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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sex Toys In Pakistan

My name is Furqan.I have been selling Sex Toys In Pakistan for past three years.This sales job provided me an opportunity to interact with a lot of Elite Class Pakistani girls and Women.Some of them were quite lusty in nature and loving sex more than normal.It is my conclusion from past three years of sex toys sale that almost every 2nd women of Pakistani Elite Class loves having sex beyond marriage.Today,I'm going to narrate my Pakistani Sex Stories here that happened through sex toys sale.
It is a tough job selling such toys in Pakistan.So,after struggling a lot,I launched my website to boost my sale.I have only given my cell number and email at my website and prices of those sex toys.Initially,I have to wait a long to get public response but later I got enough.Most of the sugar patients were looking to buy these toys to fulfill their wife's sex needs.
One day,I got a miscal from a number and later an sms from the same number.The person was inquiring about the real look rubber penis toy with 9.25 inches length.On further inquiry,I was told that she is a girl from Islamabad.She was my first girl client.She asked everything in detail about that particular rubber penis and then called me at night for more details.

From our conversation,I concluded that she was enjoying our chat about sex toy,but my sales limitations didn't allow me to go rubbish.So,I remained focused to the sale.She used open style of talking like using open words about pussy and penis etc.Even she asked me that "Does this big rubber penis hurts the pussy?"I laughed and said;I have not experienced it but my customers say that it feels really good when it gets in.

She asked me about payment and delivery.I have already rented a flat to manage these sales so I given her my flat address.She got next day's appointment at around 1PM.It was my first sale to single girl so I awaited eagerly for her.She came right in time on the said address and after parking her car,she came to my flat.My flat was in a safe plaza where no body will disturb and keep eyes on the visitors.
She knocked at the door and I welcomed her in.Believe me,she was almost 25Y old and a sex bomb by her figure.A huge pair of boobs were hiding all her front assets as she was wearing a tight Shalwar Qameez.Her dress was almost semi transparent and her inner garments were quite visible through her dress.I felt sensation in my penis and couldn't control my mind for a while.She was quite decent and brave with a super confidence to talk about sex toy.

I explained my product like a professional and she asked if she can open the packing and see the product in detail.I obliged her by saying that "Mam its no problem,you can check in detail and if you don't mind you can have a try in the try room.She was quite surprised and after thinking for a while,she asked me to guide her to the try room.I guided her to my bedroom and after getting her in I came back to the other room.

I was quite amazed to see such a Hot Pakistani Women.She was brave and bold enough.I started thinking a different way.My professionalism was put aside and my mind was just thinking to screw her in reality.After a few minutes,She called me from the bedroom to address a problem.When I got in,I was shocked to see her sitting without clothes.She looked into my eyes and said,Would you please guide me that how to mount this toy on the wall?

 I have forgotten the sex toy sale and now my own tool was getting a life to see her in such a brave mood.I took the rubber penis from her hand and then placed its suction cup to the wall for mounting.I pressed it and it was placed along the wall like a perfect manhood.She thanked me and smiled.I started to leave the room but she asked me to wait untill she takes a try.I was surprised but my inner-self was too eager to watch her having a rubber penis in her fleshy pussy.

She aligned her self to that rubber penis and then looked at me.My manhood was fully prepared now.I was not 9.25 inches long like that rubber penis but never lesser than 7 inches.A huge bulge was visible through my pants.She noticed that bulge and smiled.She remarked,Mr Furqan;are you OK?I didn't want to show that to her as it could effect my professionalism but it was UN-controllable.

So,I gathered my courage and said;yes no problem.Its natural as I'm a man,you please carry on and try.She asked me for help to place that rubber penis on her fleshy pussy by getting her panties aside.I went near her and touched her panty with trembling hands.She laughed and said,please don't hesitate.So,I touched her large buttocks and removed her panties aside with my fingers.I aligned the rubber penis to her pussy lips and asked her to get back slowly.She took it in by pushing herself back and almost 2-3 inches went inside.It was a fat rubber penis so she felt some trouble taking it in.She asked me if I can apply the lubricant.

I took out the lubricant which was already provided in that packet.I put a few drops of lubricant on that rubber penis and then again pushed it in.She started feeling it and soon she took 5-6 inches in.Her pussy was wet and leaking juices.She started fast moves and her face turned red.She she went out of control and placed her hand on my tool.I was shocked to see her brave act.

She looked at my face and I produced no hesitation.She UN-zipped my pant and grabbed my tool.Now a rubber tool was inside her pussy and my real penis was in her hand.She grabbed my tool and pulled me in that standing position.I was standing near the bed.She started licking my penis all around my balls and tip.I moaned like a film boy and started caressing her hairs.She licked my balls and then took my penis in her mouth.She sucked it like a professional while enjoying that rubber penis in her fleshy vagina.

After a few minutes of this wild act,I removed her bra.I grabbed her boobs and started fondling them.She was really a big natural girl.Large pair of boobs were just shaking under her arms.I grabbed her head and started fucking her throat.She was enjoying it very much.She was moaning like a bitch.I forgot that She is a buyer.Then she asked to to remove that rubber penis and put my real penis in her pussy.

I was excited.I went behind and removed the suction cup from the wall.she took it from my hand and started licking her pussy juices from that rubber penis.I placed my fully built manhood at her opening and pushed it in.She screamed and within seconds my manhood was fleshed inside her pussy lips.The grip of her pussy was very tight.Her large butts were shaking with my strokes.I went on hard and hit her deep for almost 10 minutes.While she continued to roll her tongue on that rubber penis.

Finally,It was the end of this Pakistani Sex session.I have approached to the peak so I pulled it out.She has reached the orgasm.I polished her buttocks with my white juices in 4-5 seconds.It was hot and smelly.She enjoyed it and thanked me for providing her a nice try.I smiled and thanked her for purchasing that rubber penis.I again packed it while she got up and went to the attached bath.She washed her assets and cleaned her up.When she came out,she again thanked me for that wonderful session.She paid me the price but I had to accommodate her with concession.So,I took 2K less from the prescribed price of the rubber penis.She left my flat with her Sex Toy.This was all about my Pakistani Sex Stories.I hope you have liked my first meeting with a Sexy Pakistani Girl.      

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