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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hot Aunty Of Lahore

I am Imran, Aged 22 and residing in Lahore. Before proceeding to my hot story about Aunty, I would like to write a bit about me.I am quite attractive with decent looks. My family is also well educated and belongs to a decent culture. I was brought up in good ethical manners So I don't have any left overs in my life but the starvation of pussy was always there and biting me inside.This hot story involves a hot Pakistani aunty who met me in a local market of Lahore.


That day, I was roaming in a market to buy some household items in different shops when I saw that aunty. She was almost in her 40's but got a sexy look. She was wearing a traditional shalwar kameez but it was too tight and revealing her big boobs with a nice shaking ass in tight black shalwar. She was normal faced but good complexion. The main thing that attracted me were her big eyes which kept a deep ocean, so, I dove myself in. It took a few seconds for both of us to notice each other but I can assure that she got attracted towards me as well.

I couldn't resist myself to stop looking at her. She was there to buy some toys for her kid who was about 5 years in age. Her slight smiles with sexy actions drove me crazy at that time. It was 5.00 pm noon. I came out and in car parking, I kept sitting purposelessly for a while. I was sitting in my car since she was running through my veins. I was planning many ideas to go near her and talk about any baseless topics. It was tough though as I was inexperienced and never ever tried to approach anyone like this. When she came out of that toys shop, I kept on looking at her and once she also noticed me. She was going towards the site where Rikshaws were parked for passengers.She was busy with her kid and approaching towards rikshas.

There she spent a minute or 2 and talked to 2-3 rikshaw drivers but then it seemed like nobody was willing to drop her. She left the parking place and went to the bus stop. During that time, I started my car and slowly drive towards the bus stop. She was the only lady on the bus stop while 2-3 gents were waiting for bus on the other side.I slowly passed by her and just stopped the car for a short time. I could look through the mirrors of my car that she was gazing at my car. I gathered my courage and made a slight sign by waving my hand slowly asking her to come. She looked around and then came from the left side. She asked me;

If you could please drop us to the next stop , If you are going to that side, I would be thankful. Oh my God, I couldn't believe my luck working so good. I quickly offered lift, Yes, for sure. She opened the back door and sat inside with her little child. 2-3 times, when I looked in the mirror, I found her staring me. Then I thrown a question. Do you live permanently here? She smiled, Yes - My husband is working in a company here so we are residing here.

Me: I am Imran.

Aunty: OK. Actually, my kid was making troubles and asking to quickly buy some toys so I came out, his Papa is in office and I didn't have anyone to come along.

Me. Smiled, Good. Meanwhile, I made a hello with the baby.

Aunty: My name is Uzma.

Me: Beautiful name. MashaAllah you baby is cute too.

Aunty: Thanks.

Aunty: And what you do? And living where?

Me; I am studying, and living in street 22.

Aunty; Wah - We are living in street 20.

Me; So nice. It means , we are about neighbors. Meanwhile we both smiled.

Aunty; (Infront of street 22) , Can you please stop here.

Me: Yes. Sure. 

Aunty: Asked her kid to go out, Meanwhile, I said; If you need any help any time, you can please ask me. I just handed over my contact card to her which she accepted.

Aunty; ThankYou, Allah Hafiz.

I was extremely happy by having a 10 minutes conversation with her in a good manner and achieved my target to hand over my number.It was really a different feelings after meeting her. I was happy from inside and was waiting for her call/text. Every tone on cell reminded me the meeting with her and I thought that she must be calling me but every time my hopes went lost. I was starting to lose hope but She called me after a week.

It was just a formal hello hi with her.It was really an exciting thing for me. I was thinking in my mind that ways are getting open for me. I am either luckier or she is fortunate that we both got each others. Then we started mobile friendship which took us about a month to become friends. We were getting close to each others. We met 2-3 times at same market and I picked and dropped her to street 22. We became very good habitat of each others. She was a nice lady with educated mind and free mindset. She been a very good friend of mine..

