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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pakistani Wife Sex Movie

I’m Zeeshan with my first sex story at Pakistani sex stories blog.This story belongs to a Sexy Pakistani Wife who allowed me to enjoy sex with her in husband’s absence. After working in the same company for a long time,Shahid and I became very good friends. We both are from Multan. His wife was a nurse and she was working in a hospital at her native place at the time of their marriage. After marriage she got appointed in a hospital in Multan which was near to her house. Her name was Aalia.She was well aware of our deep friendship as I often visited their house and sat there for hours. We often watched cricket matches and movies together.
A certain type of frankness was developed between me and Aalia.Initially,I had no intentions of sex or affair with her but as the time passed on my mind started to think about her.My friend Shahid had never cared about how I look towards his Hot Wife.He often allowed me to chat with her and sometimes went outside for some minor works when I was sitting in their house.She often teased me for not getting married and I frankly told her that I had no affairs.I asked her to arrange a pretty nurse for me and she always smiled in a meaningful style.
Actually,she had a nice pair of melons which boosted her upper part beauty.She often dressed to enhance her breasts and I observed her deep necked clothes.Her cleavage can be seen easily and anyone can guess her 36D size.My friend was never interested in her dressing style and he never tried to make her a scarf lady.

One day, I got a call from my friend’s landline number and I was surprised to hear Aalia on the other end. She told me that Shahid had gone to some friend and his car was out of order in the way. He may not come home tonight as it was a faraway village. I already knew that Shahid had gone to village to bring some lender money. She further told me that she was feeling un-easy as she had never spent a night alone and it was causing a fear for her. She was thinking to spend the night at hospital but it was too late. I got her point and after thinking for some time I told her to relax as I will do something shortly.

After a few minutes, I got a call from my friend and he told me the same problem.He asked me to arrange some old lady who can spend a night at their home with Aalia.I relaxed him and ensured him to solve the problem. After thinking for a tricky idea, I called Aalia and during our talk I said;If I come to her? She laughed and said; its ok for me but if you have time. I asked her not to tell this to shahid and keep it a surprise.I called shahid and told him that I had arranged my neighbor aunt and she will spend night with his wife. He was very happy when his problem was solved.

I quickly prepared myself for the upcoming sex adventure. I was expecting something to happen but I was not sure. I got there within 30 minutes and soon me and Aalia was sitting in drawing room. She asked me why I told a lie to her husband. I smiled and said;actually,I was failed to arrange a lady and I didn’t want to make my friend worried. I got a promise from her that she will also tell her husband that my neighbor aunt was there with her for the night.She prepared tea for us and it was almost 10PM.She was wearing a body tight dress with a deep neck.

All her assets were quite visible through her dress. I admired her many times during our chit chat. She liked my admiration and this trick worked. Admiration trick works on most of the Pakistani women. She asked me about sleep and I told her that I had no sleep feelings yet. She suggested watching a movie. We came to their Sex bedroom where my friend had surely banged his Hot Pakistani Wife many times. There were a few spots on bed sheet which revealed their Pakistani sex stories quite well.

I looked at spots and asked Aalia about them in a funny mood. She smiled and said;If you had been married, you had known these spots. I laughed at her remarks. When she searched for movie CD’s,she got a CD which had no marks or labels on i.e. got it from her and said;let’s check. I was sure that it may be a XXX movie. I inserted it in CD player and soon the movie name came. The movie was named “No Strings Attached”I got that it was a Sex Movie which will surely help me in making my dreams true.I would be enjoying the Sex Movie of Pakistani Wife along with that.After a few minutes, the sex scenes started to build up. I looked towards Aalia.She was just watching the screen as she is alone in the room and she was playing with her night gowns button.

She had a cunning smile on her lips and with a swift movement she took her hair to one side to show her almost bare shoulders and beautiful neck to me.I have seen her a hundred times before but never looked her with any bad intentions. But today it is really different she was more than willing and shown her intentions to me. I know it is very bad to do such a thing but it is even bad as she might think I am good for nothing.I saw that she was also feeling the heat on and she started pinching her breasts over her gown itself.She didn’t knew that I was noticing her.After a few minutes she suddenly got up by saying that she had to watch it from the front as the view from sofa is not good.I was lying on bed and she came and sat just a few inches away from my hand.

Movie was progressing and she was getting closer to me.Finally her back touched my hands and she said;sorry.I smiled and said; It’s no problem. Then after the long kissing scene of the movie, I placed my hands on her thighs and she leaned to my shoulders so I can keep my hands around her shoulders.The movie scene changed into the sex scene.It was the best time for me to move further so I placed my hand on her inner thighs.We forgot to talk more as it could bring some hesitation for both of us.I rubbed her thighs and soon French kissing was there.

I slid my hand further towards her inner thighs and she was willing to open her legs more. She stopped kissing me and turned towards the TV. I also turned to see what is going on in the movie.The young guy was on a couch and he was licking the beautiful girl with so much passion and with one hand he was finger sex as well.I started removing her clothes and she went on without any hesitation.I started doing the same with her as it was going in the movie.
I could feel the aroma of her pubes and I touched her love hole with my nose tip and felt the stickiness of her pre-drops.I slid my hands further up and got hold of her panty's elastic and slowly started rolling down her panty still keeping my face buried there in her laps as I don’t want to miss the chance of watching the treasure while revealing it for the first time.I was about to enjoy the most beautiful Pakistani Wife of my life. We went into 69 along the movie.

I could feel the orgasm as her body started shivering and the sucking become more long strokes and she arched her hip to keep her valley to my mouth and then with a heavy shiver she had an orgasm and I felt it is never going to end and the sucking got little slow.I removed my tool from her mouth she was still holding it in her hand and she was very happy smiling at me.I got up and stood in front of her.She sat on the edge of the sofa and started the tongue-job on my shaft.This time I was also ready to give her a treat.I turned to such an angle so that both of us can watch the TV also. The seen going on was similar.

Finally,After a 30 minutes mouth session,I entered her from rear as the movie guy also done i.e.I started hitting her deep with my 7 inches tool.I banged her like a whore as she enjoyed it more whenever I made a deeper stroke. She opened her legs like a mare as some horse was screwing her.I stroked her every corner deep as my entire shaft went deep inside. I touched her ovary openings with every stroke.Then the movie guy changed his position by holding his girl in hands and placing her along the wall.I did the same and started a lip kissing along-with deep hitting from front in standing position. It went on for almost 15 minutes when I felt my juices coming out. I took it out and asked her to sit in front of my tool.She started rubbing my balls as I fired all my loads on her face and breasts.

It was the best moment of my life.I have done Sex with Pakistani Wife and the sexiest Pakistani Woman of my life. My friend shahid was a lucky man to screw that hole for months. After that we both smiled and she went to washroom to clean her face.Then she prepared coffee for me and we both enjoyed talking later on.She expressed her feelings about that wonderful hour of Pakistani Sex.Later that night,we had another session in mid-night.I left her house in early morning and told her to tell the same story of aunt as I told her husband.I never wanted to reveal my Pakistani sex Stories.

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