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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Having Sex With Elite Hot Pakistani Girl In College

After Reading so many Pakistani stories on this blog I am sharing my own sex encounter here. I am Jibran, 24 Years old guy from Lahore. In 2014, I had to join MBA classes in Karachi. I was traveling through train. The train was completely packed. When the train was about to leave the station in 10 mins, a Pakistani family got into the same compartment and joined me on opposite seats. I saw a hot sexy girl in the family with 5.6 height, appx 36-32-38 in skin fit jeans and t-shirt, she was dam hot in the jeans and shirt. The family looked like a modern type family so I just staring at her.Soon, She judged me staring at her.
In the night around 10 pm, lights of the compartment were almost off, I was watching facebook through EVO on my laptop.When everyone fell asleep, She got up and went to the washroom. When she came back, she just looked at my laptop screen and sat down. Soon, I heard an excuse-me in a sweet voice.she introduced herself as Saira, she asked me if I was having internet she needs it for some urgent work. So had my dongle connected I gave it to her she had used of it for nearly 20 mins and returned back and thanked me. Luckily, I had placed my cell-no with name as wallpaper. I didn't knew she noted it or not by that time.Just had casual talk for some time and she went to sleep. In the morning we reach to Karachi. I stayed with my brother in Karachi.
On the joining day I went to college and finished with all the formalities and went to canteen. Surprisingly, There again I saw Saira along with her family. That day she was looking dam hot in chudidaar (legging body fit) almost every one was staring at the beauty. She also saw me there and surprised with a smiling eye contact. Her family also identified me. As they appeared broad minded, it encouraged me to meet them at least. Just then, I approached them and introduced myself to them. There Saira’s father got frank as well and after formal questions he took my number to stay in contact. After all her joining formalities were completed and She had to stay in hostel.

We became close friends in very short span of time. Everyone in campus feel like we were cousins. Within 3 months we form a group of 5 members. 3 boys and 2 girls. In all the time Saira is always with me only.

Saira was a hot punjabi girl with healthy, good looking figure. She was a bit looking bulky but her measurements were so perfect in sizes. One day I forgot my laptop with Saira and she took it in her hostel. When I was collecting laptop next day I find a meaningful smile on her face. I dint understand, after that day, her father sent her a laptop and she again asked me to leave my laptop with her so that she can copy a few songs. On a weekend we both casually went to a market. During visit, we got into a juice cafe and there she told that she watched some movies stored in my laptop. Nice collection; she remarked. And she smiled again in a meaningful style. Then I come to understand the smile. That day she told that she had got engaged with her cousin who is working abroad. After her MBA she would move to USA.

After this incident, I started thinking about her in a different way. Saira can be a fuck friend but not wife. Hence, I started working on my plans to fuck her and used to talk openly all the matters. Even she used to ask for my laptop if I had some new movies. Though she never asked me particularly for sex movies but I could easily understand her needs. One day her laptop was having some problem with windows. She got tensed a lot and told me to fix it. I took the laptop to my room and there I reinstall windows and problem solved. In my personal interest I check her all drives. One folder I find her some personal photos in different wears. Mini dresses and selfies. But, the main find was her pics in bra and panty. Those pics increase the lust for her raise in my pant. All bra and panty pics were taken in hostel room.

That night I masturbated thinking about her. While returning the laptop I complimented her beauty and hinted her that I seen her bra snaps. She was shocked and confused for a while but soon gathering her confidence back She told that those all snaps had been taken in hostel. I told that bra pics are great. She was tensed for a while and then she beaten my shoulder for disclosing her privacy of those pics. She trusted me a lot so I told and promised about her respect and secrecy.Even I told her to delete If anyone else repair and saw or copy those photos might misuse. I said; I believe you and you are my best friend that way I respect. I gained her full trust with such words, and even I told her in a nauty mood that I had masturbated and she again beaten me. However, I was successful in passing my thoughts about her body.

We were very close after the incident. We used to touch each other, and also I used to give her the sex video stuff in pen drive. On a week end we both went to cinema, that day she worn a tight shirt and jeans, she was so hot in the dress, we occupy seats in a couple cabin. We were surprised when we saw a row in front occupied by one of the couple from our group. Under the darkness they looked like kissing and pressing each other. I shown those live kissing scenes to Saira, she already observing that and she turnd a bit hot, I can feel the hot kind of expressions from her. I turnd Saira towards me and without her permission, quickly planted a kiss on her lips. She was shocked but after a while she got excited. We both french kissed for a next 10 minutes while I placed my hands on her boobs. Mean time I lift her shirt up and caressing her smooth and milky tities, Then I placed my hand on her panty . She stopped it for an instant but I kept my hand there and she stopped resisting.Touching her pussy, I opened my zip and keep my dick in her hand.

She start playing with the cock in full mood moving up and down. As it was darkness, no one can see back what's was going on in the cabin. So I held her head towards my cock and she bent and took cock tip in mouth and sucking it like ice cream, she was mind blowing in the orals, In short time I was about to cum, she was moving fast and I told about cum but she didn't stopped until I shoot my first load in her mouth. Heavy load I shoot in her mouth, she took all in mouth and then spit in on ground. She clean my dick with tissue and we were in joking mood for a while. She said, Dirty You made my mouth dirty.

I found some satisfaction in her face and I decided to fuck her at any cost after the movie. And she whispered thanks for all the pleasure. She told that she had orgasm while sucking. I checked her panty and it was completely wet.

It was hard to find a suitable place to fuck her but I have heard about a park in nearby area. It was famous for couple dating and my friends have told me that there are places in the park where you can have a quick fucking session. We headed towards the park and soon we were able to find a place where no-one can monitor our activities. 

We sat there and I rubbed her pussy for a while, looking around, while she kept on giving me a good handjob. Then as I felt it safe and sound , I opened my zip and took my dick out. She sucked me while I rubbed her pussy.later I placed two fingers in her pussy, she excited a more and screaming.We again looked around and went to a shrubs tree and I bent her over in doggy standing. in pleasure she held my hair tight and pulling my mouth and tongue more in her. After 15mins of fingering, I pushed my dick inside her pussy.

I given her a good quick fuck of 5-6 minutes in hurry and then I pulled it out when I was about to cum. I came all on grass and found myself the luckiest in my group. Her pussy was extremely warm inside.

Later in the night, she told after a long time she was feel satisfied a lot with my act. She told that her cousin (Husband) fucked her once last year but I enjoyed more this time.From that day we used to have phone sex, kissing, pressing, fingering whenever it possible. We both were looking for an opportunity to have sex again and again.

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