It was a surprise that We never talked about sex/romance because my thoughts never interacted in this regard. I took her my good fellow.Later My mum and siblings came to know about her. and she became a good friend of my mom as well. She was educated kind of housewife. She was well aware of internet, whatsapp, skype, viber etc.

Sometimes she sent me kisses on whatsapp through whatsapp emoji's. She mostly sends me red beating heart on whatsapp. I have a kidding nature so every-time she sends me a kiss through whatsapp then I replied her that you made my cheeks and lips wet. "You naughty", she replied mostly. We had been very frank with her each others.

3 month had been passed that we came so close to each others. I shared my girl-friend stories with her etc.One day, I got a text from her. She asked me to visit her home. It was a surprise but I wanted to meet her badly. It was quite a surprise but I was in double mind. She didn't tell me why but she insisted me to come. I went to her street on foot. Then I looked around and as it was about 10pm winter, Nobody was found outside. I went to her house and called her on her cell. She picked the call and said; Come in, the gate is opened , and after entering please lock the gate. 

It was my luck working. I got a good idea that it might be my luckiest day. I was making different plans. I went inside and slowly locked the door. when I got in, I saw her dressed in a sexy nighty and as I smiled She said; I was feeling very lonely, kids are sleeping in their room and my husband got some urgent visit to Islamabad. My 6th sense sparked suddenly, I thought it as a fuck chance. She asked me to sit and spend some time. I happily accepted. It was first time when I went in her bedroom. I sat on a sofa. 

As usual we were talking on random stuffs when I held her hands and started to remind her the first meeting of us. How I attracted towards her and how I lost my thoughts when I saw her in shop. She was listening me so carefully when instantly I stood up and kissed her on forehead. She hugged me in return that we kept hugging to each others for 5 minutes.

She was wearing a night dress without bra cause her breast were loose and hanging. Then She locked the room and sat on mattress. It was first time when we both started to talk about romance. In between, She told me that it was 2 months gone that she didn't have anything with her husband. Her untidy hairs, rough night dress and falling big breast were driving me nuts. I had already got a hard Bonner so I placed her hand onto it. Now she was holding my dick in her hand. She was playing with it over the jeans. I couldn't resist myself and came near her and kissed her on lips. It was too soft. We both were kissing to each others. I was grabbing her tits. The breast were soft and big. We were smooching hard and trying to press each others bodies. We were sucking each other tongues and lips. It was a dream for me that a mature lady was with me on mattress with holding my dick..

We were kissing to each others madly and very badly. Then i started to lick her neck, her ears, her cheeks, i was biting her neck, which was leaving marks on her neck, you can say, love bites. I was treating her my slut, i was grabbing her tits badly and she was screaming with moaning,I held her breast, and put my tongue on nipple and licking it and after some seconds, i took her nipple in mouth and started to suck it badly, i was putting her breast in my mouth as much i can. Those big breast made me mad really, i could feel the red spots and marks on breast which were definitely hurting her. Her nipples were erect and fully got wet by my saliva. I then started to giving her smooches again, then i was sucking her stomach, putting my tongue in armpits and her sweaty armpits were getting licked by her own friend. I was sucking her from everywhere. I wanted to give her pain, pleasure and the SEX. Her thighs were milky and fat, i licked them, sucked them and made them wet. I then started to lick her feet. She was climbing like fish without water. She was looking like 25 years old.Those moans were my diet. After licking and sucking Her I put my cock in her mouth. she started to sucking my cock like a hungry girl. She was taking my cock fully in her mouth, my cock was fully went wet, she was rubbing it with tongue, i can feel the cock in her throat. She was doing some bites with lips,My cock was red and blooding was running speedily in it. It was fully wet with saliva.

