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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

one of my real Pakistani sex stories

It is one of my real Pakistani sex stories. I belongs a middle class family of Pakistan where sex talk is taboo. I was 23 at that time and I have one cousin whose name was S,let's say sweaty.Her body is although a little bulky but her figure is very nice. She was having very large breasts, round ass and beautiful thighs. She has very fair skin and her lips look very juicy. She was very close to me since her childhood. It was not really a bad relationship initially;as the time passed on,I started getting knowledge about sex and the pleasure involved in that even I started masturbating while thinking about hot Pakistani women I know, including my Pakistani hot cousin. I used to do that in daily basis even by her actions and she seems to be very attracted towards me. She was staying with her parents in a different city which is approximately 300 km far from my place. She got consolidation loans of masturbation in my Pakistani sex stories regularly.

She was eighteen when our Pakistani sex stories were started. She came to attend a marriage ceremony of one of my family member with her parents. They stayed with us in our house for 3-4 days since we are very close relatives. Everything went as usual between us, laughing, fighting and teasing each other whenever we got chance. One day she was not feeling well and sleeping in the bed in noon time. When I did not found her in dining table, I went to bedroom to inquire about her health, she was alone there. I asked her about her heath, she told that she’s having headache. I sat close to her and started give hand massage on her fore head. She was wearing a hot dress at that time since she was having a habit of wearing that whenever when she is in home. I got instant hard on inside my trouser and my tool started the mortgages of Erection.

I felt she's trying to seduce like hot Pakistani women and she always try to pull my body close to her.Sometimes, while passing from side, she used to pass in such a way that my hands usually get touch of her body parts. I kept control on myself and 2-3 more days passed like the same. One day at night, we were sleeping. All elder sleep in the beds and we two were sleeping on the floor due to crowded atmosphere of home. We were not sleeping sideways but our heads were close to each other. It was all dark in the room .After half an hour of sleeping, I felt her head has come very close to me and I can feel her breath too. Now my bad intention also came forward to start Pakistani sex stories there. I started slowly taking my head very close to her face. We came in such a situation that we can feel each other breaths. We both were sure what we are going to do but who will initiate from here? Our breaths were very heavy and after being in the same condition for 10-15 minutes.
Pakistani sex stories of my cousin and me were starting now.I dared to pull my lips very close to her and it took around 5 minutes to touch those rosy lips although it was only inch away earlier. We started smooch each other. It was great feeling for me and our tongue stated exploring each other mouth after continuing same for 15 minute or so and I stated moving my hand toward her boob when touch those mounds the very first time a current went through my body. I started massaging it over her Dress.The next part of this story " One of my real Pakistani sex stories" will be updated tomorrow.

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