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Friday, January 1, 2016

Real Pakistani Cuckolding Story

This is my first sex story on this blog. Wife Sharing in Pakistani society is is never allowed nor accepted. But, My horny Pakistani wife and I took a planned cruise a few years back and I slowly transformed her into a real hot wife, what I’ve always wanted her to become. I always dreamed about watching her with different guys, to fulfill my fantasies. It took a hard struggle to convert a conservative women into a hot wife. Needless to tell, I had gay likes.


The first night on this planned cruise, we went to a park in the evening in Islamabad where couples usually come for dating and a few singles as well. My wife dressed horny , a deep necked shirt, with a tight pajama (pants) and her big melons were looking extremely gorgeous. All guys present in the park looked at her with thirsty eyes. I was noticing all and enjoying this. While we were at the park, we went to canteen for buying some juices and snacks, a young guy of around mid 20's approached there. This guy came up behind me and started rubbing his legs a couple of times into me during buying process. My wife was standing near me. I turned to the guy of mid 20's who was buying some snacks and giving me signals. I whispered slowly 'Follow Us' and exchanged a smile. The thought of him fucking my wife turned me on. So I rubbed my ass into his cock during turning. I felt his half hard cock rub against me.

He was well built, looked handsome and fair colored. He was exactly matching my wife's demands. We walked around and reached a bench where nobody could watch us. In next 5 minutes, the same guy arrived behind us. I got up and approached him directly. I asked him intro and after a short discussion , told him our requirement. I asked him if he wanted to join us in our home nearby, he can. He agreed so quickly that I further told him our needs. I told him that he has to fuck me and my wife like a dirty slut.  He asked if my wife is fully ready he can do anything. With a dirty little smile, I agreed.

I came back to my wife and told her about him. She was watching us and it was no further a surprise what's we were going to do. She agreed after looking at him quite openly. We got back to our home picking him in our car. After reaching home, I asked him to sit on the sofa with his pants undone. So horny he looked. I couldn't resist so I unzipped his pants and pulled them down to around his ankles. His cock was soon throbbing and begging to enter my mouth. I gently started stroking his dick while my thumb rubbed the precum. My wife kept on watching us as I continued to run my tongue down the length of his hard shaft and lick his balls.  Then slide it back up and wrap my lips around his thickness and slowly bob up and down, hearing him let out little moans.

While stroking him, I tell him, “Fuck me! Fuck her, Cum all in her pussy!” My wife came closer and joined the activity, Wanting to taste him, we both sucked him. He was moaning and enjoying the best fun of his life. Probably, he was doing this for the first time.

Breathing heavy with a huge grin on his face, his hot white cum sprayed on our faces within 5-10 minutes. Taking the tip of his cock, I run it over my lips and then kissing my wife. In such a pleasure and show of extreme sex the cum in my mouth, on my tongue, it falls out the side and I wipe it with my finger and rub it on my wife's face. Then we both got up and washed our cum soaked faces, allowing him to get ready for the second shot.

Then my wife grabbed his dick and whispered, “Fuck me like a dirty slut for my husband!” . He was healthy enough to get ready again in 5 minutes. So my wife got bent in doggy and I sat on sofa in-front of her. We were fully naked now, and as my wife grabbed my dick in her hand, stroked it he slides the tip of his nice dick slowly into her pussy. I was wet with pre-cum and begging for harder fuck. He shoved the full length of his hard cock deep inside my wife. I moaned like I was getting a fuck and as I was feeling the size of his penis deep inside me. After ramming her deep over and over, he pulled out and asked me to bend. I went doggy joining my wife and as soon as he entered my ass I straddled his hips, sliding back on his hard cock. With his pussy lubricated dick he slides slowly in my ass. He gently fucked me while my wife stroked my cock. he was rubbing and finger fucking my wife while fucking my ass.

Initially, his fat cock made me a bit un-easy but as he got pace, I was enjoying. During 2-3 minutes of ass fuck, I got cum as my wife stroked me. After getting cum, my feelings slowed down so I asked him to drill her now. I laid a side while he cleaned his cock and entered my wife's pussy.She grabs his hips and pulls him towards her to shove in deeper, pulling out as he pounds back, finding the perfect rhythm. The heat was exactly like sparks we thought. So horny and hot.

My hot Pakistani wife, naked, getting fucked by a stranger. He grabbed her hair during fucking and fucked her like a whore and pushed his cock to full length. His balls were pressed against my wife's pussy lips. She let out a moan of pleasure. I was so turned on by watching her pleasure. I got another erection and soon I was in her mouth, deep throating her husband’s dick. Her hands grabbing my ass tightly while he continued to drill her like a horse.

Her ass is throbbing, wanting to have him drilling fast. So warm, she let out a huge moan as she got orgasm of her life.I straddle her face, let her warm tongue slide back and forth on my wet dick. She circled my cock with her tongue and kept on sucking me. The harder he fucked her the harder she sucked me. I came again and my sweet juice went all in her throat ,into her mouth she giggled but I pressed her face to let my cum reach her stomach .I wanted more and more of her dirty mouth.

The guy has no signs of cum yet. He pulled it out and walked up and put his throbbing dick in my mouth. I was sucking and licking his balls all with my wife's pussy juices all over his shaft. The sight of his erect cock filling her fleshy pussy excited me more than ever. He lay down and my wife sat on his erect cock. She started jumping on his dick and moaning louder. Now he was about to cum. I begged him to explode inside her, spraying his hot cum deep in her pussy.

His hard cock kept on fucking but it took longer than expected.She slides onto his hard cock in reverse cowgirl style. I grabs her tits as they bounce as she ride up and down on his cock. I loved watching it. It's awesome to watch when your wife kneels in front of you and takes a ride on a better dick,  bobbing her head up and down, moving on his hard cock.The excitement of fucking you can’t help,I given a huge moan as soon as he exploded his hot cum inside my wife. 

The fucking session gone happier than expected. It was the first time I was sharing my horny Pakistani wife with someone stranger to us. After finishing the fuck, We thanked him and I dropped him on the same place. It took about 2 hours of sex and make it happen. We both enjoyed the best fuck of wife sharing life.

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