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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Remaining part of Muslim wife's Pakistani sex stories

Pakistani sex stories of Threesome

This is the Remaining part of Muslim wife's Pakistani sex stories.She was a Muslim wife who joined threesome for the first time on husband’s will. For reading part one of Pakistani sex stories (39) click here. One day we watched a movie together while our children were sleeping in the other room. It was a nice screen capture of a hot woman being screwed by two black guys at a time. After inserting my tool inside my wife, I asked her about the movie and two tools scene. She expressed her sex feelings in a moaning voice. I was stroking her deep during her expressions. She liked the scene. I further asked her; do you want to get two at a time? She replied yes in a begging style.
I got fired at the same time inside her with her remarks. I have gained the idea that my hot Pakistani women will now agree to get a second tool if I call someone to my home at night. It was a difficult thing to do as of privacy issues but I decided to do it in a strange fashion. I searched for few local guys from Lahore for selection and selected one guy. He was 21 years old and good looking guy for our threesome job. I was searching for such guy to do the job for me and my hot Pakistani women. After a formal chat with the guy online, I sent him my wife’s body pictures without face and introduced her as my girl friend. [Pakistani sex stories] are hot.

He agreed to join us for the threesome session of sex. I didn’t give him my address but I asked him to come to the shopping mall in my area. He arrived at 9pm at night. I went to pick him in my luxury car to fulfill my fantasies of threesome sex and soon he was sitting in my home. We decided the plan and terms to go forward for the job and he waited in the drawing room till my children slept. After 10pm, I joined my wife in my bedroom and played a threesome movie. Soon I and my hot Pakistani wife were in the position. She was licking my tool being in doggy style. I sent a ring on hot Pakistani young guy’s mobile, which was a signal for him to come in our bedroom.

He arrived within a few seconds and joined me and my wife (who was a girl friend of me according to boy). He reached her from behind and started licking her love hole. She was moaning like a real hot Pakistani women which shown her liking about our new Pakistani sex stories. The guy was experienced enough and soon he removed his clothes to screw her from behind. It was a low light inside our room but I can still see his tool. He was with a fat and longer tool than me. It made me mad and I pushed my wife’s head fully on my tool. He guided his monster tool inside her inch by inch. My hot Pakistani women feelings were just like a woman in heaven.

He banged her nicely for at least 10-15 minutes in the same style when I fired my hot juices on my hot Pakistani wife’s face. He was still screwing her nicely and she was enjoying. After that I asked the boy to change the style and let her sit on his tool. He obeyed my instructions and rested on the bed facing upward. She sat on his fat tool and started jumping. The scene made me hard again and I inserted my tool in her mouth again. Our Pakistani sex story was on its hottest moments. Then I came from behind and inserted my tool in her second hole. My hot Pakistani wife was already known to second love hole insertion so she was not hesitant. It was the best scene of my life and our married life. This session continued for 10 minutes and we both fired inside her. The boy thanked me and became my privacy friend. This was all about a Muslim wife who joined threesome for the first time in Pakistani sex stories.  

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