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Monday, March 12, 2012

My wife's experience of Pakistani sex stories part two

My wife's experience of Pakistani sex stories part two is here.For reading part one of this Pakistani sex story please click here.My wife visited him several more times but she never made an appointment for her physical Home Equity. After a few months, I happened to meet the doctor at the lobby of his clinic when I went to pick up my wife after one of her visits. He was a very impressive guy, tall and fit, with a firm handshake and a friendly smile. He looked older than he did in his photograph; he was probably in his mid-thirties.He was having well shaped figures in his body which were an auto Insurance of his sexual appeal.In short he was ideally fitting to the expectations of my Pakistani sex stories.

After I talked with him about my wife's allergies for a while, I happened to mention to him that she was a good cook. He said that he was fond of Pakistani food, and would like to try her cooking sometime. I offered that he was welcome to come over for dinner to our house sometime.To my surprise, he took me up on the offer. The doctor came over to see us the following weekend. My wife wasn't very happy that I had invited him home, but she still cooked a big meal for him. When he came over, she was wearing a simple ankle-length skirt and blouse, and she had her long hair tied in a knot. She was very petite and slim, and looked almost like a teenager. During Luxury dinner, I caught the doctor often stealing appreciative glances at her body. He complimented my wife on her cooking, and then continued to compliment her on her looks and figure. He said that he found Pakistani girls to be very attractive. My wife started blushing and it seemed like she was starting to like the attention she was getting from him for for Insurance auto sexy body.

He asked me more questions about her and how I met and married her. I told him truthfully that she was a virgin when I married her, and that she had not been with any other guy before or since. My shy Pakistani wife blushed deeply when I said it, and pretended to be angry with me. I was starting to get turned on by my wife's embarrassment and decided to take this as far as I could.After we finished dinner, he spotted a family picture of my wife on the wall. She was wearing a sari in the photo. He told her that she looked lovely in the photo due to her body's sexy Insurance, and said that he would have liked to see her wearing a sari. I asked my wife to go and change to a sari. She was reluctant, but I insisted and she left us to go and change.I was really fantasizing about Pakistani sex stories of my wife now.

My Fantasy about my wife's Pakistani sex stories was getting auto Insurance of reality now.I poured the doctor a drink, and we went to the living room to watch some TV. We continued to talk about my wife, and he said that I was a lucky man to have a wife as attractive as her. I thanked him for the compliment and told him that my wife had told me good things about him and that I was glad to have him as her doctor. Somehow I was getting turned on by the idea that he was obviously attracted to my wife who was much younger than him. My wife joined us after a while wearing a beautiful red sari and stood before us. He immediately went to her to have a closer look. My wife had untied her long flowing hair. It reached nearly till her hips, and covered much of her back. He held her hair up with both hands to look at the sari closely. Since her blouse was cut low in the back, much of her shoulder was bare. She started blushing again; very aware of the show she was giving to both of us.I will update the remaining part tomorrow for My wife's experience of Pakistani sex stories.

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