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Friday, September 23, 2011

Hot Pakistani women and Governments

During the decades of Pakistani history, the relation between hot Pakistani women and governments can never be ignored. If we take a look briefly on Pakistani history, we will see that ,only Zia-ul-haq ,the former president of Pakistan put a full stop on sex culture development and traditions of Hot fashions in Pakistan. all other Pakistani governments tried to enforce the sex ,trading and dating culture in Pakistan.

in Bhutto's period , there were lot of Prostitute women in Big cities, like Lahore,Islamabad and Karachi.Media was also promoting sexy fashion and Hot girls. Half-sleeve dresses were common amongst Pakistani women.After Bhutto's murder, Pakistani women were forced to remain in Islamic traditions. Nudity and sex culture was stopped by Zia-ul-haq (the president and military commander of those times.

However after the death of Zia-ul-haq, The era of Islamic culture in Pakistan again ended. Basically Pakistani people are crazy for sex. They like sex and hot Women. There are a lot of sex stories happening inside Pakistani society, but hidden. The sex affairs increased during the tenure of Pervez musharaf. The said president was a liberal minded man, who promoted women in Pakistan during his tenure.
Pervez musharaf's era is considered best for making women empowered in Pakistan. Women empowerment also brought a few liberal and Hot changes in Pakistan. in the name of Women development, sex trading was promoted in the said era. there were rumors around that, Pakistan is going to be declared a sex free country in musharaf's tenure. But he was not able to do that due to the pressure of Islamic societies.

Girls and boys were almost free to sex if they are willing with each other. Prostitution was increasing rapidly in Musharaf's tenure. Markets were full of sex video Cd's. Hot Pakistani women were free to sex anywhere in cities like Lahore and Islamabad. A memeber of national assembly was trying to bring a law for married Pakistani women about sex relations. She raised a point in national assembly that, if a married women is not willing to sex with husband, Husband cannot ask her or compel her.
Such stupid things were ongoing in Musharaf's tenure. The current government is also following the same policies and promoting sex culture in Pakistan. Television channels and other media is bringing Hot fashions as well as sex related dramas to the people. the dating affairs are widely being promoted on TV. these things which Pakistanis are trying to do, are just to show the world that they are very broad minded now. Hot Pakistani women and governments have close relation.

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