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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

courage to write my own Pakistani sex stories stuff

I never had courage to write my own Pakistani sex stories stuff over on the public internet where everyone can see……well this is a story that happened six months ago here in Islamabad……First I should introduce myself…I m 20years of age having long prick……..I belong to a elite Pakistani family…..

This all happened when I met an accident near Karsaz…a Pakistani woman named sana( which I came to know latter)crashed into my car while saving a child who ran into the road….she hit my car and then went crashing into a tree…..I was thankful to GOD who saved both lives. Many people ran to her car and me as well….I was fine but she wasn’t able to move… The hot Pakistani woman met some bruises on her legs and her arms….she had a severe pain in her right hip….People over there helped her to get out of the broken door which was stuck……she had some cuts on her right thigh….I asked people to get her into my car so we can rush to the hospital first and then to handle the cars…I drove my vehicle towards alshifa international hospital…while going there she was all in pain and was breathing fast…I got worried as she’s ok…I started talking to her for giving some consolidation to her…

We reached the hospital and then after the treatment I came to know that she is living in our nearby area. I asked her what to do about the vehicle so she said that her husband has gone to Karachi for some office work and she’s alone at home and asked me if I can help her get the vehicle to her place…I said ok…we went to her house to get the vehicle there…It took almost three hours for the entire work…During formal talks, She became much frank with me. She expressed her feelings about the pain and suggested that she should get a massage for that from some woman to get quick relief from pain. She was one of the real hot Pakistani women. I was being attracted to her in quick time. The most important thing was that she’s alone at home. I offered her that I could arrange someone easily to massage her at home. She was reluctant but then she agreed to me.

she asked me to find her a massage women to give her a body massage as her legs hips and shoulders have a lot of pain in them…I was certain with her behavior that she is broad minded and not like other Pakistani women. I said to her that if she don’t mind I can give her a massage as its very difficult to find someone at around 10 in the night plus at bahria town… she first looked at me in wonder but then smiled. I got the signal of approval. She said it’s ok but I started insisting on which she said ok but from above the cloths… …I have got the entire idea about her mind. She was missing sex in her life as I guessed.

but she didn’t knew the devil of my mind…I started insurance massage on her shoulders as she laid on the couch in the hall……slowly, I started pressing near to her hips and moving on the back and then to her bra straps……after a while she was full high and I took the chance and slowly started moving my hand inside the shade on which she suddenly shouted that Only above this point. I didn’t care for what she said as I knew that she would not mind anything now. I gave her Pressing massage and after that i started to my hands on her thighs.

She started pleading to hotness now….then I removed her Shirt slightly upward and started rubbing my naked hands behind her back. She started moaning in low voices by giving remarks that she’s getting better. Soon, I asked her if I could remove her clothes for better massage. She amazingly agreed and I removed her entire clothes.This story is continue.... courage to write my own Pakistani sex stories stuff will be updated tomorrow on Pakistani sex.   

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