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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Pakistani Aunty With Nephew : A Real Sex Story

This is the real story on how I became a wife sharing husband. I am Sikandar 42 years. I am a businessman. I have garment shops in Islamabad (Capital city in Pakistan ). My wife’s name is Fozia 34 years old. We have been married for 15 years now. Due to some problem after the birth of our first child, she can’t be mother again. So, we have only one son who is now studying in other city. I am a busy person because I have to work from 9am to 8pm to smoothly manage my garment shops. I had a separate office to manage all activities. So my wife is always alone in the house. And our sexual life is not so good. We usually have sex 3-4 times in month that lasts for 5-8 minutes only. My fat body and 5 inch dick felt insufficient for her usually every-time we made sex. I knew that but she never complained. And she never let me feel this that she is unsatisfied.

We belong to an upper middle class family. We have a three bedroom house. Now let me describe my wife. My wife is 5.6 high, fair and has an amazing figure. She has amazing pair of boobs and booty ass. Which any man would love to stare. She always wear cotton clothes at home. As she is always alone in the house so she has no habit to wear Dopatta during house works. As she has big size busty so when she bends, her cleavage becomes visible.

Our life was good but one incident changed my life. My wife’s nephew Sunny got Chance in NUST University Islamabad. And my wife requested me to let him stay in our house. As she was alone in house so when she said it I thought it would be great. Because she will never feel bore and she will enjoy Sunny’s company. So as my wife’s desire, Sunny shifted to our house. Sunny was 18 years old and has well built body. We have one guest room so Sunny prepared to live in that room.

Sunny used to help Fozia in every house hold work. I was happy so I didn’t put much attention on it and was busy with my business. Usually I send a boy to home to bring my lunch at office but one day I came back from office to have my lunch as I was feeling a little sick. When I reached home Sunny opened the door and started watching tv sitting in sofa. Fozia was in our bedroom. She was wearing a light green color transparent type suit. Her hair was wet so I realized she just came after finishing her bath. Even due to her wet body her nipple was visible through the dress. I told her to provide the lunch. After getting fresh I was ready for lunch. I saw Sunny sitting in Dining table and Fozia was arranging the items in table. I sat near Sunny and suddenly realized that Fozia was not wearing any dopata as usual so while serving lunch, her cleavage and and nipple through transparent dress were visible. Fozia’s behavior was normal and she was serving and talking with us in a friendly manner. But I guessed that Sunny was enjoying it. I took it lightly and looked at his trouser .The bulge in his trouser was clear. Sunny didn’t realize that I was watching his cock so he didn’t tried to hide it. After finishing the dinner when Fozia was washing plates Sunny was helping her. When getting Chance Sunny was staring at her cleavage even sometimes touching her in waist and his bulge was touching Fozia’s ass.

I was a bit confused but surprisngly i started enjoying it. Did Fozia noticed that or she was not knowing it. I was expecting her in that dress in front of Sunny but things will go so far quickly, i was never expecting. was she enjoying his touches? My cock was rock hard thinking about this. After sometime I again got back to my office . But my mind was thinking if they are developing a sexual relationship or it was just aunt-nephew fun.

I got back home at night and after finishing dinner I kept a close eye on what was happening in our house. while Fozia was washing dishes Sunny’s bulge was touching Fozia’s  ass. Even Sunny was touching at Fozia’s back. I was arroused. After finishing this Fozia and Sunny came sat in sofa and started watching tv.

My cock was full erect. So I called Fozia to come and sleep. Fozia came in room the I just locked the door and pushed her in bed. I pulled her dress and made her topless. I was sucking her boobs aggressively. I dropped my trouser and also loosen her bra and made her nude. She touched my dick and said, wah…. you are so hard. What happened? I said, nothing. Then I inserted my two fingers in her pussy and she started to giving me a handjob. I was about to cum but then I freed my dick from her hand and pushed it inside her cunt. I started fucking her in very fast speed. Meanwhile, I started commenting about someone else fucking her. She got a bit surprised by my comments but within a short time she started enjoying my comments. She responded quite differently as per my expectation. Actually, she confessed that she would love someone else fucking her. I slowly brought the discussion towards a young guy fucking her and she loved my thought. Believe me, Our fucking session felt like more sensational and harder than ever. We both loved dirty comments that time and after 3-4 minutes I cummed in side her. After the fucking session I went to toilet washed myself and laid in bed.

After few minutes my head cooled down. Then I asked her what if Sunny can do some fucking to her. She said, what? Me, he touches you I think? Then she said, oh…that’s why you were so hard today? I was not saying any word. She said, say me do you got hard by seeing me with Sunny? I was ashamed a little but smiled because it was really true. So I said, yes. Fozia said, Really, you are allowing me to start some dirty fun with sunny?I mockingly said, was he bigger than me? All of a sudden I said, yes. Fozia, That’s why you got that hard because you want me to get fucked.

Fozia thought, I was just joking, But never I was. I told her clearly that i have no objections if the guy can serve her sexual needs. Fozia smiled and said: OK - I will test him tomorrow if he really does something like that I will tell you. Fozia,oh really? then try it. After that I placed a kiss on her head and we both slept. Fozia started things faster than I expected. Sometimes she asked sunny to bring her a bra and panty from a particular shop and sunny was very happy doing that. He was well aware of my wife's breast size (44D) and finally things moved towards sex. I will share what happened on the first sex session soon. Share your comments below if you like my story.

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