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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pakistani Wife Sex

My name is Irum and I am a Pakistani Housewife.I am going to narrate my Pakistani Sex Stories here on this blog.I am 29Y old and living with my husband in Lahore.We were married last year and still enjoying our fresh marriage with no children.My husband is very loving and caring but he is just an average man in bed.To be very frank,I have never experienced any real orgasm during our sex sessions past one year.I belonged to a conservative Pakistani family so my traditions never allowed me to express my feelings about his sexual health.We shifted to his job place after one month of marriage and started our life in that company flat.
I was missing the typical Pakistani Sex in my married life.Another thing which I noted that my husband started to talk dirty during our sex session.He often remarked that I should be banged in a double entry style by two big tools while he continued to screw me with his average sized manhood.Initially,I forbid him talking so rubbish but then i started enjoying his words.In fact,a desire to get banged by two big tools started to develop inside my mind.My husband's average sexual health also pushed me towards that thinking.

I often felt that my husband's such remarks only please me in bed but later on I feel ashamed of that.This was happening past two months.His dirty words were increasing day by day and I enjoyed that.One day,while we were taking our dinner,my husband surprised me by a serious question.He asked me that do you want to enjoy two tools in reality?.I looked at him with wonder and said;No,why are you thinking like that?
He looked into my eyes and after a lot of thinking he said;I think it would be a fun for both of us.I am permitting you and in this way we can enjoy more.I kept quite for a while and then took time to think about that.Next day,he went to his office and my whole day went about thinking that lucky option.I thought a lot and then made up my mind to get that oppertunity offered by my husband.In this way,I could easily get a sexual satisfaction without disturbing our married life.He was my cousin and I could not ruin our relations.So,I agreed to his offer.

When he came back from office,we discussed that in detail.The problem was the third person.We can't do that with ever one as we belonged to a conservative family.So,I asked my husband to arrange a stranger by keeping our identities hidden.He kept my words and started a search for a suitable guy.These days,internet has provided many facilities in Pakistan.He used the internet and found a boy in almost early twenties.When my husband told him that we are a couple and we want a threesome style Pakistani Sex,he got excited.He quickly sent his photos via email and sent some of his tool pictures.

My husband shown me everything next day.He was quite young and fit in size as well.I agreed to enjoy as per my husband's desires.The boy was almost 23Y old according to him.My husband never told him our home adress but just asked him to reach our nearby bus stop next day.My husband went to the place 10 minutes late and found the same guy waiting on bus stop bench.My husband called him on cell phone and asked him to sit in the white car(My husband's car)without any delay.He looked around and then came and sat inside with my husband.

He was a bit nervous as per my husband told later.They arrived home within 30 minutes.It was around 7pm.My husband came in after getting him inside the drawing room.I got ready for the best encounter of my sex life after marriage and dressed up in pink bra and panty under the nighty.I switched on the zero light bulb and started waiting for them.After 5 minutes,my husband came inside and asked me to get ready.I faced downward,lying on bed and then my husband called him inside.My heart started beating heavily when he entered the room.

My husband might had discussed the plan with him that how to proceed.My husband came towards my face and started caressing my hairs while the boy went near my legs and started caressing my feet.When he touched my feet,My entire body went shivering.He was the first man to touch me other than my husband.He started touching my legs and kissing them and I started feeling horny.My vagina started flowing juices within a few minutes as he kissed wildly over my legs.I was enjoying that very much.

My husband started to remove his clothes and soon he placed my hand over his average sized tool.I started rubbing his tool and the boy reached my freshly shaved vagina.He removed my panties and lifted my nighty.He touched it,caressed it and then inserted his one finger inside.I was totally wet and my juices were flowing.My husband asked me to perform a mouth-job on his shaft.I started doing that in a wild manner while the boy pushed his finger deep inside me.After performing the finger sex for a few minutes,he started licking my lovely hole.He inserted his tongue inside and licked inside for at least 5-10 minutes.

I was enjoying the best sex session of my life.I sucked my husband wildly and the boy licked me deeply.Then after this oral session,he started removing his clothes.He bent over me and placed his hard tool on my ass crack.I can clearly judge that his hardness was far better than my husband.His size was more than good.He searched for the hole and placed his tool on my vagina.Believe me,I felt my first orgasm right then.My husband was smiling and enjoying while I continued to enjoy my husband's average tool.

The boy pushed his fat tool inside and I felt as an iron rod is being inserted inside me.I screamed a bit but the boy didn't even bothered that.He pushed his entire length inside and my face turned red.I have never taken such a fat tool inside.My fleshy vagina was habitual of taking my husband's semi hard and mild tool.As the boy started his deep hitting,I got adjusted to his shaft girth and soon went into pleasure.

He banged me slowly but deeply like an expert.My husband removed my nighty and UN-hooked my bra and asked the boy to remove my bra.He removed my bra slowly and eagerly wanted him to hold my breasts but he was hesitating.My husband placed his hand on my bobs and he held both my breasts while hitting me deep in a slow manner.Suddenly my husband couldn't control and he UN-loaded his hot tool inside my mouth.I threw his salty cuum outside and he got up by saying that he is coming in five minutes.He went to washroom to clean his tool while the boy increased his rhythm.When my husband went out,the boy kissed me.I was hesitating the kissing in my husband's presence but now he was out so I offered him deep kissing.

It was awesome to have a fat tool inside,getting my breasts held and performing the french kissing with a 10 year younger guy.soon,my husband returned and we stopped the kissing but not fucking.My husband asked him to change the position.He asked him to lay down and asked me to sit on his fat tool.I loved the idea to get the control.I held his tool,adjusted myself over the pin point and took it in slowly.Then i started jumping on his tool while my husband asked me to suck his flaccid tool.My husband was having no signs of hardness.I knew that he will not get ready within an hour for the second time but i continued to perform the orals on his flaccid tool.

The boy was extremely good in sex timings.This Pakistani Sex session has been almost one hour long but the boy has no signs of finishing.Then he got up and pushed me lying back.He placed two pillows behind my back and lifted my legs and pushed his fat tool inside again.He banged me deep in legs up style while my husband sat on my breasts,keeping his tool placed over my lips.It was the final time of our sex session when the boy increased his pace to full.I started moaning heavily and could not control myself.I felt warmness in his shaft and got my second orgasm.He pulled it out quickly and dropped all of his hot drops on my vagina and legs.I couldn't gain my senses even after five minutes of that session.

I closed my eyes and felt my swelling vagina.It was for the first time that I have felt tiredness of my fleshy meat hole.My husband never offered such work.My husband and boy had went outside so I didn't know where they had gone.After 20 minutes,my husband came back to our sex bed and asked me about the session.I was excited so I expressed my feelings without any care.He liked that and agreed to do that every two weeks.We started our happy life and the days after that encounter was more than good.I hope readers have also enjoyed my Pakistani Sex stories

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