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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hot Pakistani Women Clothes

Hot Pakistani Women clothes is an important topic for Pakistanis. most of the Pakistanis are slave when talking about clothes. Pakistani women want stylish clothes. They try to follow the European trends. Elite class of Pakistan want western dresses and one can easily judge the level of mentality of Pakistanis when they tell everybody about their liking of western dresses more than their country dresses.

fashion is a thing which is followed in Pakistan without considering the customs of the religion. Most of the Pakistani women from Elite class try to wear such clothes which show off their bodies and figures prominently so that they can be eye cached wherever they go.The religion Islam restricts Muslim women and men to wear such dress which can hide their bodies and every part.But Pakistanis are crazy after western dresses.

These days ,you can see on Pakistani TV channels , Where most of the Pakistani women anchors wearing sleeveless shirts, transparent clothes and many more, which are strictly against their religion. The same clothing trends and fashions are followed by the other Pakistani women who are habitual of watching TV and adopting fashion from these TV anchors. Nudity in their clothes is the key feature.

The Women clothes in Pakistan are now adopting the trends like, wide open collar( Gala)to show the cleavage clearly,tight from the breast to enhance the figure, and tight from the hips. When you see a women in such clothes you can easily judge the size of her figures easily and you can say what size of Bra she would be wearing.

This trend of transparent clothes is not only adopted by Pakistani users, It is now the trend in Pakistani cloth markets to display a wide variety of such clothes.when you visit the cloth markets you would not easily get good women clothes which are according to your Pakistani customs and religion. Most of the clothes are see through ,following western trends.The variety of clothes and fashion trends in Pakistan show that Pakistanis are slave of western world.The Hot Pakistani women clothes are really getting hotter and hotter.

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