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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sharing My Hot Pakistani Wife Aleena - True Story

This is my true story. Sharing my Pakistani wife with another man has been a fantasy for Years. But, finally she agreed for sex with another man 2 years ago. In fact, I'm not a big sized man, I consider myself average or below average as I have about 5" long and normal sized tool.  Usually, I finished at earliest and she never mind that. She had an orgasm very rarely. And one the other hand, I loved her too much, I never imagined to leave her. Although, she had accepted a few times that a bigger size may feel better but probably she won't express openly being a typical Pakistani wife.

I was trying different things like sex movies, group-sex clips in which she can watch nice cocks and such stuff.In about 2-3 years, I realized that she might like to feel bigger cocks inside her. Finally, I made up her mind and convinced her for trying something new. She was a bit hesitant but slowly, gradually got ready to try it once for me. We started using web sites to find someone to fuck her for the first time. She told me to select a handsome guy, of about mid twenties. We started getting responses from plenty of men in near cities but she didn't liked any of them, mostly due to cock shape and face-look. One day, we got an email with pics from a guy of 27 Y who was living in our city. He seemed ok and his cock pics shown that he had a large cock and could be a best choice. My wife was 30Y old at the time.

He asked us for pics but as you all know it's never safe to reveal our secrecy. We protected our social image and asked him to meet me alone at some public place first.I met him in a park and he seemed same handsome as her sent pics and I could also guess his large bugle inside his pants. Hence we agreed and then we made up a final plan.

We invited him home and next day he arrived right in time. We had both been nervous waiting for him to arrive and was even more nervous now.The first 20 minutes or so was taken up by small formal talks then the conversation got a little more sexy we were all getting on and he put his arm around my wife and his hand on her breast. She closed her eyes and started enjoying his moves. He fondled her boobs (36D Size) and started licking her neck and ears. I was watching all sitting on the other sofa.

she then undid his jeans and they fell to the floor and he stepped out of them he wasn't wearing underwear, his body was very muscular, his cock was semi hard and looked huge he then unhooked her bra which she stripped off of when it fell to the floor. I was watching for the first time my wife's naked boobs pressed against another mans naked body it was so horny. I started to undress as I watched them kiss and touch each other, one hand was feeling her round boobs the other rubbing her pussy while his mouth sucked her nipples she was rubbing his big balls and wanking his cock, she couldn't even get her fingers all the way round it.

she dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth. He was getting bigger and bigger as her lips pushed up and down along his shaft. She sucked him for a while and then He pushed her head away and stood her up he then knelt down and started licking her pussy sucking hard on her long inner lips and then her clit she has a landing strip with smooth lips which he held open with his thumbs. and he was still getting bigger. In no time I saw her legs start to tremble and she was panting fast she was on the verge of cumming it looked like she was trying to push his head away from her pussy but he cupped his hands tight around her naked ass and pulled her onto his face she looked at me shocked and as if to say I'm sorry then her head went back and she gave out a high pitched ohhhh followed by a deep groan as she cum.

when he pulled his head away her inner lips looked almost swollen and even fatter than usual, she may not have wanted to cum but i could see she enjoyed it. I had enjoyed watching it to. he asked me to lead the way to our bed room which I did as she took his large cock in the hand and followed me. His cock was rock solid and straight by now at least 7-8 inches long and very very thick.I didn't know cocks really got that big and I dont think my wife did either. As we got to the bed room my heart was racing with passion and it was going to jump out of my chest. he layed her down on the bed and asked me to spread her legs and hold them. OMG, what a feeling it was to help your wife's fucker reaching her pussy hole.

I was finding this all so erotic, horny, sexy and dirty to watch I was rock hard but looked so small compared to him, half his size width I was close to cumming with out even touching myself.I could see his very beautiful and thick cock at the entrance of her pussy hole not in but just resting and rubbing against it. this is when my stomach started to churn I had been ok with the rest of it, seemed like just messin about but now I knew he had his cock end touching my wifes hole his cock about to enter my wife bare.

I thought everything nasty, omg this was for real lust.He was about to put his cock in my wife's cunt its not a fantasy any more its going to happen, I almost shouted stop but I knew it had gone to far and I couldn't. then I saw him push towards her I could see his cock disappearing and I knew where it was going. she let out a gasp and tilted her head back as he entered her, must have been the thickness then as he pushed all the way in she made a deep groan.

I didn't know what to think at this stage I was tuned on, not jealous and couldn't believe she allowed and enjoyed another man inside her. She was enjoying more than I expected. Then he started to fuck her and he have been fucking her too good and deep I had never heard make so much noise has she did with him and the looks on her face were so slutty. I could see her cunt lips sucked around his cock they were being pushed inside her then pulled out, and could hear his balls slapping against her.

she orgasm-ed about 2 more times. she was being so loud the neighbors might have hard her moans and he was grunting hard as he fucked her. by now the feeling of extreme lust were there and I was loving watching her get her brains fucked out by him he fucked her solid for 30 mins and finished off 2 times inside her over his shoulders pushing his 8" into parts of her body that have never been reached before (she told me that after) by a cock, she was screaming in ecstasy. He then rolled off her and I took my turn in her cunt hole was gaping open and felt so stretched and was soaking with his cum and I couldn't even feel myself inside her and she didn't make a sound i cum after 5 thrusts. 5 mins later he had recovered and fucked her, lifted her up against the wall to fuck her something which I have never done and then finished inside her as she was moaning, groaning and screaming. It was probably the best fuck of our married life.

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