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Friday, September 16, 2011

Hot Pakistani women surveys

There were hot Pakistani women surveys running on this blog last week. These surveys were started to know the thinking of people about hot women, and to share the thoughts of men about dating Pakistani women. Each of the hot women survey was carrying a slightly different topic of interest. A number of men participated in these surveys and a reasonable voting was done regarding the women matters. The only reason behind these surveys was to bring true information according to men’s experience about married women as well as single hot girls. We gathered the information and results are now being placed on our women blog.

The first survey’s question was that “which one of Pakistani women is easier to trap for sex? Either married Pakistani women or single Pakistani girls. The result of the survey shown that married Pakistani women are easier to trap for sex.The total percentage of this reply was 85%.according to the majority of men, married Pakistani women are hot than single girls. Their sex requirement is much more than single Pakistani girls. Another factor which causes married Pakistani women to go for sex is that, it is safe for them when considering the risk of pregnancy. A few participants of this survey also posted their sex stories to us.

The second survey’s question was that “which Bra color is favorite for hot Pakistani women and girls”? The participants voted by sharing their own experiences with us.45% told that pink color bra is favorite amongst hot Pakistani women and girls. 30% think that black bra color is liked by the majority of Pakistani women.25% think that red bra color is hot Pakistani women favorite color. No one voted for white bra color.

The third and final survey was regarding a dating issue. Pakistani as well as European men participated in this survey with devotion. The majority of European men like Pakistani wife. Many of them are interested in Pakistani women sex. Pakistani men like aunties more than girls. The survey’s question was that “How Pakistani married women easily come towards men” ?. Most of the men think that if someone solves her family problems, Pakistani women is attracted towards him. The percentage was almost 75% for this option. Only 25% think that Pakistani married women are attracted towards rich status of men.

These surveys are started time to time on our blog to know the thinking of men about Hot Pakistani women, aunties, dating Pakistani women and Pakistani married women and hot girls. Readers are requested to participate in these surveys so that best results can be shared with others to help men in dating Pakistani women. Also men are requested to share their personal experience, home stories, sex stories and other matters related to sex and Pakistani women with us. Hot Pakistani women Surveys are valuable for all.

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