.Before I really realized what was going on,the conversation meandered to a discussion of how we should all relax more. Then all of a sudden while we were sitting around in living room ,A guy had his tummy tuck out and his wife started sucking on it.

It was long, large, rock hard and pretty impressive. I couldn't believe it. I mean I'm not used to this kind of openness and sexual display. I was in shock but enjoying as well. I looked over at my  hot wife and was surprised to see her smiling and looking happy. The next thing I realize is that this guy pulls his cock out of his wife's mouth and starts walking around. To my utter amazement he moved across my wife. She looked at the guy and then grabbed his hanging shaft and started sucking on it once as if trying it out. I was fla! bergasted, amazed, and in shock. I found myself somewhat aroused, but emotionally confused. She had totally surprised me. She seemed to enjoy sucking another man's shaft and was more relaxed than I had ever seen her face lifts during our Pakistani sex stories in recent past.

Then the guy continued to walk around the room showing off his monstrous tool when again he came close to my wife and again she grabbed his shaft and started to suck it. She took it deep inside her throat swallowing the whole shaft and taking her glistening tongue and running up and down his smooth shaft. I had gotten up from my seat and was starting to do something when he quickly blew his whole load and she  got it on lips all smiling and looking besides herself. She looked so happy and satisfied and I found myself strangely turned on and disturbed by the whole thing.It was little bit confusing for a Pakistani husband to see his wife sucking someone else practically during Pakistani sex.

The whole group of people was all looking at them fucking and enjoying it, glancing at me wondering what I was going to do on these Online degree programs.Before I knew it she yelled again in what seemed a terrific orgasm screaming at the top of her lungs.After the sucking session,a couple of guys got up and started stripping off. they were nude step by step now. After that women were allowed to select one guy by draws. My wife got a younger most guy in the party. Then finally the fucking session of Pakistani sex started and my wife was nicely banged by the younger guy. I could see the relaxation on her face after the session.This was all about my wife at Pakistani sex stories.

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