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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pakistani Aunty Having Sex

Today I'm going to write a real Pakistani Sex Story here.My name is Kamran and I'm almost in my early twenties.This story of Pakistani Aunty is completely a real story.I belong to a middle class family of Pakistan.I have one friend whose name is Zebi.His mother’s name was shaila(fake) and at that time she must be around 38 or40 years of age after death of Zebi’s father,we used to go to his home so often just in case,Shaila aunty needed any help.
So,one day,after coming from my college,I had my lunch and went to Zebi’s home.Zebi opened the door and took me in.We then went to his room and were talking to each other.All of a sudden,Zebi’s mobile rang up and it was his girl friend on the other line.Zebi talked to her and after finishing up the call,told me that he will have to go urgently to his girl friend’s house as her mother is not there and he has fortunately got a time to meet her.Shaila aunty was well aware of Zebi’s affair and she was keeping an eye on zebi.So he asked me to remain sitting there so if aunty comes I can say her that zebi is gone to market to bring something.I told him that I will stay back,since I do not have any work.
Zebi then after talking to Shaila aunty,left home after some time,I needed to go to the toilet and I opened the door and was literally dumb shocked.Shaila aunty was seating on the commode and with the closed eyes.She was shocked by this sudden door open and meanwhile I have got a glimpse of her hairy pussy.I immediately left from there and went to Zebi’s room.I was so hot by looking at the scene a few moments ago that it was very difficult for me to control my emotions.My rookie was hard and tall standing in my pants.

After some time,I regained my senses and I was totally shocked with what I saw a few minutes back.However,I could do nothing about it as I even can’t think of advancing further since she was mother of my best friend.Still my body was shaking with the scene after some time,Shaila aunty was calling me by my name and I thought that she must bullshit me on entering the toilet without confirmation.I went to her room but Shaila aunty was not there.

I then went to kitchen to check her up but she was not there as well again I heard a voice of Shaila aunty and she was again calling me.This time,I took the direction of voice and she was calling me from bathroom.I then went near the bathroom and asked her;Yes Aunty.She told me to open the door of bathroom.My heart was beating vibrantly.
She called me inside.My heart was by now beating so fast that I felt that it will come out of my chest.I went inside the washroom and Shaila aunty told me to close the door and I close the door and stood in front of her.She immediately took hold of my pant and removed it in a flash.She also removed my underwear as well and both fell at my feet and I was now naked below with my rookie standing tall.I was just looking at her without saying a single word.

Immediately,Shaila aunty took hold of my semi hard tool and started caressing it.I couldn't speak a word in a feeling of fear and enjoyment.She put it in her mouth.She started giving me a very nice mouth job.I could not last long as I have never done it before.So with pressure and I jetted my sperms inside her mouth just within 2-3 minutes.she told me to come to bedroom.I took out my pant and undi and followed her in semi naked condition.We went in her bedroom.She was now stark naked immediately she came near me and removed my t-shirt.Now both of us were completely in our birth suit and Shaila aunty guided me to the bed and lay on her back.Shaila aunty parted her legs and asked me to lick her.

After licking her hairy and fleshy dry pussy,I started getting a hard on again.I told her that it will take some time for my dick to get to its full size since I just ejaculated in her mouth.Listening to this,Shaila aunty got up and came above me in 69 position.She got hold of my tool and immediately took my entire shaft in her mouth and once again started giving me a nice job.I was in seventh heaven and I then pulled her by her waist and took her pussy near my mouth.

Aunty gave away a moan and started pushing her pussy over my face more rapidly at the same time and she was constantly giving me the mouth job.I also started licking her juices and entire pussy hole at the age of around 38-40,Shaila aunty was bit bulky and she was quite fleshy at her waist.Also she had a very big ass and equally big melons they must be around 42 D.After continuous job for 15 minutes,my rookie started regaining its full size.Shaila aunty realised that and she got up from me and again lay on her back.

I then immediately went between her legs and put the tip of my tool on her well lubricated pussy hole.She was weaving her head in anticipation of the pleasure she was going to get,Once I put the tip on her pussy.I inserted it in one jerk and without a much fuss,it buried completely inside her pussy.She moaned once again and told me to fuck her harder and harder.

By now,I was nicely warmed up and started stroking her pussy with medium speed.She was lifting her butts to match my strokes and to accommodate my entire shaft inside her and slowly,my speed started increasing and with it Shaila aunty’s moans as well.We both were now in full flow and complete horny state. We were fucking each other with quite a brisk speed.Her body was shaking with my each and every stroke and she seems to enjoy it and her moans were also increasing.I fucked her for nearly 10 minutes and she had her first orgasm.

Her entire juices were flowing out and which made her pussy passage nicely lubricated.I was also by now giving her fast and furious strokes and within next few minutes,I also reached my pick and with a loud moan.I pulled it out as aunty pushed me away to avoid pregnancy.I started shooting my seeds on Shaila aunty’s lovely pussy.I emptied all my seeds on her pussy and then rested my head on her big melons.Shaila aunty was very happy the way I fucked her and she was caressing my hair with her hand after some time,we parted and started kissing each other passionately.

I hope readers have enjoyed my Pakistani Sex stories.Aunty got a promise from me that I should never give any hint to zebi about this day or I should never say it to anybody.She will please me whenever possible.I promised her that I will never leak our secrets.Till day,I am screwing Shaila aunty and zebi is unaware of that.His sexy Pakistani Mom is screwed by his friend.

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