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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sex With Pakistani Girl

It is one of my real Sex Stories.My name is Khalid and I am living in Pakistani capital city.We are living in a colony where all houses are in shape of ground floors only.A good family relationships exit in our residential area.In our neighborhood,there lives a family consisting of three daughters,one son and parents.My mom has very good relations with them and often Aunt and her daughters visit my house.They are an upper middle class family.Sometimes,I can feel that daughters are very much bold and they behave like upper class girls.They try to feel like Pakistani Elite women and many of their habits are just a shadow copy of upper class.But lack of money restricts them to follow the upper class fashion trends.
The elder of those three sisters was Nazia.She is 21Y old and the main character of my Pakistani Sex Stories here.In a couple of years,a trust relation had been developed between our families and their mom didn't ever bothered to send her daughters to our home for any kind of work.During these years,the younger girls always called me brother but the elder one never tried to talk me in that style.We have talked a few times when she came to our house and my mom was not there.I felt a difference in her and her younger sisters.

I do had a good friendship with their brother so I often visited their house and found a chance to sit between them.By that time,I have started feeling a strange attraction for Nazia as she often stared me with meaningful eyes.It was an eye relation in start and we have never expressed our feelings to each other.One day,I went to their house to meet my friend.Nazia came to the door and inquired about.When I recognized her,I told that its me.She opened the door and told me that all family members have gone to market.I further inquired and she told me that next week she's getting engaged and they are shopping for that event.

i smiled and greeted her.She thanked me and I got back.I have no other options for her other than fucking her if I got chance.I can't marry her,I can't get anything.So,I started to think for my plans.I suddenly asked her about mobile number.She smiled and asked;Why you need that?I begged her like a beggar and soon she had given me her number.I started sending her messages later on.She responded with messages but very few times.A few times I sent her double meaning messages and she enjoyed that.When I was sure that now its a time to go for something,I decided to do it.It was her engagement day when I made my plans for sex with her.

One day,I was alone at home.I called her and asked if she can come our house.I must not quote the events happened for struggle to bring her home but finally she came to my house.I locked the door and told her that I had a surprise for her.I asked her to close the eyes.She done that and I kissed her suddenly when she was closing her eyes.She reacted like an angry Pakistani woman and pushed me away.

I begged hard and tried to show an immense love for her.She hesitated and forbade me from that but I knew that its only a formality.After a few minutes I was successful in making her agreed.I took off her top and then removed her bra.Her 34D sized breasts were very sexy and her nipples were almost darkish in color.I started rubbing her breasts.She is enjoying a lot and sounds like aaahhhhh…..ummmmm..which made me more wild.

Then I sucked her nipples which erected in a few minutes.Now she was breathing heavily and pushing my head more towards her breasts so that I can suck them more as she was getting pleasure and satisfaction in that game.I then removed all my clothes and her trouser(Shalwar).Now we were ready for the final session of Pakistani Sex Stories.Then I took her in my arms and laid her on the carpeted floor and came over her.I started Kissing her juicy lips and my rock hard penny was touching her tight pussy lips.She was not virgin.

Then I moved down and again started sucking her breasts and then moving towards her navel,licked all her body and then started rubbing her pussy from the outside,She is now moving like a fish out of water and making sounds which also seduced me to the extreme limits.Then I started inserting my finger inside her tight pussy.I realized that she was not an untouched and virgin girl.Then I slowly insered a finger in and out which made her wet in few minutes.She was moaning and breathing very heavily and sounded like aaaahhhhh….ummm.I started pushing my hard peny inside her love hole.She moaned loudly as i started pushing it deeper.I banged her for almost 10-15 minutes.

After a wild session of sex,she released her juices and I also exploded all my load over her body.We then clean the bodies of each other and dressed up as my family may come and knock he door.Then she went to her house after giving me a deep French kiss and with a promise that I will not disturb her again.Lator on,I had a few sessions with her uptill marriage.I hope for comments about my Pakistani sex stories.

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