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Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Pakistani sex stories of job (part three)

The job sex story of Pakistani sex stories part three is here. You can read Part one here and part two here. Mari was getting closer to me day by day. We got lunch together at a luxury restaurant where I tried my best by providing her consolidation loans of love. She was impressed enough as I tried to fulfill the missing parts of her married life. I appreciated her looks and her style of life which she was missing from her husband. In this way she was being attracted by me. When I got enough confidence, I asked her to have a movie together during our job hours at some cinema. My plan was to go to a cinema near our company area where sometimes we get romantic English movies with xx sex scenes. According to the plan, we left the job place one by one and met in the street where I picked her in my Luxury car renta to drive to cinema. Our Pakistani sex stories were going to make me mad.

We reached the cinema at 10AM where an English movie show was already started. I took the tickets of a cabin where couples could sit in loneliness. My plan was to through some consolidation loans of affection during the movie and getting some breast touches or French kissing if possible. During the movie, there was a scene where the girl started stripping herself off. It was almost dark with minimum light inside the cabin, so I made some courage to start my Pakistani sex stories there. The movie girl was being breast pressed by the hero, so I placed my hand in the area near Mari’s breast. Finally I touched my finger intentionally to her left breast. She was also getting hot like real hot Pakistani women do. She doesn’t bother my figure for a while so I rubbed it a few times more.

Mari was enjoying to my moves along the movie according to my thoughts. She once looked at me but didn’t say anything. She was enjoying our Pakistani sex stories as well. Soon, I made more courage to place my full palm on her left boob and grabbed it softly. This time she removed my hand away and said; don’t do this stupidity. I was aware of the nature of hot Pakistani women that they deny in the start but if you insist they would agree. So, I smiled and said; Mari please let me to do it. I love you really and I like you. She looked at me for an instance on my consolidation loan of love. Then she moved her eyes to front and started watching movie again. There were no signs of any anger in her eyes so I again placed my hands on her breasts. 

She was getting hot as well with the movie. So, I rubbed her breasts nicely, making her on extreme by my consolidation loan of love and sex tricks. Finally she asked me to leave the cinema and to move without finishing the movie. I was aware that now she wants to get banged. I got up and we left the cinema place in our luxury car. In the way, I asked her to visit my flat for a while. She agreed to my proposal which I knew already. We reached my flat and I took her to my luxury bedroom. My consolidation loans of love and sex has put hot Pakistani women on extreme. After reaching the bedroom, I started kissing her violently without saying any words. This time she didn’t forbid but responded nicely to my moves of French kissing.

I kissed every piece of her body making her on the edge of Pakistani sex. Finally, I started my Pakistani sex stories by pulling her dress off. She was really a sex master piece. Nice white breasts were looking gorgeous in black bras. I removed her bras and started screwing her with her panties on.  It was really a nice feeling to screw a Pakistani beauty from the side of a panty. I screwed her for at least 10-20 minutes on my luxury bed which was hungry for her body. Finally, I fired deep in her love valley. I didn’t try to pull out as she was married and no fear of pregnancy. It was nice Pakistani sex session for me. It was also the time now to pack up from job as well. So, I got up and took her to drop near company stop where she could get her conveyance to go home. We exchanged compliments of consolidation loans and left each other. After that day, we were nice sex friends as well. I screwed that hot Pakistani wife for at least four months of my stay at job. I still miss her sex sessions as I found her really hot in luxury bed. This was all about my Pakistani sex stories of job.   

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