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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pakistani Wife Having Extramarital Sex

My name is Raima, I'm a 28 year old wife and this is the story of my first extramarital sex experience. Remember, I am married for 3 years now with one kid. Me and my husband is living a happy life in our apartment of 3 rooms.

My husband was out of city for business tour; he was going to be gone for one week. And due to some reason , he was never able to take us with him. It was happening for the first time in past three years. After about 3 days I couldn't control the desire to have my physical needs met. I decided I would do something nasty the next night and find a suitable man. It was probably the most difficult task as I have never been into such things.

It was a little after nine when I began to get ready. I fixed my hair, put on my favorite black deep necked dress that highlighted my natural 38 breasts,I checked myself in the mirror and thought to myself, I can't believe I'm going to be spreading my legs for another guy tonight. Though, I could have found someone in our neighbors but I never wanted to reveal this secret to anyone in our known circle. I decided to pick up some stranger from the road. 

I reached the main road, and it wasn't very busy. Looking around, Driving my car, with my baby sleeping in his trolly at the rear seat. I didn't see anybody that I wanted to hook up with so I drove about 10KM from my apartment. Suddenly, I saw a handsome forty something black man walking along the road. He was tall, well built and looked like a real bull. Normally I wasn't attracted to black men, but he was something delightful.

I took a little slow drive and moved closer to him. He was walking without noticing anything. I just stopped the car and said; Excuse me! He was quite shocked by the female voice up in his ears. He came near the car and said, YES Madam? I had a plan already in my mind so i asked him about some unknown place. He tried to tell me the way but I reacted as I didn't know the roads. It was actually a trick to get him inside the car. I asked, If he is free, he may help me and guide me. To my surprise, he agreed and within no time he sat on the front seat. 

I asked his name and I smiled, shook his hand and said "I'm Raima, nice to meet you. Khurram appeared to be an educated person. He was dressed casually in a pair of khaki shorts, sneakers and a blue golf shirt. 

We made small talk as we drove. Half way through my destination, the conversation led on.He was just more than happy (Majority Of Pakistani Men Are Same) sitting next to a lady in her car. I had asked him about a medical store. We reached the medical store in about 9-10 minutes, and as per plan I asked him for more help. He was more than willing to help me (90% of Pakistani Men would be willing to help alone ladies). I hesitantly asked him to buy a sex toy from the store as being a female it was hard for me to ask the storekeeper. He was amazed to listen that,He almost cried, What Mam? I looked at him and said; OH Sorry, If you mind that, I can go and buy. He quickly said; NO,No I didn't mean that. But, I am just surprised why you need that. Sorry for the personal question.He said.

These things are very uncommon in our society, so he was a bit wondered how I was getting frank with him. It was the right time to move forward, so I said, actually, my husband has gone to Lahore. He laughed; I noticed his face that was full of fun but amazed as I talked so bravely. He said; mam , I am sorry to say again; such things are not good. If you really want some fun, I am available. I blushed and replied, "Thank you and really do you ?" I had parked my car in a dim light area. no one outside can guess whats going on inside the car. Khurram put his hand on my thigh, and whispered, "You have really amazing breasts. While , he looked back in the car and for the first time noticed my baby. "Too bad you'r married, you'r incredibly sexy madam."You're attractive too," I replied.

We continued to flirt for a while. The combination of the atmosphere inside the car and Khurram gently rubbing my back was making my freshly trimmed pussy really wet. I looked over at Khurram and said, "We need to go home then, want to join me seriously?" He inquired if I was alone at home? I said; YES, only my baby would be with us. He was a bit surprised by the offer and couldn't simply believe his luck, I guess. But he agreed after asking how far my house was. Let's go back then."Sure," he smiled knowingly.

Khurram ran his hands down my waist and slid his hands under my dress. But, I asked him to wait till we reach back. We reached our apartment and no body noticed us ( This is probably the best thing in Cities like Islamabad). I left my baby sleeping in the other room. While after serving him a cup of hot tea, I asked him to come inside the bedroom while I change my dress. He finished his tea in no time and just entered my room. I was just getting ready. He squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples. I moaned even louder as I rubbed my ass against his crotch. "That's quite a bulge," I said a bit shakily. Khurram chuckled, "It's 8 inches long and I'd love to put in you. I moaned into his ear, "Mmm, I think I'd like that." As he continued to massage my breasts he said, "Want to fuck you MAM?" I just mumbled on word as my body lit on fire, "Okay..." 

Khurram ran his hands down my waist and quickly started doing things. In one fell swoop Khurram pulled my panties down to my ankles. In a commanding voice he ordered me to spread my legs and stick my ass out a little more as his shorts fell to the floor. I complied as I anxiously awaited Khurram's meat missile. He started licking my wet pussy and I started moaning. It went on for a few minutes. I didn't tried to suck his cock as I didn't want to. Khurram placed the head of his cock on my tight damp pussy and drove his big black cock deep inside me. I screamed in pain as he drove his dick into me. He let a loud Neanderthal grunt as his balls slapped my ass cheeks. Khurram lifted my top and grabbed my tits and began fucking me. I moaned louder and louder as I adjusted to 
being fucked by his monster cock. Soon I was matching his thrusts. 

Each one of his thrusts brought me closer to cumming. Khurram groaned, "Fuck Raima, you're so tight."I was so hot now all I wanted to do was cum on his thrusting cock, "Fuck me like you own me," I begged. "Whose pussy is this?" he whispered into my ear as he thrust deeper and harder into me.I moaned in ecstasy, "It's yours, it's yours."

Khurram began thrusting harder and deeper; pinching and squeezing my breasts and nipples. "Oh Raima, you married fucking whore, I'm going to cum in you!" I was on the verge of orgasm myself and I moaned loudly, "Keep fucking me, wash my insides with your hot cum, do it!"

He grunted louder and louder and then he pushed hard against me and his body went ridged. "Here it comes! OH FUCK!" Khurram wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tight, as he shot his baby batter deep inside me. 

The big black man came for what seemed like an eternity. I put my legs together and ground my pussy against him, making sure I got every drop of his man mustard before he was done. 

Khurram pulled out of me and smiled. I could feel his cum dripping down my inner thigh, as I smelled. I wanted to see him off but he wanted to fuck my ass. I had been ass fucked many times by my dear husband so it was never a new thing for me. So I allowed him to do it but after the full lubrication of his fat cock.

Khurram did, and fucked me in ass slowly. I love my husband, but I also love being Khurram's whore. He had a nice cock, a little longer and wider than my dear husband. After getting a session of almost 3 hours fuck, I dropped him  on the same place where I picked him. He thanked me and I smiled & said; Now forget me. He smiled and gone. When my husband came home three days later and I told him I was missing him too much. Read Another Story Of A Horny Pakistani Wife.

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