I think, pornstar can't suck the cock in that way, she was a good, expert cock sucker. I can say, she was greedy so therefore she sucked the cock like it. Then I started licking her, My wishes were coming true.You can judge, how the scene was actually looks like, when a big breast mature woman lying naked with open legs and a young slim guys, was licking her pussy. I rolled my tongue on her pussy, she screamed, Ahhhhhhhhhh! I then searching her clit from her red, blackish pussy lips, then started to stimulate it with tongue, she was holding my hairs tightly and her one hand was rubbing her nipple and breast. She was hardly pinching her nipples with her body moving up and down. I was putting my tongue in and out on her pussy, the salty taste of pussy was making me hungry and greedy. I got passion and take her pussy in my mouth, my tongue was in her pussy. She was moaning,,She was lifting her ass hardly and putting her pussy in my mouth, rubbing my head in it, forcing me to suck her hard...I put my two fingers in pussy and started to lick clit again, and after some passing minutes, she got erected, after after a big erection and voice, she heavily cummed in my mouth with a moaning of,She then closed her eyes, left the boobs and breathing heavily.

Again, i got up and started to giving smooches. Her saliva totally made my mouth wet, we were kissing like dogs...She was holding my head from back and giving me smooches and bites on lips. She was sucking my lips like mature slut. She was getting me in her desires. She was too hot. She was a slut and whore. She was the woman of pleasure. She said, lay down, and she stood up and came to my legs, and sucking my thighs, chest, feet, like movies actress. Her big breast were getting sink in my chest. She was looking like slut, She did thousands of bites, nailed me hardly, consequently, left  marks on cheeks.

We were at the peak of hotness. The condition of us went to mad slutty people. Our bodies were red and wet of saliva. We were looking like lover or you can say, she was looking like my slut which i hired for a night. We forgot the relation of friendship and well wishers. We were sex partners and lovers. We were giving sex to each others.She was just demanding my Dick and all i need is just her pussy. Instantly, A thought came in my mind to give her pain during hard sex. I wanted to see her crying in front of me. I knew, she had over the age of 40 so her pussy is loose and if i fuck her hard, it will surely give her long lasting sex with pain. Loose pussy gets hurt with hard strokes..

she was in straight position, i opened her legs and set my cock on that damn hairy pussy and rub the clit with the help of dick and after a moment i put it in her pussy. She scream, Ahhhh.I ignored her and again pull out my cock and put it again with force. She moaned, These words were making me hot and wild. I laid down on her stomach and was smooching her with saliva and pitching her nipples hard and fucking her wildly. I was fucking her pussy. I was giving hard and deep strokes, which was making her moaned. Believe me, it is joyful to fuck a mature woman. I was squeezing her big boobs while fucking, She was giving good response by moaning and pushing me towards her pussy. She was holding my cock tightly with pussy lips. It was bit painful for me, anyhow, i fucked her pussy for 10-12 minutes very fastly.

I again stood up on bed and ordered her to be in doggy position.She was turned into doggy style, her bib balloons were handing, her boobs were soft and loose and hanging like mangoes. I spit on my dick and put it in her pussy, she was right, my cock got down in pussy and i held her boobs. I was fucking her badly, while holding her both boobs in hand. I was fucking her with wild strokes. Sometimes, i used to stop so she moved her ass to fuck me. Her position was too sexy, it was making me more horny.she was screaming, her face was just look like she was crying due to pain. She said, it has been long time that your rival fucked me for more than 5 minutes. I was begging for sex,thanks my love..I wasn't listening her cause i was roaming in the valley of lust, i was licking her back, slapping her big butts (buttocks). When i pulled my cock out, it was red and tight like rod.

Then I again pushed and in and started fucking her like a bitch. This time I couldn't hold, I cummed out. She came right when I came inside her. We closed our eyes and were breathing heavily. Our conditions were miserable. We fucked each others. We completed each others. My dream came true today. She hugged me and started kissing me softly and saying thanks. We were happy..

We fucked each others for once a week till she has to move to KPK as her husband got transfered to peshawar. She has beeen gone there. She stills calls me and we are friends but her absence really beats me up.

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