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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Neighbor Aunty Having Sex With Me

My name is Abrar and I am going to narrate my real story here. This story belong to a sexy aunty who lived next door to us.She is a married, living next 2 our house past 2 years, having 2 kids. She used to come to our house and became a good friend of my mother and occasionally have a glance and smile exchange with me. As days passed on, my intentions towards her went lusty and I used to stare at her big boobs and big ass. A few times, I used to masturbate thinking of her from my rooms glass window. Aunty is very sexy when it comes to her revealing dresses. 


One day she had a problem with her mobile and asked my mom for help, my mom asked me to check it. I checked it and only found a setting problem but I said it will take some time so she can get it in the evening. She nodded her head and went away. It was just a small problem but I wanted her number and more over I want 2 see whether I could get any stuff in her phone. I have noted her number by giving a missed cal to my phone, I have seen some beautiful selfies of her, some of her cousin girl pics, and no other crazy stuff which we usually think.However, I sent all the stuff to my computer and returned her phone after correction of settings. she thanked me for the help.

That night I couldn’t sleep and was going through the pics and took my head phones and was listening to the songs from her stuff and shuffling them, all of a sudden I saw a nude selfie of breast. omg, probably she forgot to delete it. it was 2 months old selfie, so I thought she might have made it just for fun but forgot to delete it. I looked it for about 5-6 minutes from every angle. It was such a nice selfie that my dick started to rise just thinking of her. Anyhow, I went through all folders. 

A day later, she asked my mom to help her in arranging her bedroom. My mom was taking it as usual as my mom never thinks negative, I was free at home so my mom called me and said, he will help you this Sunday for arrangement. she smiled and said thanks. I was waiting for the Sunday to come and the day came at last and I went to her house at 11 am in the morning. Her husband was gone to his shop as usual and she asked me to come into her house and said thanks again. Her kids were not at home. She was in a Punjabi dress and I could easily locate her shaped boobs and ass from her attire.

She told me that she had to adjust bed and she can't do it alone. While talking about bed, she joked in a meaningful style, She said; this bed is behaving a little loose (Nuts were loose I found later) though it is not used in that style. I was shocked to hear her sentence 'this bed is not used in that style' However, I can't straightway joke her so I said in a casual way, beds get loose where couples reside. I looked at her face with hidden eyes and she was smiling. meanwhile, adjusting the bed, she said; you are unmarried, how you know beds get loose. I smiled casually and said; its just a guess. 

After adjusting the bed, she brought me tea. I took tea and helped a few other furniture adjustments and then came back. I was completely frustrated at night and lying on my bed but couldn't sleep. In the middle of my sleep I fucked her badly and woke up suddenly, I was discharged.

The upcoming days were more lusty. Whenever she got a chance to speak to me, she shown some meaningful smiles. I was getting her intentions but I couldn't simply find the right time to do something. 

On one lucky day, my mom and dad has to go to grand parents but we have to get some house repair so I stayed at home alone. Luckily, or knowingly at about 11 am, Aunty came to our house and asked about my mother. I couldn't expect that my mom hadn't told her about their visit. but I avoided such behavior and straightway asked her to tell if there is some work. She said, she needed some sewing items from my moms sewing machine. I invited her to come in and guided her towards moms sewing cabinet. 

She was dressed like a slut, deep necked shirt which was too tight around her ass and a choridaar tight pajama. She looked like a big slut who was inviting ' come and fuck me hard'. She looked around and surprisingly said, I had to adjust my dress but my machine is not working good. She asked, when would my mom arrive back? I said; they would come back around evening. She started thinking and pretended as she wanted the sewing machine immediately. I optioned her that if she is easier, she can do her adjustment here at our house. She thought for a while and agreed. 

After that I left the room and went inside my room and she got busy with sewing machine. Her arrival was not getting digested in my mind, my cock was semi erect but I was double minded. If I teased her and she told my mom, it could be curtains for me. I was thinking about different options.

As I was lying on my bed and touching my semi-erect cock, she suddenly arrived at my room door. I didn't noticed her because I was thinking about the options to fuck her but she had seen my semi erect cock and my hand on it. She knocked the door after watching me for sometime. I was shocked to see her there but she smiled and said, please help me in finding the right 'Nalki' for my shirt. I picked one Nalki from the collection and told her that this one is matching better.

She took it from my hand and said, I am stitching my shirt so please don't come to that room. It was shocking news for me, If she was telling me that she would be sewing the shirt naked? Or she wants me to visit it when she does stitching? Though she left my room but I had got a good signal to proceed.

After 4-5 minutes when I heard sewing machine running, I came out and went to refrigerator. Mom's room was open. the door was not closed, and I was shocked to see her stitching her shirt in just her shalwar and bra (she was wearing skin color bra) . OMG, I was shocked. Probably she noticed me but she pretended as she had not seen me outside. I took a water bottle from refrigerator and when I closed the door, I heard her saying; I said, don't come to this side and you still came, Can't you males control. 

Her words were strange, but her smile was lustful. So I went straight to her and said; Aunty, if you are sitting in this pose, who stupid will ignor. She smiled and just kept on adjusting her shirt.I was looking at her large breasts and my cock was now fully erect. I didn't expect things to happen that easy but my luck was working. She had seen my erect dick but I had still some fears to touch her. 

When she saw me , she said; let me finish this stitch and then I ask you. I sat on the bed behind her, looking at her bra hooks. After finishing the stitch, she turned towards me as I was sitting near her back, she just grabbed my dick. She smiled and said, you males can't control this bastard. I kept quite and smiled. Then she lowered my trousers and just started rubbing my dick and balls. 

I closed my eyes and started feeling her handjob. Meanwhile I said; Aunty please do it with lips. She was experienced so she smiled and started sucking my cock like a real slut. She kept on sucking me till I was about to cum in her mouth. I stopped her for a while and she smiled looking at my face. I got up and then pulled her hand up. she stood up and then said, have you locked the door? If someone came, what would they think? I was stupid that I had not locked the outer door. 

I quickly went out and locked the door. Then I came closer to Aunty and without talking started fondling her big melons. She was 40 sized. Her kids had made them bigger and bigger. I sucked her large boobs like a child. Then I bent her towards the bed and started fucking her in doggy style. Her pussy was a bit large and a bit loose. I had fucked one girl in my school but she was too tight. Aunty had a bit loose pussy but her big ass and big boobs were making me mad. I fucked her for 3-4 minutes quickly and fastly before I came inside. 

I couldn't control cumming. I released my full cum inside her. I couldn't find time to pull it out. Aunty smiled and said, Enough. It was my first ever fuck to a married aunty. she was too hot inside. Her pussy felt like a burning hell. After cum, I went to the washroom while she dressed herself and said; I'm going now. You had got what you needed. I smiled and thanked Aunty for giving me a nice fuck time. I still fuck that aunty regularly. We used to fuck every 10-12 days whenever we got time and place.

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