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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hot Pakistani Women Survey Results for this week

This segment of the blog is based upon weekly surveys about Hot Pakistani women. Different questions are set up each week for our blog visitors. Visitors participate in Hot Pakistani women surveys and we announce the results purely upon votes done for each option. The surveys are also related to hot girls, Pakistani married women, Dating Pakistani women and aunties of Pakistan. It is therefore, requested to all blog readers to participate with your true vote.

 The First survey question was “Which City of Pakistan has the most sexy and hot girls”? Blog readers participated in the said survey with their own experience. A total of 85 votes were caste. Almost 40% voted in favor of Karachi (The metropolitan city of Pakistan). Almost 35% voted in favor of City of Sex Lahore. 15 % voted for Islamabad and 10% voted for Peshawar. So the Karachi is the number one city for sex and hot girls population according to blog readers, which is true according to my own experiences.

The second survey question was “which factor is causing sex and dating habits in Pakistani women/girls and helping them to involve in sex affairs”?. Almost 100 votes were caste for this survey. 60% of voters think that personal mobile phone are the most aiding factor for women and girls to be involved in affairs, dating and sex. 25% think that desire for money is affecting girls. 15% voted in favor of Internet and 5% in favor of cable and TV.

The third survey question was “Does Penis size matters to Women?” This was the most interesting and concerned question for men. Evidences show that, craziness about penis size lies in men more than women. A lot of votes were caste for this survey. Almost 500 votes received to us via emails. 70% of people think that timing of sex matters more than penis size. Women needs satisfaction, a good duration of sex is more important.15% of voters think that hardness matters more than size. Only 10% think that size matters to women.

Different questions and surveys are setup each week. Readers are requested to participate in these Hot Pakistani women surveys. We need to collect the true information and our blog reader’s true opinion regarding the questions. We are receiving a lot of emails to start different question. You can Post a comment to the post to ask a question of your choice to be added in the surveys. Your questions must be regarded Hot Pakistani women, Aunties, Pakistani married women and girls. Thanks

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