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Friday, January 13, 2012

story of a Muslim wife who joined wife swapping

Pakistani sex stories

This is a story of a Muslim wife who joined wife swapping experience in reality. Pakistani sex stories part (39) is a real life story. Most of the people feel strange when they come to know about wife swapping in Pakistani society. This life story of structured settlements of sex is purely based upon a husband’s experience of making his Muslim wife a swapping partner. Name and city is changed as per Pakistani sex stories blog rules, but rest of the events of this Pakistani sex story is real. Blog readers are requested to read this Pakistani sex story of reality with keen interest and also to leave comments below the Pakistani sex story post. We hope that you would enjoy Pakistani sex stories part (39) as a sex story of structured settlements of hot Pakistani wife.

My name is Zeeshan. I’m 36y old now with my hot Pakistani wife of 32y. We are married for last 10 years and have two children. I and my wife are quite happy with our married life. Right from the day of our marriage, we are just like friends and we shared all our structured settlements sex affairs with each other. She told me on our first night that she had affair with her cousin but not sex. I told her about my structured settlements sex affairs with all girls. I also told her that I have screwed three hot Pakistani women before marriage. She accepted all my deeds of past and asked me to forget those and start our new life. She is educated and good looking till now with her large breasts, well shaped bumps and nicely structured settlements of figures for Pakistani sex.

I was habitual of watching group movies as those movies make me hotter. Many times, I did screw my wife just after watching the movie without any plans. These movies were my fantasies in the past till present. It created a liking inside my mind to have a group fun involving my wife with some other handsome and cute guy. After the birth of my second child, I decided to make my fantasies of structured settlements of sex a reality. This was a task just like to dig a canal of milk as my wife was innocent Pakistani wife. She would never agree for this type of sex session, it was in my mind. I decided to plan things for Pakistani sex stories to start with my wife and some other good looking guy who can screw her in-front of me to make my fantasies a reality.

Nothing was coming into my mind to tell her about group fun. Then I decided to show her group movies of threesome to check her mind. Every time I shown her a group fun movie and then started her screwing along with the movie. During our Structured settlements sex session I talked about two tools at a time inside a women and her enjoyment. In first few days she didn’t shown any good response but soon she started expressing feelings and giving remarks about the movie scenes. I was getting things the right way of structured settlements sex. Soon I was able to go for more. Pakistani sex stories part (39) is continue.  

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