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Monday, September 19, 2011

Does Penis size matters to Pakistani women?

Does Penis size matters to Pakistani women? It is probably the most important point of concern for men. Before going to the subject, I want to tell a few interesting secrets of Pakistani women. Pakistani women are considered to be slave when it’s a matter of sex. Majority of Pakistani women does not play a master role during sex. There may be only 5-10% women who are willing to explore their sex encounters wildly. Pakistani married women are more familiar to sex than single girls, but even these women are not acting as master during sex.

The reason behind this fact is the customs and traditions of Pakistani society. Pakistani women are brought up in such a manner that they are not allowed to express their feelings and passions mostly. Readers must remember that I am talking about the majority, not about Elite class women of Pakistan where body massage and dating is a common habit.

So after the marriage, Pakistani married women are on the disposal of their husbands. Husbands do what they want. Another social difference between Pakistani women and men is that, husband may be searching for hot girls, hot women and sex other than his wife. He may be involved in sex affairs with other women and girls, but wives cannot do that equally. Women are just a thing to be used by husband in Pakistani society.

Now coming towards the subject that, Does penis size matters to Pakistani women?.I have taken an interview of almost hundred Pakistani married women to get the exact reply. Majority of them feel shy when talking about this subject. But 85% replied in NO. According to them, the size comes at last. Most of them think that timing of intercourse is what we need for satisfaction. Timing should be such that, both the partners should achieve the climax. Almost 10% wished for good timing with good hardness.5% of these women shown concern about penis size. 

The size concerned Pakistani women were belonging to elite class of Pakistan. Most of them were considered hot during their days before marriage. When I took a look upon their past, they were found not to be virgin before marriage. And all of them have done sex with at least 4-5 men before marriage. So it is ultimate that these hot Pakistani women feel thirsty with reasonable size of penis or smaller size. Their lust and desire is not fulfilling with regular size and they are looking for bigger and bigger. They were regularly doing sex in their past before marriage.

These types of women are very rare. As I discussed that only 5% in Pakistani women, men should not be worried about their penis size, but the way they approach women should be excellent. Please participate in the poll question at this blog about penis size so that we get your opinion as well. The conclusion for the question, Does penis size matters to Pakistani women? Is NO.

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