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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Married women and single girls of Pakistan do not have much difference when it comes to dating.But dating men must also keep an eye on the point that married women of Pakistan have a little different concept than single Muslim girls of Pakistan about relationship with a man.married women of Pakistan are considered to be their husband only property and most of the women try to avoid other men even talking to them .If you are serious in dating hot married women of Pakistan then you have to adopt a different approach.

on the other hand if you try to get some single Pakistani girl,she may easily be trapped by you as girls are not so much matured in the sense of dating.If a man gives proper intentions to a girl,she may ignore him in start but finally her minds starts thinking of him,not in the sense of friendship but may be just casual thinking.this casual thinking then changes into attraction if the man is consistent with his dating,and he gives time to that girl.A Pakistani girl have many restrictions,so she often does not easily get attracted towards men,but if a man is consistent in his approach then he gets the outcome at last.

while married Pakistani women are more bound to be within their homes after marriage,so routine tricks of attracting her can not work here,you have to be different, because 80 percent of those women do not pay much intention if some guy is trying about her,the right approach is that (every married women wants to get intention,she wants admiration) you have to help her in her home problems,don't be casual in offering her help,she may refuse it,but you have to make friendship with his husband which is easy task,

then try to go to their home to meet her husband but be careful,husband should not get an impression that you are eying his wife,then help him in his home matters,ultimately the husband will discuss your help with wife in his time at home,this will make up an image which will prove good for you future,then she will be free in getting your help.Married women and single girls of Pakistan can be trapped in dating by using different tricks.

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