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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hot Pakistani Aunty [Sex Stories]

I am Adnan from Karachi working in a multi national company.This Pakistani sex story is my first story on sex stories blog.i will not waste your time and coming directly to the story.I am personally interested in elder Pakistani woman above 30.This habit of liking is right in my personality.Well this is my experience with my Aunt,my neighbor and my relative.Her name is Shaista.Her age is 38 and Her figure is 38-28-36.I love her ass and always dreamt of fucking her hard.Well,I finally got my chance.One time when my mom and dad had to go out of town and i had to stay at home for my I was staying alone near my Pakistani aunty.
Before going in details of my Pakistani sex stories I must tell my aunt's family background.In my aunt’s house,they were just my aunt and her husband as their son was staying in hostel.My uncle was a civil engineer so he used to travel a lot.Since my parents were out,My aunt used to take a real good care of me.She normally wears saree in her house.She would be wearing low cut blouses that used to reveal her ample cleavage.She used to act as if she was trying to seduce me.She would sometimes try out fashionable clothes and roam around the house without hiding her assets.She rarely cares to hide her cleavage from me.I often had a good chance to look through her breasts for long times.
My aunt while serving me food used to bend so much that her cleavage was seen completely.The day my uncle left my aunt used to spend more time at my house while serving me food and I used to catch a glimpse of her super-hot body.The night my uncle left my aunt came the guest room where I used to sleep and sat beside me and started having a general talk.She was in a deep neck night dress.Her nipples were poking through her top.I was sitting in bed with half blanket on in track pants only and didn’t have a t shirt or any boxers on.It was strange that she had given me food already and she came back again.She sat right near my legs on the footside of bed,just touching her back to my legs.She asked me about breakfast as it was saturday night and next was sunday breakfast.She was asking about the timing to wake up.While talking she started moving her finger on my thighs.This aroused me and my dick became erect.

She was a mature lady and she guessed it quickly that she was successful in arousing me.I was feeling sorry as I was double-minded and she just winked at me and said;No problem,I can guess the feelings of a young man.she further added;We know how to treat it.I was quite surprised by her remarks.I got the idea tha she was missing a sex session.she wanted it since the day she came.She started rubbing my tool so I went out of control and then leaps onto me and started kissing me wildly.I moved aside the pillows and pulled her completely over me and started massaging her ass.It was smooth and round.She was moaning a bit.I then removed her Shalwar and shirt and started massaging her breasts.

They were soft and fair with light pink nipples.I started pinching her nipples and chewing them.They were nice a bit hard as they were erect.I sucked on her nipples and they were a bit red and also had my teeth marks around them.She was moaning softly as I was sucking on her nipples.I tried to take the whole of her bob inside my mouth but was obviously not successful.Then I made her lay on her back and climbed on her and was rubbing my tool over her pussy (cock still in tracks).

Then she removed my dress and started giving me a hand job.I asked her to lick it but she refused it saying that she had never done it before.I said ok and started sucking her pussy.She was creaming loud saying that she was never licked there.I was fingering her pussy also.She came within 15 minutes and came all over my finger which was inside her.All her juices started dripping on my hand.I licked it all and also made her taste it.Then I put my tool in front of her cunt and started rubbing it over her pussy lips.She begged me to insert it as she hadn’t had sex since long.

I inserted half of my tool inside her and then took it out.I did this for some time and then with full force rammed my tool inside her.She let out a shriek and was completely enjoying it.She was moving her hips in the same rhythm as my tool.Then I started sucking on her breasts.She was moaning loudly.I loved the feeling.As she had not been fucked since long her cunt was very tight.I came inside her pussy in 10 minutes.Then I asked her to get in doggy style and was licking her cunt from back and was also stroking my cock.My dick was hard in 2 minutes and then I fucked her doggy style.I loved it as it was my favourite pose. I was spanking her ass while fucking her and her ass had all red marks of my hand.

I was just loving the sex mostly because it was with my relative that too my mother sister.Her pussy was warm and tight. I then inserted a finger in her ass and she let out a mild cry.I then inserted another finger and was finger fucking her ass. I was soon going to cum but dint want to so withdraw my cock back.She was a bit perplexed. I then placed my cock on her asshole and before she would say anything I started slowly inserting my cock inside her.She was almost about to cry but controlled herself.I slowly started moving my dick in and out of her she asked me to take it easy as it was her first time in the ass.

I took it slowly and she soon was enjoying it and asked me to go faster. The moment I went fast due to the tight grip of her asshole I came within two minutes in her ass.She told me that it was the best sex she has ever had.She told that she really enjoyed the ass fucking.She told me that your uncle do it regularly and I smiled.In the morning when I woke up,she came with breakfast.Then she went in the kitchen for making coffee.I went behind her and started rubbing her breast by holding it from behind.She smiled and said;I think your heart is still hungry.I said;Yes.I turned her around and sucked on them.I jokingly told her I don’t need that milk in the coffee.

She dropped me on the floor and removed her apron and started riding me.I was squeezing her ass and sucking on her boobs.I picked her up and made her stand against the fridge and thrust my cock in her ass I was fucking her vigorously.She was almost crying but was also moaning in pleasure.Soon we came and again for sometime rested on the kitchen floor.Then we were talking generally.She said that she needed a fuck like this since a long time but her husband would just come in 5 minutes and then go off to sleep.I told her that now whenever she needed me she could just come to me.

These were the best days of my sex life in Pakistan.They day onward,I screwd my Pakistani aunty many times whenever we got chance.She became a regular sex buddy of mine.Whenever,my uncle went outside town,I screwed her right on her marriage bed.My writing style may not be very good but I hope that readers have enjoyed my Pakistani sex stories.

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