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Monday, December 19, 2011

Office sex story at Pakistani sex stories

This is the third part of my Office sex story at Pakistani sex stories. I was very much excited to get the Insurance of sex and start new sex stories with Dc. With all this, I wanted to tell it to my husband who was the Center for Disease control of sex for me. In the night, I told my husband about my local job. I told my husband that Dc talked to me for a longer time regarding the Endowment selling by keeping me in his luxury office and admired my latest fashion quite a few times. I told him that he has told me to wear the Tight, revealing clothes which make my figures prominent. I was just checking my hot Pakistani husband’s mind that how far he can go about me. When I told him this, he got immediate hard on, and he grabbed me and kissed me passionately. “Rida! You are really sexy and you should wear such revealing clothes, which urge people for sex. I get excited when you tell me your sex stories regarding other males looking at you like fantasy books.This was Pakistani husband's job order contract for his hot Pakistani wife..

It makes me hard. I was going to suggest you this but was afraid you may not like it. However, now since the ice is broken let me tell you that I love to see you sexually happy.Do anything with Dc, I won’t mind? Just remember one thing! Don’t spoil our married life as you do this and that has to be just physical thing with no strings attached. Ok?”“Yes I understand but I won’t sex with him. At least, I have not thought about it so far. Just flirting and that’s all. You're screwing machine is hard; my love hole is dripping wet, just see it, I remarked laughingly” I spread my legs to show him my dripping. He put one-finger inside. I caught hold of his extra hard screwing tool and took it to my mouth. I had never sucked him before but today was different. With the new-found pleasure, we both were really horny, unlike other Pakistani couples doing sex. That night he screwed me twice and both times we both came hard.

I had never experienced such a mind-blowing orgasm in my life being a Traditional Pakistani wife. I sucked his male enhancement, and he came on my large breasts. He spread his juices over my light globes, and we loved our session. The next day I went to work in a sari, which was irregular for a Pakistani woman at the office. But I was not a shy Pakistani wife. It was a light pink colored sari and my husband himself suggested me to wear it. I wore the sari in front of him as per his liking. He asked me to wear matching blouse of transparent material. Before that he handed me the Red colored bra that he had selected for me. The bra was clearly visible through the thin material of blouse and looked really inviting. The blouse was deep at the back and in front too; it just showed off my cleavage. I wound the sari tightly around my body, especially near my ass and off course below my navel. He admired it; I think today he will definitely make advances at you. Tell me all about it when you come back.” He then kissed me lovingly and rubbed his hands over my back whispering that he loved me and wanted me to seduce Dc like hot Pakistani women.

I applied dark tan lipstick to my lips, and the earrings that I chose were circular and big. I looked in the mirror, and I knew I was looking really sexy Pakistani women, left for the office putting the 3” high heels and that made my ass sway too far left and right, and it gave me exciting feeling. As I entered Dc’s cabin, his eyes showed appraisal of the job. He looked at me from head to toe, and his eyes stopped at my cleavage and then belly button. He asked me to turn around, and as I swirled around he admired my provocative ass and said that I looked very nice and sexy. I asked him if I had dressed as per his code, and everything was OK. He said yes but that still some improvements were needed. After that we got to work ignoring his lustful eyes looking for sex. The day passed off swiftly it was a busy that evening my husband wanted to know what happened, and I put him off until bedtime.

That night, when I told my husband about DC watching my large breasts, bare back and my nice ass. I also told him that while leaving the office, he caressed my ass. This made him really hard, and he asked me if I liked it. Yes dear! I loved his hands on my ass and wanted him to need the flesh too.” He rubbed his hands over my ass and asked, like this?” I said” Yes but harder. DC is so strong you know. Rub them harder.” He caught my but flesh in his hands and squeezed tightly. He proceeded to look at me from all the angles and admired me. I was so excited with all this that I thought I may come there and then. Show your body to Dc. Show him your large breasts, ass and even if required, your love hole. The way you are telling me! I know you will love his tool. Imagine this to be Dc’s tool” His remarks given me explosive orgasm! The way my husband was talking, rubbing and watching! I had never had such an intense orgasm.

After that I sucked his tool and made him screw my breasts. He rubbed his tool all over my breasts, and then I pressed them together, and he inserted his tool in the passage and fucked my boobs hard. His tool rubbed on the skin and nipples and gave me second orgasm! He too came on my boobs and rubbed the come with his tool all over the surface. I loved the feeling of hot come on my skin, and I urged him to screw me. As I told my husband in elaborate detail of my boss caressing and complimenting me on my nice tight ass and me walking away with swinging hips. He lubricated my ass and fucked me in the ass as never before. He came in my ass and at the same time really squeezed breasts. I too soon came and as we lay side-by-side totally satisfied. The next day I went to work in my tight Dress. The material was quite thin and my bra could be seen, and the neck was slightly deep. At work, I left my cover on my chair and entered Dc’s room. He was quite happy as I modeled for him and only commented that my sandals needed some improvement.

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